RE Curriculum

As a Church of England Primary School we adhere to the Diocesan Board of Education’s principles about what makes a Church school distinctive and inclusive. We teach the full National Curriculum and, in addition, through our Christian Character and RE Curriculum:

  • A sense of belonging to a family within a school
  • Teaching of forgiveness, peace and reconciliation
  • Spiritual nourishment, encouragement and challenge
  • An attitude of reverence for God and respect for each other
  • A search for truth
  • Help for those in need

At Eastnor C of E Primary- where pupils and staff come from all faiths and none - religious education (RE) is a highly valued academic subject which is taught across all year groups each Monday morning.

The RE curriculum at Eastnor is based on the agreed syllabus provided by Gloucestershire's Local Education Authority. This syllabus aims to embed the 'Understanding Christianity' resource with the key purpose of supporting pupils in developing their own thinking and their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it.

At the heart of our RE , as a church school, is the teaching of Christianity but learning about and learning from other faiths and fostering respect for other religions and world views is also fundamental.

Through the study of a variety of world religions, and by developing links to other schools in England, and across the world, we aim is to promote an attitude of understanding and tolerance through increasing children’s knowledge about other people’s beliefs, values and religious practices. Strong collaborations with charities such as Concern Universal also play an important part in school life.

RE Policy

Review of Religious Education in Schools

Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus