A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 19th June 2020

Class 1

We’ve had yet another brilliant week with all the children in Class 1 both with school and home learning. The lovely words from Maria last week portrayed perfectly what daily life with the littlest members of the school is like – full of magic, miracles and joy in every corner of the day.

In our English learning we continued our theme linked with ‘The heart and the Bottle’ adding a geographical twist onto our learning. Just like the little girl in the story we too dug out our best curiosity for the world around us and what a journey we’ve been on. We’ve explored a great number of the wonders of the world, from the Taj Mahal to the Colosseum in Rome and it has been such an adventure! All the adults working alongside the children at school and undoubtedly those at home too, have been so impressed by the children’s inquisitiveness and interesting questions as they gain a great sense of what the world has to offer. We have enjoyed testing our own knowledge with this topic too! It was great to finish the week with the children designing their very own wonder of the world – all identifying a special place to them with gorgeous reasons why they had made these choices. The children continue to work tremendously hard in consolidating key skills in phonics and tricky words spelling with great perseverance and effort! Well done everyone!

In our Maths learning this week we have focused on key concepts ranging from teen numbers to counting on in 2s,10s and sometimes even 5s! Great work everyone! We have had great fun adding a creative twist to our learning and the children have all developed a more secure knowledge of recognising and understanding teen numbers. The main learning point being that we all know now that the cheeky 1 in teens numbers means 10 not 1 – how very cheeky! It’s a good job you can all spot it now class 1 – well done!

We continued with The Wildlife Trust’s 30 days of wild in June challenges and we have had lots of fun, using blades of grass as instruments. We have also used technical devices to deepen our knowledge of different wildlife before testing one another with quizzes of our own! Fantastic! At school we noticed how popular our pirate story was during a story time last week and it’s safe to say the pirate theme was still a topic of fun this week. At forest school we had great fun ‘walking the plank’ or more to the point making Miss Davies, Mrs Layton and Mrs Farnell walk the plank! No mercy from these pirates that’s a sure thing!

We had another brilliant assembly on Friday and were amazed at how quiet you all were reception, it’s safe to say we’re certainly tiring you out in the week! We enjoyed inviting a new guest to our Zoom assembly but she certainly isn’t a stranger to us! Maria shared a wonderful story and finished the week off perfectly! Thank you, Maria, your storytelling and kind thoughts are just the type of virtual hug needed to end a brilliant week in Class 1!

Well done to all children, staff and parents of Class 1! You are all doing an amazing job and I feel very lucky and grateful to spend each memory-filled day with you! Happy weekend!

Lots of love to you all!

Miss Davies

Class 2

Last Friday during our Zoom assembly, we talked about the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ that was launched early this year on June 5th due to many children learning at home. The challenge encourages children to read and share as many books as possible over the summer months. This year, the theme is based on the ‘Silly Squad’ and it is a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter. Maria also read us a funny poem. At school some of us rewrote the poem changing it slightly to make it funny.

Our English work this week was based on this funny theme. We re-read Chapter 14 of our class text ‘The Funny Old Saucepan Man’. The Saucepan Man often mishears what people are saying and hears rhyming words instead. This week Year 1 have created rhyming strings and Year 2 had a go at writing a simple script to include rhyming words that the Saucepan Man mishears. The ones I have read are fantastic and very amusing. At home and in school, we have also created and described our own ‘Silly Squad’ character. They are brilliant – we have funny giraffes, sharks and penguins wearing an array of hats, shoes and other clothing! We have also been writing and presenting jokes in unusual ways. We looked at question sentences as these are often part of joke telling. Then we used a ‘lift the flap’ picture to present our jokes.

In Maths, we have been trying to quicken our recall of arithmetic facts and also multiplying and dividing using arrays. We have played lots of games to help us with this, including dice games and card games.

The world is an ever-changing place at the moment and some children have been talking about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests taking place locally and around the world. I asked you all to look at the BBC Bitesize video about Rosa Parks and to learn about how she fought for equality for black people in America in 1955. At school we found this really interesting and it sparked lots of discussion about how black people are still protesting 65 years later to be treated fairly. Mrs Tart and I were impressed by the knowledge and sensitivity of the children.

