A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 27th March 2020

Class 1

Well, what a funny and odd week for us all. Certainly very different to the usual hustle and bustle we’re used to week by week in Class 1! However, nothing has stopped high quality learning taking place, and many kitchens and bedrooms have been transformed into classrooms!

It has been lovely to see so many wonderful photos of you all engaging so enthusiastically and creatively with your home learning packs. We have all continued with our topic surrounding traditional tales and this week saw us heading into the deep dark woods leaving a bread crumb trail behind us – shame the birds seem to have nibbled them all up and now we’ve ended up lost alongside Hansel and Gretel. But not to fear, we did discover a magical sweet house amongst the dark woods – what a treat! The children, with the amazing support of their families, have completed a number of Literacy based tasked including, character descriptions – I wonder how many of you picked the evil witch as your favourite character! She certainly wasn’t my first choice! Following on from this, the children have designed their own type of sweet, how delicious! I look forward to seeing those when we can all be reunited, I have no doubt they will all be filled with plenty of colour and flavour, yum yum! The children have also continued developing their handwriting skills alongside practising those all-important sounds through our phonics work – keep it up everyone!

In our Maths learning this week we have got our detective tools out and what great detectives we are in Class 1 – we do love a good mystery to solve! The children have been using their investigative skills to find lots of different 2D and 3D shapes around their homes – hexagons are certainly a challenge aren’t they?! I look forward to seeing your creative findings at some point children! The children have then worked on developing their confidence in describing key properties of these 2D shapes and some 3D shapes – great work everyone and what clever children you are, accessing some of the year 1 curriculum already! Well done! The children have also, similarly to our English, continued onto practising correct number formation, very important as we move into more challenging number work! The children have practised their place value knowledge, ordering numbers to 10 and even to 20! Not to mention filling in missing numbers on a counting in 2s number line – well done everyone! You’ll all be taking over me with your number skills at this rate!

I have also enjoyed seeing some lovely photographs of other fun learning and activities you are all getting stuck into during this difficult time. Your smiley faces beaming from the photos are such a boost to my day and I have loved having that communication with you this week! It is great to see you all getting active, be it on your scooters, building bug hotels or riding your ponies – thank you for sharing these special moments with me! I have no doubt that the biscuit science project was a huge hit too – I know how much you all love your sweet treats!

Missing you lots and lots Class 1 – hopefully we will all be able to get together soon and have a great catch up!

Miss Davies

Class 2

This seems very strange writing about what Class 2 have been up to when we haven’t been together, and it also makes me feel sad that I haven’t been able to share your learning with you. However, from all the emails and photographs I’ve been sent, I know you are keeping yourselves very busy with the home learning that has been sent to you and all your own wonderfully creative projects too.

For English this week, I asked children to re-read Chapter 11 of our class text ‘Charlotte’s Web’. In this chapter, Charlotte weaves a word into her web to try and save Wilbur the pig. I asked Class 2 to think of words they would weave into the web to save Wilbur and why their word would be a good choice. Another writing activity was to draw a character from the book with a speech bubble and to write something their character might be saying. I also asked you to find a web and describe it having read the wonderful description of a web within the book. I must say there are plenty of cobwebs around my house that I could describe!!!! Must get busy with the duster!!!

I wonder how you have all been getting on with your ‘Common Exception Word’ spellings. You should have picked a few to practise throughout the week and then had a little test today to see if you could remember the correct spelling!

It makes me smile to think of some of your houses after doing the activity on nouns. I have visions of your houses covered in brightly coloured post it notes with nouns written on them – did any of you manage to put a note on your mum, cat or dog??

I asked Class 2 to try and read a little every day and I hope you have managed to spend part of your day reading books and practising blending phonics either on your own or with a parent. I wonder if you could find a different place each day to look at a book.

Class 2 children were asked to look at some addition and subtraction for their maths work. Hopefully you managed to do some of the activities and to improve your quick and instant recall of basic number bonds and facts. I have seen some children using NERF guns to shoot a sum and then they say the answer – could you make up a game to practise answering number facts? I’d love to hear about them.

Finally, all children were asked to complete the biscuit challenge for Science and I know this has been very popular as I have seen lots of photographs of children munching biscuits!!!

