A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 17th July 2020

Class 1

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and have had a fun filled week. To say I’m missing you all is definitely an understatement but having your emails and photos sent through has been very uplifting and reassuring, so thank you! It looks as though the children have all had great fun carrying on with their mini dinosaur project for the final week of school. I was always so impressed by the knowledge and archaeology skills the children shared during our time at school and I am sure they have enjoyed getting very creative with their learning this week too!

Such challenges included science experiments, freezing dinosaur eggs and attempting to hatch them – I am sure the children used instinctively their ‘cause and effect’ knowledge and understanding surrounding the science topic of melting. Great fun to help the baby dinosaur escape their frozen eggs for sure! I wonder what strategies the children came up with to help the egg melt quicker – I’m intrigued to hear all about it!

The children also got very creative making a 3D dinosaur. There were some wonderful creations. Thank you for sharing everyone! And who could forget the dinosaur feet challenges? I wonder who was shocked by how humongous dinosaurs’ feet were. I certainly was and am definitely reconsidering wanting dinosaurs to be alive during this day and age! Such learning opportunities provide such great creative and discussions to take place, I’m sure the children have kept you entertained and impressed with their thoughts and ideas over the last two weeks with this topic.

I have no doubt the dinosaur dance was a firm favourite amongst my little rock stars – be sure to remember those routines so you can show us when we’re reunited in September. I’ll definitely need some new dance moves by then!

Well done everyone – happy and enthusiastic as always and I have really enjoyed sharing this learning project with you. I would like to thank all the parents from Mrs Layton and myself – our gifts during the week were a pleasant and wonderful surprise. We send you all huge amounts of hugs and will definitely raise a glass to all our lovely Reception families as we welcome in the summer holidays! You have all been beyond fantastic and we will always keep you warmly tucked up in our hearts.

Wishing you all the most amazing summer that may be different to usual but I’m sure those brilliant children of yours will keep you entertained with plenty of memorable moments along the way!

Lots of love to you all! Thank you all so much!

Have a great summer! Love Miss Davies and Mrs Layton.

Class 2

For the final week of this academic year, many of the home learning activities asked you to reflect on the past.

I asked you to find out what a ’Time Capsule’ was and to create one to be put away and looked at again in 10 years. A Time Capsule is a collection of objects that reflect your life personally and also what is going on in the world both nationally and internationally. So now in these very unusual times it seems like a good time to create a capsule, as we are living in what will be talked about in History lessons in future years. My ‘Time Capsule’ contained pictures of my family and our everyday activities during the lock down period. I also included a picture of my Mum and Dad on a Facetime call as this became very important to us for keeping in touch. I have put in a diary and also some newspapers to show what was going on nationally and globally. What did you put in yours?

Another piece of work was to find out about a person in history who has changed the way we live today. I reflected on how important the internet has been to our home learning and the fact that when I was at Primary School the internet didn’t exist. This led me to finding out about Sir Tim Berners-Lee who is a British computer scientist, reported to be the inventor of the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee began his career as a computer software designer. He worked on a system that would allow different computers to communicate with each other. In 1989 he wrote a proposal for a system that would allow researchers to share and retrieve techniques, practices and results with each other at any time using the Internet. He created the software for the World Wide Web in 1990–91. What an amazing invention it is. Imagine what lockdown would have been like without it!

As part of our English work, I asked you to reflect on memories from this year. The lock down period is likely to be the most memorable as it is so unusual however I had many smiles thinking back to the beginning of the year when we performed our school nativity and our Class 2 trip to the pottery. I have wonderful memories of Forest school and the fun in the stream, the performances on the stage you made, climbing trees and building dens. Thank you Class 2 for the fun times we have had together.

I am also reflecting on my time with Year 6 girls and Miss Clark who are leaving us. The Year 6 group were Year 2 children in my first year at Eastnor. It has been wonderful to see you all grow and continue to be a gorgeous group of girls who are fun and full of individual personality which makes you each special in your own way. Miss Clark, you know how much you will be missed. I have learnt so much from you and wish you and the Year 6 girls love, luck and happiness in your new adventures. As we would say to each other as I pass your classroom daily: “Seeeyaaa!”.

