A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 1st May 2020

Class 1

It has been another busy week for children in Class 1 as they continue their learning inspired by the fabulous story ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’. The children have enjoyed making their own ‘crayon dens’ this week and I have loved seeing the photographs, thanks for sharing everyone! The online teaching videos are definitely helping the children (and the parents) to continue to improve their phonics. Phonics is so important to help with so many areas of your learning and you’re doing amazingly – keep it up!

In our Maths learning this week we have focused in on the tricky concept of ‘subtraction’ and, I must say, the children (as always!) have impressed me with the work and commitment they have demonstrated. We love using practical approaches to support our learning in Class 1 and it has been amusing to see the great variety of objects used from around the house to support children’s mathematical understanding. Well done everyone for working so hard on your number and place value!

The French learning proved a huge success amongst children in Class 1 and, again their creativity really shone through, as they explored how to say their favourite colours in French. We love having Mrs Young in Class 1 with us on a Friday afternoon and she is always willing to share so much French vocabulary with us – it’s been great to keep practising that this week and I am sure we’ll be masters in this by the time we come back to school.

Although the weather has been rainy and damp this week, your photos and messages have brought sunshine to us all! Our Class 1 assembly on Wednesday was an absolute treat – Mrs Driscoll and I loved seeing all your lovely faces and hearing your cheeky, mischievous giggles. I can’t wait for next week and I am sure you will all be pleased to see who our guest visitor is too!

Again, a huge well done and thank you to all the parents who are doing an incredible job – having relatives in similar positions to you, with reception age children at home, I can really appreciate the different challenges along the way.

Learning in the early years can take a lot of time and repetition of different areas of the curriculum, but, believe me when I say, supporting your child with their reading, writing, and maths little and often really does pay off. More general conversations about the world around them will also have a lasting impact. All these little moments add up to the big pictures and all your children are coming along beautifully! After seeing them, I am missing them more than ever! Please get in touch if you need to.

Keep smiling everyone!

Take care and keep safe!

Miss Davies

Class 2

The highlight of this week has got to be seeing lots of Class 2 at our ‘Zoom’ assembly. I know a few of you were unable to make it and we missed you. Sorry also to the children who tried to get into the meeting but were unable to, we will be having another assembly next week and hopefully we can all be there. I talked about friendship this week and how important it is particularly at times like these when we would love to see our friends but we have to find different ways to keep in touch. I wonder if any of you tried to do an acrostic poem for one of your friends – I’d love to see them if you managed it!

The photographs keep coming of you doing an array of activities and they really make me smile. Parents have been emailing me to say how much you have been enjoying the White Rose maths and the Phonics lessons. It would be fantastic if the Year 1 children could continue to do the daily phonics lessons that I sent the link for on Monday – they will really help with your reading and writing.

Did you have a go at saying the parts of the body in French? If you have a the game of ‘Twister’ at home, could you have a French game using ‘main’ for hand and ‘pied’ for foot? Or perhaps you could try and work out how to sing ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’!!

There are a few of you with new pets – what a wonderful time to have a new pet in the house. A chance for the pet to settle and for you to spend lots of time with it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pets however, some blackbirds have made a nest just outside our window and we have been watching them closely all week. The male blackbird has become very defensive and aggressive so I think we may see baby blackbirds soon!! I’ll put a picture on the newsletter when I see one!

One of the questions during our Zoom assembly was, ‘When will the virus go away?’ I think we are all wondering that and as Mrs Driscoll replied, sometimes teachers just don’t have the answers and this is one of those times. We are all starting to feel like we would love a bit of normality back and are thinking of the time when we will be able to be with our friends and families again. I am looking forward to seeing you all and am sure you will have grown so much. We don’t know when we will be back together but I keep thinking of what a wonderful day it will be!!

Keep smiling!

Miss Patchett.

