A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 8th May 2020

Class 1

Hi everyone,

Another week down! Well done for getting through it together – I had a moment this week where this all felt like a dream; I am sure we’ve all had these moments during this period, wishing so desperately to get back to our ‘normal’ way of lives. I like to think that this is slowly getting closer every day and for now we should all be thankful for the safety our homes and families bring us in these unsettling times. I am so proud of you all in Reception! Thank you children, and your families, as always for being real super stars!

Our learning has been as busy as always! It was an exciting week for Literacy as we started a new Oliver Jeffers text, ‘Lost and Found’: a story all about courage, adventure and friendship which I know so many of the children in Class 1 will have enjoyed. The children have been busy practising their mark making and writing skills this week as they prepare for their own voyage to the South Pole. Activities included researching routes, packing for the South Pole (don’t forget your woollies!) and diving deep into the ocean to explore what sea life creatures lie below our boats on our voyage to the penguin’s homeland. A huge range of skills were developed through these activities. I have seen some fantastic research and work presented – thank you and well done!

In our Maths learning this week, always a popular topic with children, we consolidated our learning on money – I wonder why it’s always so popular? The children have worked hard on securing their knowledge of recognising British coins and their values which is great preparation for year 1 everyone! I am sure the children and their relatives have had plenty of fun playing ‘shops and banks’; all great ways to secure and consolidate understanding in a range of contexts! Keep up the hard work everyone! I do hope you didn’t over charge for anything in your shops!

The whole school History project has been a firm favourite of mine – I am a history geek at heart! I have loved the children’s openness and willingness to learn about such significant events in our past – the children have worked on developing key enquiry skills when looking at different photographs from VE Day 75 years ago. I am sure they raised plenty of thoughtful questions from our little inquisitive ones! All before washing it down with a nice cup of tea and strawberry cheesecake, of course!

The week was certainly given a huge boost when we gathered together for our class assembly – it is certainly a personal highlight each week for me! The children were thrilled to see our special guest Mrs Layton as we all love Mrs Layton’s story telling! I was so impressed by how well the children sat and listened as she shared one of her favourites with us! Thank you Mrs Layton! I wonder who will join us next week?

I might sound like a broken record but I do want to reiterate my thanks to all parents – I appreciate how challenging it must be juggling many plates throughout the day. Your children are all an absolute credit to you and I can’t wait to see them again soon.

Lots of love to you all!

Take care everyone!

Keep smiling! Lots of love, Miss Davies

Class 2

Tomorrow is a bank holiday celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE day – the day when 75 years ago the war ended. Can you imagine the feeling for people living through the war? To know that the war was over – they were dancing and celebrating in the streets, hugging family and friends and full of joy. Many of you have learnt about Victory in Europe day this week using the home learning history resources and have created wonderful medals and made delicious looking strawberry cheesecakes! You might even be having your own little celebration party in your house!

Our science focus is on Plants and Growing. Being at home all the time at the moment has given me the opportunity to see small changes every day to my garden. The plants are growing by the day and some are beginning to flower. Thank you for sending me pictures of your plants. You are all obviously quite ‘green fingered’, making sure your plants are getting all they need to grow healthy and strong – water, warmth, soil, fresh air and a little bit of love!!! Perhaps you could keep a photographic diary of their growth over the next few weeks. Watch closely how the plants change each day.

Also, last week I told you about the blackbirds in my garden that have built a nest right outside my window. There is no news yet and the male blackbird continues to bully all the other little birds in the garden to keep them away!!! What birds have you spotted out of your window or in your garden? Have any of you got any nests? Email me some pictures if you have!

I hope you are enjoying meeting all the weird and wonderful characters in our class text, ‘The Enchanted Wood’, as we read more and more. The elf and gnome characters that you created last week were brilliant! Have you started adding the characters and features to your tree outline yet? Remember to keep adding to this over the next few weeks. I’m hoping to display them all in the classroom whenever we get back there, so make them colourful and bright!!