I look forward to being together again in September as our Eastnor school family but, for now and to those who are leaving, goodbye and big virtual hugs!!!

Miss Patchett.

Class 3

Class 3, what a wonderful last two weeks I have had in school, spending time with my wonderful class. They truly are a fantastic, fun and thoughtful bunch, who are always up for a challenge and always put 100% effort in to whatever we do. I feel a little sad as my time with the children was cut short this year, but I am sure you will all do your very best when you return to school in September. Each and every one of you is very special and I am so proud of you all.

Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the Lost Words book, which contains ‘lost words’ including acorn, adder, bluebell, dandelion, fern, heron, kingfisher, newt, otter and willow. You have all produced such thoughtful, inspiring and colourful work based on it. Your reports about the oak tree from the point of view of an animal such as a spider, a squirrel, an owl or a caterpillar were truly magical; who knew they would see so many amazing things.

The live lessons have proved to be very popular over the last few weeks, especially the one this week that told the story of Grace Darling and how her family looked after a lighthouse in the Farne Islands. When I next go on my holidays to Northumberland I will visit the church where she is buried overlooking the sea where she carried out a daring rescue in 1838 and will remember our time in lockdown. I love your Cinquain poems! Enjoy these examples:

Barn owl

Silently swoops

Spreading its wings, talons

Wide with striking impact snatching

Its prey.

Dog rose

Twined in hedgerows

Five-petalled, pollen crowned,

Pale and fragile, softly blushing


You have all worked so hard on all your maths work; don’t forget to keep practising those time tables over the summer. Thank you for sending examples of your maths work to me this week.

Finally, ‘Thank you’ Class 3 for being such a wonderful, enthusiastic class and so full of fun. I will miss you all and will forever feel a bit sad about the time we lost together, but look forward to all of our adventures next year. Year 4’s, I am looking forward to seeing you grow and flourish as you carry on your journey through school. Take care all and enjoy your summer.

Lots of love

Mrs Tart

Class 4

Well, 2019-2020 has certainly been a very different one! None of us could have predicted, back in September, that we wouldn’t get to spend our summer months in school. I definitely feel a little cheated, for the current Year 5 and 6 children are just smashing! In fact, there aren’t enough adjectives to describe them. Incredible, kind, funny, generous, hard-working, loving, friendly, inquisitive, strong, talented… the list goes on and on. Sometimes, in schools, adults hear a whisper emerging along the corridors and seeping through the classroom walls over time that a certain class are just the perfect class to teach. And this year’s Year 5/6 class have been the very epitome of this. They are the ‘Holy Grail’ of classes that you simply can’t believe your luck to teach.

Miss Watson has experienced this same joy since she joined our school in February. This week, although we have taught the Year 5’s and 6’s in our separate bubbles, we have made sure that there have been moments for the children to display their love and friendship for each other, in a safe socially distanced way! The Year 5 children wrote about their memories of the Year 6 girls, which they read out in a special class ‘goodbye’ assembly on the last morning in the playground. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, as the Year 5 children read out the wonderful, touching things they had written. Another highlight of the week was when we enjoyed a class game of rounders, with Year 5’s against a team of Year 6’s (plus adults). It was a fabulous session and reminded the children of the wonderful PE lessons they have had over the years with Mrs Dawe.

Other adults in school have, of course, popped their heads in to say their goodbyes to the Year 6 girls. We all get so terribly fond of the children in our school and, when they leave at the end of Year 6, it really is a heart-wrenching moment. I know as a mum, whose son has already left Eastnor, that the Year 6’s take their memories of the amazing adults and children they are fortunate to spend time with long into secondary school and beyond. Speak to any ex-Eastnor child and they will tell you that they would love to come back, even though it was the right time for them to go. New adventures lie ahead for the Year 6 girls (and myself), just as they have done for others before us. But we shall all take away very fond memories of a wonderful school and talented and caring staff (as well as fantastic friends) that will carry us through the rest of our lives. Thank you Eastnor Primary School. We will never, ever forget you.

Love Miss Clark, Eleanor, Grace, Libby, Lily, Lilly, Nancy and Tabitha xxxxxxxx