A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 12th June 2020

Class 1

It has been another fabulous week for the children of Reception Class filled with plenty of joy, laughter and, of course, adventures along the way.

This week we started a new Oliver Jeffers’ story called ‘The Heart and the Bottle’. The story has a very deep and meaningful message told in a sensitive and subtle way that makes it appropriate for children. It also contains some beautiful imagery and has been another huge hit with the children! We spent lots of time talking about our hearts and how to protect them as well as how valuable showing kindness and love to others can be. The children have spent time planning ways to cheer up different people who might be feeling sad as well as creating a unique collage best representing them and what’s special in their hearts. All alongside wonderful use of their phonics and sentence structure knowledge. Well done everyone, keep it up! It has been great to see the children’s hard work both at school and with their home learning!

In Maths this week we have been working on addition and subtraction. We started the week very practically, before moving onto pictorial representations of these concepts – what great work everyone. The children have had lots of fun using just about anything they can get their hands on to practise their adding and taking away skills – well done children! You have shown great dedication to your work and, as always, have added wonderfully creative and original twists.

We have continued with The Wildlife Trust’s “30 days Wild” challenge in June and we have had lots of fun. We have prepared feasts for different birds, watched live webcams of birds not so close to home and, of course, had plenty of fun in the great outdoors. What fun! Thank you also to Miss Patchett for her lovely musical challenge. As a group we are all very much into our music and I know what a success it would have been amongst all the children. We don’t need an excuse to get our dancing shoes on in Class 1.

We had a wonderful assembly on Friday! What better way to finish the week than with a soothing and perfect story from the lovely Mrs Layton? It was great to have a story linked so beautifully to all the minibeast hunting we have been up to recently and it gave us plenty of tips along the way. The children, as always, were so chatty and respectful of each other’s stories and listened attentively to their friends and the adults – thank you for showing such high levels of respect children, well done!

Another fabulous week full of plenty of happiness and giggles along the way. Thank you children for reminding us of the joy that the littlest of things can bring each day.

Lots of sunny love to you all!

Miss Davies

Class 2

We’ve had a week focusing on the theme of the ocean this week. Monday was World Oceans Day so at school we began the week by looking at the PowerPoint that I had shared at last Friday’s assembly. World Oceans Day takes place every year on June 8th and it celebrates our great oceans all over the world. After talking about why we like the seaside, we named and found the five main oceans of the world on a globe and in an atlas – did you manage to do that at home too? What are your favourite seaside memories?

I also asked you to have a look at the series ‘Blue Planet’ series on BBC iPlayer. If you haven’t managed to, I recommend watching some of it. It is narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough and contains amazing photography, making it both awe inspiring and interesting. At school we used this for inspiration in many activities – we listed ocean creatures, thinking carefully how to spell each one and we wrote a postcard from the seaside. I’ve had some fantastic postcards from children at home too – they were so good I actually thought you were on holiday!! We also created ‘Under the Sea’ pictures using oil pastels to create wavy lines which showed up when we painted over with water colour. We then drew and painted many animals and fish that live in the sea which we cut out and collaged on – you might like to try an ‘Under the Sea’ picture at home too.

We had a trip to Forest school this week but we had to stay in the ‘Base camp’ because it was so overgrown and we weren’t wearing our Forest school kit. We would have got very stung if we had ventured around the area. Some of us spent time trying to beat and stamp down the nettles but we didn’t get too far. We had a tidy up and threw away some squashed plastic bottles and removed the fabric weaving. We will try to have it ready for you all to visit when you return!! I wonder where you have all been getting out and about this week. I love to see the pictures that you send of you walking in various places, cycling and exploring.

I hope you managed to have a go at the whole school music activity at home this week. What music did your Mum, Dad, Grandparents or another family member like? And what music did you choose to listen to whilst decorating your musical note? Mrs Tart and I played some music that we like to the children in school – it got a mixed response!

In today’s assembly, we talked about books that make us laugh or happy. The Summer Reading challenge for this year launched last Friday and its focus is on the ‘Silly Squad’ and books that make you happy. Thank you to those of you who brought along books, jokes and pictures to the assembly to make your friends smile. It is important at times like this to connect with our friends – seeing and chatting with each other makes us feel good.

It continues to feel very strange at school without us all together in class and we miss you.