Luckily the weather this week has been beautiful and many of you have been spending lots of your time outside either doing class activities or exploring, playing games or enjoying fresh air. I miss you all so much and am thinking of you often. I hope you are all happy and keeping well and managing to enjoy this time that we have to stay at home.

Miss Patchett

Class 3

What a fantastic job you are doing at home, Class 3. The sun has been shining which has certainly helped to lift our spirits and helped with your PE sessions outside. It is so important that we all keep active even though we are keeping away from each other. In my own garden it is so lovely to see so many plants and flowers coming in to bloom. Thank you so much for all the fantastic photos and messages you have been sending me during the week. I really have enjoyed seeing all your wonderful, smiling faces and reading all your work that you have sent. Please remember to send me an email if you are not sure of anything as I am more than happy to help you with any aspect of your learning. You have all been busy re-reading chapters in ‘The Wizards of Once’ and writing play scripts using lots of character information, designing a creative alphabet to start your descriptive writing of ‘The Badwoods’ and writing great acrostic poems based on the story so far. I have had some great examples from you using all of your knowledge of ‘The Wizards of Once’ and all the magic and spells we have encountered. Remember to have a go at learning some of the common exception words in your pack. You could write them three times then cover and re-write them or play games to help you remember them. Could you challenge other members of your family to a game of hangman?

Great to see you have all been having great fun carrying out the measuring and capacity activities; especially the ones that involve water. Try and find things round your house that have the same weight. Could you add two or three together to make them balance with a heavier weight? Looking on TT Rockstars, lots of you have been very busy completing the times table challenges on there and had great results. Have you tried setting up battles with your class mates? If you’re not sure how to do this just send an email and I will help you to set this up. Remember to focus on the tables that you are not sure of and start having a go at the division facts to secure your knowledge. I hope you have all had a chance to start on the Great Eastnor Biscuit Challenge. Have you found the most dunkable yet? I would love to know your results.

I am missing seeing you all every day but I am so happy that you are all enjoying your home learning. This is a great time to try something new or just to spend quality time with your family. Lots of you are following the Joe Wicks PE session in a morning which I am sure is causing a few giggles. I have been trying online Zumba, very funny but great to have a laugh. I can’t wait to hear all your news over the coming weeks. Take care and keep smiling.

Mrs Tart

Class 4

To all of the children in Class 4, it has been a very strange week so far, as I'm sure it has been for you all as well. A week of changes, big and small, for everyone world-wide. Mother Nature is certainly trying to do all she can to help raise everyone's spirits, however. I hope that you have been able to get out into your gardens or outside spaces to appreciate the wonderful surroundings we are fortunate to share in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. With Mrs Tart's biscuit dunking science experiment this week, the exercise is welcomed too! Remember to dance, walk or even get fit with Joe Wicks in your homes every day. Keeping physically active as well as mentally active is vital for everyone, young and old (and yes, I do class myself in the old category!). With this in mind, I hope that you are enjoying the lessons which I set for you all on Monday. How are your short stories and poems coming along? You are all such fantastic writers in Class 4, please share your incredible ideas with your parents... and remember to check your spelling, grammar and handwriting! You have all been given lists of the year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling words, which we have been working on at school. Keep practising and learning them. Maybe you can even incorporate them into a game of scrabble? The work on area and perimeter for maths should consolidate what you have already learnt and stretch you that little bit further. I hope too that you are enjoying finding objects around your home with different measurements. I wonder what the smallest and largest items you have found so far are, and who they belonged to? Just please remember to put everything back once you have measured it! Enjoy TT Rockstars too, practising your times tables and related division facts. Remember to keep reading every day. Getting lost in a story is a truly wonderful way to escape some of the odd things going on at the moment. Perhaps you could recommend a good book to one of your parents to read? Many authors are offering stories free online, either through apps or by sharing aloud, so take advantage of this and escape for a while into a good read. I'm reading 'Walk Two Moons' by Sharon Creech at the moment. She is the author of our summer term class text, ‘Love That Dog’, which is in your home learning pack. Don't forget to interact with your pets, play an instrument, draw or sing. Be creative. Tell someone a joke. Write a letter. Help at home and be good for your parents. You are all amazing, talented and kind children. Take care and smile.

Miss Clark.

PS I'm brushing up on my gaming skills as well, so some of you had better watch out!!