We are all in a situation at the moment when we are having to show this month’s school value of ‘Endurance’. At our zoom assembly, we related this to perseverance and having easy sunshiny days and tougher rainy days. From the pictures and emails you have sent me, I know you are all making the most of staying at home and are trying hard with home learning and doing your best to fill your time with activities that make you happy! What a busy bunch you are – cooking, gardening, walking, building, making – well done to all of you! Keep going – you are amazing!

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Miss Patchett.

Class 3

How lovely to see the spring sunshine reappear this week, it certainly makes everything seem a lot easier being able to get outside for our exercise each day. I really look forward to our weekly assemblies and what a lovely story Maria read to us this week. It is so true you are all special. It really feels that amongst all the sadness, this unprecedented situation is really highlighting lots of positive things about people and the world around us. Thank you to all of you for making such colourful rainbows to share.

Your lessons this week has sparked your imagination, lots of you have listened to ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’ and have suggested other songs that you have listened to. Try listening to ‘The Lark Ascending’, Sophie loved it. If you have found a piece of music you have enjoyed, please let me know and I can recommend it to everyone. Your formal letters inspired by our class text from the perspective of the survivor of the earthquake have been very moving, you have really thought about the relationship he has with his family and how he would feel as only one of a few people who survived. I hope you all enjoyed the Earths fact files; I know I did when I was researching the facts for it.

It’s great to see so many of you have been using TT Rockstars this week, lots of you have made really good progress and carried out lots of battles against your class mates. Even though the year 4 children won’t be taking the Times Table test this year, it is still so important to have a good recall of all the facts up to 12X12. Try choosing a table a week to work on, then test yourself on the games.

Don’t forget to send me photos of your VE Day celebrations; I know that it will be a different celebration than was planned but it is important that we remember this very special day. The second Friday of May will mark 75 years since VE Day as the United Kingdom remembers the end of war in Europe, which brought the Second World War to a close in Europe.

I am so immensely proud of each and every one of you and how you have all made the most of this very strange situation we are finding ourselves in. Keep smiling and looking after each other

Keep safe and lots of love

Mrs Tart

Class 4

It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces during our class assembly yesterday. This is now the highlight of my (and Libby’s) week! I am fortunate to live with other people, like the children in Class 4, and it has made me realise how it must be very hard for those who live alone. As humans, we are used to social interaction. You only have to think of a very young baby smiling when it sees a face it recognises, to know that we are certainly meant to be around people we love! Emotional connectivity remains a core part of being human. Fortunately, our modern world is designed to connect people with each other when we cannot physically be together, and I am sure that this is helping many individuals worldwide.

During our assembly we listened to and watched both a song from 1939 and a poem by Tom Roberts, published recently about the Coronavirus. The Great Realisation poem has received 18 million views online and I shared the poem with Class 4 during our assembly this week. Before this we listened to ‘We’ll Meet Again’ sung by Vera Lynn, which was written some 81 years before Tom’s poem at the beginning of World War 2. Both pieces tug at our hearts, as they highlight how our relationships with one another and our world are absolutely vital and an intrinsic part of being human. Our class assemblies remind me of the special relationships we make during our lives and how Eastnor Primary School really is one big family. Whilst inevitably people move on, such as the Year 6 children at the end of the summer term, we hold dear those special relationships and memories of precious time spent together forever.

Our class text, ‘Love That Dog’ by Sharon Creech, highlights this important theme as well and illustrating how humans forge special relationships with animals too. Learning at home this week for the oldest children in the school has centred on this wonderful book, poetry, language, art, geometry, coordinates and VE Day celebrations. I am sure that the children will have worked hard, as always, at these and many other activities at home. Tomorrow will be a time for them to reflect on our previous class text, ‘The Silver Sword’, which was set during World War 2 and highlights how hope and courage were important attributes of the Balicki children which enabled them to survive the challenges they faced. I know that Class 4 will be sharing those attributes now during these difficult times.

Well done children. Keep smiling through, just like you always do.

Miss Clark