Welcome to Class 4

In class 4 Miss Watson is the class teacher and she is supported by Mrs Young and Mrs Farnell.

In Class 4 we are positive about our learning and are always excited to try things that challenge ourselves and further our learning. We like to use all our skills and feed our inquisitive minds with all the wonderful new things we encounter.

In Class 4 we are avid historians, and get our teeth into wonderful historical topics, such as exploring the mythical worlds and legends of Ancient Greece, sailing across the stormy seas and settling with the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, and thinking about how life is how it is today due to our British monarchs.

We are also intrepid explorers, learning all about the human and physical geographical features of our own country, and others in Europe and the Americas. We travel through exotic biomes and climates, and even use our mapping skills digitally and in the flesh, to explore lands near and far.

Class 4 like to also let our imaginations go wild in our work. We go on a journey with stories, and our favourite books and authors and see how words can lift off the page of our most favourite book, and be transformed into a fantastical film, or a powerful play.

On top of this we respect the world we live in, thinking about democracy and human rights within British Values, giving each other opportunities in debate and speaking and listening.

Alongside each of our wonderful topics, we enjoy many enriching opportunities alongside a busy curriculum. We annually take part in Hereford's Performing Arts Festival, work regularly with the Ledbury Poetry Festival and attend musical events, such as the Young Voices. We also get outdoorsy and active with our residential to Red Ridge Activity Centre, and every other year, enjoy the history and culture of the Isle of Wight.

In Class 4 we are committed to ensuring children have all the skills they will need for our time at Eastnor, and also for the next steps we take in the world.

Topic Web for Spring Term (2022)