Class 3

It was so lovely seeing lots of your smiling faces and bubbly excitement at our assembly on Tuesday. Your colourful rainbows looked amazing on the screen when you held them all up. It made me miss you all even more, but also made me think about how lucky we are. When our older generations went through war situations, they didn’t have the opportunity to communicate with everyone unless they wrote a letter. You have all been sending me such lovely photos and emails telling me what you have been doing this week, I really look forward to receiving all your news. I had great news last week about Goda. As many of you know she is a talented gymnast and spends hours practising. Back in February she took a British Qualification Test. It was an achievement just to be chosen but she passed the test with a very high grade. In normal circumstances she (and her squad) would be permitted to take a part in the British Championship in August 2020. Let’s hope she can compete soon. We are all very proud of her.

You are all enjoying the Survivor book and some of you have started to read others written by the same author. The most popular seems to be the Titanic. You are all writing some very descriptive character profiles, which has really made them come alive. I hope you are all enjoying the BBC live lessons; Sophie and her mum had a fantastic dance around the room whilst taking part in The Nutcracker dance. Has anyone had a listen to ‘At the river’ by Groove Armada? Music seems to have become an important part of my day since working from home; I think it fills in the quiet gaps where normally I would be listening to the children. I have listened to lots of different genres - pop, country and classic. It would be lovely if you could all listen to some extra music this week and let me know your favourite song. We have had lots of laughs in class playing music and us all trying to sing along. You all know I am tone deaf but I try hard.

It has been so good to all be outside in the spring sunshine and the recent rain has helped everything to grow. I planted my green space rocket plant in the garden when school closed, and it is growing so well. Hopefully we will be able to use them in our Eastnor garden at the show next year. It would be great to see some pictures of your gardens and anything else you are growing.

Just keep going everyone, this will come to an end at some point and it will make us all really appreciate our friends and family even more. Looking forward to seeing you all at our assembly next Tuesday, remember to bring your rainbows so we can turn the screen into an amazing array of colour.

Keep safe and lots of love,

Mrs Tart

Class 4

I hope that this newsletter finds everyone happy, healthy and safe. It was wonderful to see so many Class 4 children during the assembly on Wednesday and also to receive photographs of them getting up to all sorts of activities this week. Year 5 and 6 children have certainly been putting the ‘active’ in activities! The children were set many different pieces of work and I would particularly like to thank Mrs Young for her super ideas, planning fantastic French challenges with me for each class this week.

We have continued our work in Mathematics on Geometry and, in particular, angles within shapes. You would think that the children might be missing the school protractors to solve the problems, but I was able to set many questions which required them knowing facts such as the angles in a straight line or a whole turn and using addition or subtraction to find the answers. The children were also asked to try their first National Oak Academy online lesson, set up by the Government to support schools and families. Hopefully that will have helped develop their understanding of translations and coordinates too!

For English this week we have focused on the first few pages of ‘Love That Dog’ by Sharon Creech. A famous poem by William Carlos Williams is introduced, about a red wheelbarrow and white chickens. This inspired a piece of writing on what – and who - the children have depended upon during this stay-at-home period (as well as a report writing activity on chickens!). As it is written in the format of a diary, I finally asked the children to consider a poem by Valerie Bloom alongside the text, which centres on the passing of time, and then to answer questions relating to the poem. Spending time at home is vital for the safety of us all, but it brings challenges with it, with some days feeling easier than others. During our Wednesday assembly, I shared extracts from ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl and asked the children to think about the importance of different events that we experience in our lives. We will never forget the impact that the Coronavirus has had. I am sure that it is making us all appreciate our friends, family, homes, schools, hospitals, health, well-being and time even more.

Miss Clark

Time’s a bird, which leaves its footprints

At the corners of your eyes,

Time’s a jockey, racing horses,

The sun and moon across the skies.

Time’s a thief, stealing your beauty,

Leaving you with tears and sighs,

But you waste your time trying to catch him,

Time’s a bird and Time just flies.

Valerie Bloom