Curriculum Overview

“Pupils develop a love of learning because teachers make lessons lively and demanding and they help pupils to achieve as well as possible. They enjoy many exciting activities, both within the classroom and beyond through visits and after-school clubs.”


Inspire and Achieve

At Eastnor Primary School we accept the widest possible definition of the word curriculum “All that is experienced in school, whether planned or unplanned”. This definition encompasses concepts such as ethos, crucial to our definition as a church school, and, at the heart of everything, relationships between every person who is part of the Eastnor family.

The aim for our school is to create a curriculum that reflects and serves the needs of the children within the community in which they are geographically and culturally located and to celebrate it. We also value the importance of recognising the gaps in our pupils’ everyday experiences so that our curriculum ensures they are ready and equipped with the skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding they need to excel and to be ready to successfully navigate the ever changing demands of their world.

Our curriculum draws on the creative arts, mathematics, the literary world, dance, theatre, music, language, science and a plethora of other inspiration with the aim of enriching children’s lives.

Children are immersed in language everyday through our core text approach to English. In addition French, Music and Sports lessons are delivered by specialist teachers to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

We know that children achieve their potential when they are happy, have fun, feel nurtured and grow from a foundation of strong Christian Values. Every child should leave our school with rich and happy memories, confidence and faith in their own unique qualities and that they will strive to do their best in everything they do.

Outdoor Learning

We are privileged to be able to educate our children in such beautiful surroundings. The school is situated in one of the most beautiful estates in England. It sits at the heart of Eastnor village next to the famous castle with its arboretum and lake, and a beautiful deer park, all of which are used by the school regularly in all areas of the curriculum. We encourage children to be responsible for, and respect, the local community and environment giving them a sense of belonging and ownership of the place in which they live. We explore the uses of the local area, integrating subjects so that meaningful activities can be planned and delivered effectively. We encourage children to identify, take and mitigate risks.

Visits and Visitors

In the curriculum we recognise that children’s learning is enhanced by different experiences. We offer children a wide range of educational visits which are used to motivate and engage learning and which bring to life and enrich topics and different areas of the curriculum. Regular visitors in school also give the children another perspective on values, attitudes, learning and understanding. These include charities, people with different faiths and beliefs, people working in different professions and those from our own local community.

Further Information

Please see the curriculum long term plans on the class pages but be mindful that our curriculum is always evolving and may change if we are involved in new collaborations or projects, decide to focus on a child’s interests or to keep pace with the social and educational changes.