Philosophy for Children & Big Questions

“(Children) are articulate and discuss big questions, such as whether everyone is equal. They become thoughtful, questioning and confident learners because teachers provide stimulating experiences and give them time to consider philosophical issues”


Eastnor C of E Primary has incorporated Philosophy for Children, known as P4C, in its curriculum for a number of years. During P4C sessions, the teacher and children collaborate with each other in a philosophical enquiry, to grow in understanding, not only of the material world, but also of the personal and ethical world around them. It enables children to explore their own values and to share these thoughts with their peers. They learn negotiation and tolerance and become articulate, confident individuals through active discussion.

At Eastnor we are also passionate about encouraging children to think about the world around them by asking questions about what they see, hear and experience. We do this by thinking of 'big questions'; this approach allows children to acquire and embed a range of skills across the curriculum areas through one motivating topic. As with Philosophical enquiry -there are no right or wrong answers to.

What would your answer be questions such as: What is Freedom? or Who are the Ancient Greeks?

The questions posed really make the children (and adults) think!