Welcome to Class 2

Hello and welcome to class 2, where excitement and discovery can be found in every corner of the classroom.

In class 2, we have both Year 1 and Year 2 children who are taught by Miss Patchett

In our class, you can guarantee you will find us always working hard and giving every new opportunity our best efforts. We flourish on being thinkers, designers, team players, investigators and whatever else our learning may require. The children in Class 2 never lack enthusiasm when it comes to new learning experiences. And wow, there sure are plenty of those throughout the year!

We learn about all sorts of different topics ranging from famous people from the past and even Space Explorers. We like to greet each topic with plenty of energy and readiness. Not only are our topics full of excitement, some of the other opportunities around the school which take place are also as enjoyable. A particular favourite of ours being Forest School where the class are able to explore the beautiful surroundings of Eastnor and flourish in their investigative nature. We are also lucky to have different trips during the year including a visit to a special place of worship which gives us time to reflect and be mindful of others.

Miss Patchett works hard with the children in Class 2 to ensure a smooth and happy transition into the next part of their journey at Eastnor School. Promoting children’s confidence, self-worth and reflectiveness lie at the heart of our teaching. We take time to be mindful and considerate of each other and enjoy sharing all sorts of experiences each child brings to the class room. We love to see what children have explored and discovered at home as well at school.

We will always have a friendly smile to share if you visit.

Miss Patchett and all the children from Class 2.

Topic Web for Spring Term (2022)