A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 3rd April 2020

Class 1

Well, we’ve all survived another week out of our usual school routine. It has been lovely to see and hear from so many of the children in Class 1 and their families, and the photographs you continue to send have brought a real smile to our faces! I am blown away by the children’s enthusiasm and commitment to their learning and know that parents are working tremendously hard alongside them - thank you for all the hard work you’re putting in, you’re all doing amazingly! In our English learning this week, we have continued with the Traditional tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We were all stunned to receive a letter from non-other than the evil witch, and she wanted our help! Since staying at home to keep safe, the witch has struggled to resist munching on all those sweeties attached to her house and now her teeth are feeling very poorly! Of course, Class 1 children were willing to help and have worked hard on writing instructions on how to keep our teeth healthy and how to brush them correctly - what clever children, well done! In mathematics this week the children have recruited the help of the Trolls to support them with their addition work. We had previously looked at this in our classroom learning a few weeks ago, so I’m sure the children remembered that adding means ’we put it all together’. I have been impressed to see the children’s hard work that has been emailed to me and have no doubt they have made good steps in their addition learning this week, keep it up everyone! The mini R.E. project seems to have been very popular with children in Class 1, especially making an Easter garden - I know how much we all love being outside exploring and investigating, especially when the sun is shining! We had just started exploring Easter in our classroom learning and I was blown away by the children’s interest and thoughtful questions about this event in the religious calendar - I am sure they have kept your brains ticking over with their questions this week too! Well done everyone, you’re all doing fantastically in these uncertain and unusual times. I am so impressed with all of you and your families’ commitment to everything- keep smiling everyone! Missing you all very much! I Look forward to catching up with you very soon!

Miss Davies

Class 2

It really is beginning to sink in that this strange situation we find ourselves in is real!!! I have been doing lots of schoolwork on my laptop at home, preparing for future fun activities in school which gives me hope and positivity as I look forward to the time when we are back together.

This week I know many of you have been showing our school value of compassion by doing the English activity of writing a letter or poem or drawing a picture to send to the residents of Birchams Grange. The ones I have seen are so colourful that I’m certain they will bring a smile to the residents who are sadly unable to have visitors at the moment – it will be like having a visitor in an envelope!!! Thank you and well done to those of you who have done this.

You have carried on practising your addition and subtraction and many of you have made up games to practise the quick recall of number facts. Lorna emailed me this game that you all might like to try:

“For my maths game it is a bit like a lucky dip but you have to pick two numbers from a box and add or take away them and say them. If you get the right number you get a prize and if you get it wrong you have to pick again.”

I wonder which 3D shapes you have manged to find around your homes and gardens. When you start to look, you realise they are everywhere! What was the most common shape? Why do you think that it is the most common?

Normally we would have been practising for our Easter Service at school. As we haven’t been able to do this, I’m hoping you’ve been able to look at the Easter story that was emailed to you and to write a little bit about it. Easter is such an important time for Christians – many would normally spend time at church in thought, prayer and celebration of Jesus’ life. The Chocolate Easter egg is a modern tradition - originally eating eggs was not allowed by church leaders in the week leading up to Easter, so any eggs laid that week were saved and decorated to make them ‘Holy Week’ eggs which were given as gifts. This has now developed into the tradition of giving a chocolate egg to children. Perhaps think of this meaning if you tuck into any chocolate eggs over Easter!!

The weather hasn’t been quite as sunny this week but fine enough for you all to be busy outside still. My household are making sure we go for a walk or a bike ride every day for fresh air and exercise. You have sent me lots of photographs of you busy in your gardens and getting your daily exercise in various ways. Keep sending them – I love to see what you have all been up to, both home learning and having fun!

Wishing all of the Eastnor family my best wishes for a happy and healthy Easter.

Take Care, Miss Patchett.

Class 3

I do hope you are all well and enjoying some quality time with your lovely families. Thank you so much for all the updates, messages and photos you have been sending me, which have given me a flavour of all the great work you have been carrying out. I have loved seeing the pictures of your lovely pets, especially all the dogs having some much-needed exercise. How are your exercises going with Joe Wicks? There are lots of great new ones you can try, including dance with Oti Mabuse on Youtube. Have any of you had a look at Carol Vorderman maths? There are some great ideas on there. I watched a virtual trip around a museum this week, which was interesting as they explained all the exhibits in detail. If you fancy listening to some upbeat music, try listening to ‘In the hall of the mountain king’ by Grieg. It’s a great piece of music to get you marching around, listening to the pulse as it gets quicker. You could see if you can identify all the instruments. Or why don’t you draw a picture as you listen to it?

You have all been doing a great job with your online work this week. I hope you have all designed a great new companion you can share your thoughts with. How are the spell books looking? Try and make them into a mini book and design a front cover to go with all the spells.

Thank you for the letters you have sent me for Birchams Grange, I have forwarded them to the residents. If you would like to send some more through, please do and I will make sure they are sent on.

Your maths work on perimeter appears to be going well from the pictures you have sent. You have measured the perimeter of lots of different types of chocolate bars. What large bars of chocolate you have found, well done! It is great to see you all practising your times tables. Lots of you are now challenging your class mates for battles. Year 3 you are currently winning the overall total. Come on year 4, make sure you fight back!

I am looking forward to seeing all your Easter story work, don’t forget to illustrate it. You are all such good artists in Class 3. It is such a significant time of the year for all Christians.

It is so important to read or listen to an audio story, there are some great ones online that you can access for free. It’s such a great way to lose yourself for a while in a great story. Don't forget to be helpful at home and make sure you are kind to any brothers or sisters. You are all doing such a great job with your learning and I am missing each and every one of you. Take care, keep safe and keep smiling.

Lots of Love, Mrs Tart.

Class 4

Another unusual week for Class 4 children but one, I’m sure, which has seen them laughing, loving and learning. It has been great to hear from different parents, sharing the activities the children have enjoyed inside and outside. There is no denying that Eastnor children are a very robust, adaptable bunch and none more so than the oldest children in the school. Home learning for everyone is taking different forms right now, quite rightly, as parents juggle working from home and the dynamics of all being together under one roof for longer periods of time. The tasks I set this week for the children closely match the focus of the lessons we would have been having at school, but this can bring its’ own challenges, as we are so used to going on the learning journey together as a class. I am grateful to all of the parents for supporting their children this week, once again, and to all of the children in Class 4 for trying so hard with the work that has been set.

In English, the children were asked to focus on some of the last chapters in ‘The Silver Sword’ and to compose their own poems on themes contained within them. They were also set the task of writing a letter to the residents at Birchams Grange in Eastnor to brighten their day. I know what super book worms the children in Class 4 are and I am sure they have been reading avidly as well. In Mathematics the focus was volume and capacity. I set some practical challenges as well as some written tasks, in addition to the children practising their times tables and division facts through TT Rockstars. I know Libby is enjoying this! For RE the children were asked to think about the Easter Story and the different roles individuals had in this most important Christian festival.

I am sure that the children have enjoyed and achieved so much more than the tasks detailed above, however. Skills such as learning to get along with siblings or parents under pressurised situations, helping with jobs at home, learning to keep a tidy work space or bedroom, finding different ways to enjoy sport and managing being away from friends and other family members. These are all important life skills for the oldest children in the school and are probably the most important lessons they will have learnt all week. Patience, camaraderie, resilience, understanding… these and many more attributes will have underpinned everything for the children these last few days. Well done Class 4. I continue to be extremely proud of you all.
Miss Clark