Have a good weekend.

Miss Patchett.

Class 3

This week we have been looking at World Oceans Day, thinking about ways we can help our blue planet. We have been celebrating the role of the oceans in our everyday life and finding ways we can protect the ocean. The World Oceans Day Theme for 2020 is " Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean " which is so important to save our oceans for future generations. The children have designed amazing alternatives to single use plastic bottles, whilst thinking about alternative materials. The acrostic poems that the children have written are thought provoking and consider the impact we are having on the beautiful oceans around us. I have really enjoyed reading all of your ideas.

The BBC live lessons have continued to spark your imagination, you have explored mechanical systems and looked at how they work, which has inspired lots of you to make your own systems using lots of household items; great to see you all thinking about different ways to recycle your plastic. Our assembly gave us a chance to talk about the books you are all reading and which ones you are enjoying, the live lesson about using inference to understand what you have read has really supported your learning this week; there are lots of hints and tricks to help you to make the most of each book you read. Lots of you enjoyed the live lesson talking about the clothes you wear and the food you eat in French - Mrs Young and I are very proud of you all.

Your PSHE work focused on how important it is to keep yourself safe online, what thoughtful posters you have designed about keeping yourself safe and how we can treat others with respect. Our story in our assembly showed how important it is for us all to think of others even when we can’t see each other face to face every day and how things we say online can be hurtful.

What a great start you have made to our maths topic using statistics, learning how to interpret and present data using bar charts, pictograms and tables. You have then been using the information presented in scaled bar charts, pictograms, and tables to answer problems. These are all skills used daily by the World Health Authority and politicians to help us to understand the current situation.

I love to receive your photos, work and news each week; it really brightens my day. This week is no exception. I have received exciting news from Erica that the dog they have rescued from Cyprus has finally arrived and is quickly becoming part of the family. I have also received a link to an article in the Worcester news telling us what Izzy has been up to. She has completed a bike ride of 20 miles to raise money for The Worcester Community Trust. She has currently raised over £700 for people who have been affected by Covid 19 in her community. Well done Izzy!!

I know I say it every week, but I am so proud of all of you and the way you are handling this unprecedented situation.

Lots of love

Mrs Tart

Class 4

Once again it has been lovely to see and hear about many of the things the oldest children in school have been getting up to. Photographs, emails and phone calls (as well as working with a smaller bubble of Year 6 children) have revealed that the children have continued to keep busy with many activities that adults at home, as well as myself, have set for them.

Our learning in English this week began with a focus on World Oceans Day. This worldwide event was created over 30 years ago to celebrate the wonders of the ocean and to raise global awareness of conservation efforts. The ocean gives us food, provides green energy, plays an important role in the climate and houses a wealth of marine life and mammals. Sadly, our oceans need our protection due to the devastating effect plastic is having on them. I asked the children to write a persuasive letter about plastic pollution, addressing it to the current Prime Minister. They had to include how they felt the problem could be solved and ensure that their language was emotive and powerful, in order to get the point across. During this lockdown period since the middle of March, the oceans have been healing as people have stayed at home. However - with a return to ‘normal life’ - pollution is once again building up on our beaches, so it seemed appropriate timing to be asking the children to write about this. In addition, the children have been writing (and performing) a poem about where they live and consolidating their use of punctuation in dialogue, using extracts from ‘The Jungle Book’.

Time has been the focus of our work in Mathematics this week. I set some tasks on converting units of time through the National Oak Academy website, as well as learning about how to check your pulse. Last week was World Heart Rhythm Week. The message of those charities involved is ‘Don’t miss a beat!’ as they work to educate and bring awareness to the importance of checking your pulse, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart. The children in Years 5 and 6 have had fun this week with some practical measuring activities too, incorporating millilitres and litres. It is amazing to think that our hearts pump about 2 ½ litres of blood through our bodies every 30 seconds. Even more unbelievable is that the heart does this around 1,500 times a day and that in a year it pumps enough blood to fill over 30 Olympic-size swimming pools! Many parents are telling me how much they are remembering and learning themselves, as they support their child with their set tasks. Home life has certainly been different for everyone during these last few months, whether you have been working from home or not, and I appreciate all of the support and time that parents have given their children to keep them learning and motivated away from the classroom.

Miss Clark