I also set a Science activity looking at how materials can change shape. Did you manage to find objects at home that you could squash, bend and twist? In school we had a material hunt looking at what things in the classroom were made of and then we used pipe cleaners to bend and twist shapes. Many of you managed to follow the recipe to make play dough and I expect you would have been able to squash, bend and twist it to make your sculptures.

What fitness have you managed to do at home this week? Is anyone still going with Joe Wicks? This week in school we have done some yoga following a guide on the white board. We were bending, balancing and stretching in all sorts of ways!!! We also managed to play chasing games on the green which tired me out if no one else!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Miss Patchett.

Class 3

What a funny week it has been. It’s so lovely being back in school and teaching the lovely year ones, but this also makes me miss my wonderful class even more. It has been fantastic seeing a few of you at the wall as you pick up your brothers and sisters from school. Our weekly Zoom assembly is so important to me and I really look forward to seeing all your wonderful smiles and sharing your work from the week. What great poems you have written this week based on our class text.

Our work this week has had a scientific twist to it and you all know how much I love science. The fact files you have made about Sir Isaac Newton were full of information about his life and work. Even though he was best known for his theory about the law of gravity, you have found some fascinating facts about him that I didn’t know. He had escaped the effects of the plague in 1665, by being sent home from college for 2 years. During this time, he came up with his theories on gravity, optics and light. This made me think about the current situation we are in at school, I am sure it won’t impact us for two years, but I know you are all learning so many different skills that will impact your lives for ever. I love the fact that we are always learning new things, however old or young we are.

You all have such fantastic imaginations and have put them to good use in our English work this week. The characters from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ have certainly been given a new twist in your comic scripts and descriptions. I love all the links you have made between them - very ingenious.

You are all becoming more confident with your maths work using statistics, it is tricky to interpret the data represented, but once you have found the key to the information you have used your reasoning skills to answer all the questions. I am so impressed that lots of you are challenging yourselves with the very tricky questions. Well done!

Don’t forget to keep remembering how special you all are and how incredibly proud I am of each and every one of you for the way you are coping with all that is asked of you.

Remember to try and join us in our Zoom assembly each week so we can share our thoughts and spend some time together as our special class.

Lots of love

Mrs Tart

Class 4

The oldest children in the school have had another busy, fun-filled week, whether they have been at school during the day or at home. Our weekly class assemblies, emails and photographs are testament to how resilient the members of Class 4 are being and how they are managing to stay upbeat for the majority of the time. It is easy to forget that children are no less affected by the worry and stress the Coronavirus crisis can cause than adults. Whilst it is reassuring for us as parents and educators that the virus rarely makes children physically ill, it can still impact their mental health. Giving children a routine and a focus through tasks and activities teachers have set, as well as adults in their family, can certainly help. I have been extremely pleased (and relieved) to see that the children in Class 4 have remained active during the last 12 weeks, both physically and mentally.

Our work in Maths this week has continued with converting units of measurement and, in particular, learning about the relationship between miles and kilometres. We have also revised our understanding of the relationship between percentages, decimals and fractions. For English we have reflected on the books children in Class 4 have read during this prolonged period of time at home. I have reminded the children before that reading for pleasure is a more powerful factor in their future achievement than anything else, and I am always excited to hear about the different books they are enjoying. One of our tasks this week allowed the children to choose a book they have read during lockdown and write a review on it. We also learnt about some of the winning stories from Radio 2’s 500 word children’s writing competition over the years, as well as watching a live lesson to inspire our own writing.

One of the other activities I set Class 4 this week was to learn, or improve on, a sporting skill! This could be in their garden or somewhere further afield. I suggested activities such as hula hooping, bowls, ‘keepy-ups’, cycling or even juggling! As you will see from the photographs, the children certainly grabbed the opportunity to be adventurous and active, putting my dog walking and cycling to shame! My closing message during our class assembly today was to continue to be active physically and mentally; to develop close relationships with family members; to enjoy shared activities with others; to spend time outside (as well as inside); to focus on tasks set for them; and most importantly to smile and laugh with others around them. When I think of each and every one of the children in Class 4, I smile a big, broad grin that warms my insides and makes me feel fortunate to have been their teacher. It’s certainly been one of the things that have helped me during the last 3 months. Thank you.

Miss Clark