A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 3rd July 2020

Class 1

Well I can’t believe I’m writing these words already but here we are. It fills me with great sadness that so much time has been stolen from this year, but let’s concentrate on all of the many positives this year has brought!

I have had so much fun with the Reception Class of 2019-2020 and I hope, like me, they have many fond memories to take away with them. Every single one of the children has absolutely flourished in their own unique and wonderful way. The children have brought so much character and joy to this year and it has been one great, wonderful adventure!

Music, singing and dancing are always popular in the early years (for me personally, particularly when Disney is involved!) and this year group have absolutely adored many precious moments of singing, dancing and showing off their truly brilliant talents. Thank you for being such tremendous show girls and boys everyone. Mrs Layton and I have certainly learnt some new and very funky dance moves along the way! I am pleased we have been able to fill the last week of school with so much of this musical fun. It is such a shame we couldn’t get to our summer school performance this year but watch this space! I have no doubt that next year’s will be quite the show with all our little superstars involved.

We have spent this week enjoying a very special teddy bears’ picnic theme and the children have had the opportunity to show off a wide number of skills they have learnt across the year. From your wonderful writing development to your understanding of shapes and numbers, you have all been so dedicated Reception, particularly in the last few weeks when things have certainly been very different. I am so very proud of you all and thank you for making every day such a pleasure to be your teacher!

We’ve made the most of our lovely outdoor learning spaces as always, come rain or shine! We have been learning from the world, from different adults and of course from each other about the animals and plants all around us. Everyone has shown such respect and care for the environment and, with our recent English story books so often linked to this theme, it makes me feel very proud of the wonderful little people our Reception children are growing into. This week has also been a great way of welcoming the lovely Miss Fisher in to spend some time with the children. I know this time has been special for both the children and Miss Fisher as they prepare for their year together in September.

The children and I would like to thank the wonderful Mrs Layton, her words of wisdom and reassuring presence have helped us all along the way throughout the year. She is tremendously valued by myself and the children and I am sure will always have a special place in all the children’s hearts. Thank you, also to the amazing Maria whose gentle and kind nature has nurtured us all - particularly through some of the trickier days. The children have loved having Maria with them throughout the year and we all just can’t get enough of her story-times which are always very popular and needed on a sleepy Friday afternoon! Lastly, thank you to Mrs Farnell who we have loved having with us in Reception since returning to school. The children have had the pleasure of her company and can’t wait to work with her more as they move up through the school!

Well done everyone! I can’t say it enough how much of an honour and privilege this year has been. I say it every year but I really do learn so much from all the children and am reminded daily of the joy teaching brings. Thank you, children for all the wonderful times, giggles and, of course, singing and dancing competitions! A huge thank you to all of the wonderful families too, you’ve been amazing and so supportive in putting your trust in me as your child’s first schoolteacher. It’s been a bumpy and different road this year but nevertheless an absolute joy to have worked alongside you all!

Here are some snaps of our mini sports day this week - party photos to follow next week! How exciting!

Lots of love to you all – keep in touch!

Sunny love as always,

Miss Davies

Class 2

Over the past week in school and at home I have set many tasks focusing on words. Last week’s assembly was about ‘The Word Collector’, a wonderful story celebrating the wealth of words we have in the English language. This also resonates with what our class core texts are for – exposing and introducing children to a breadth of vocabulary, with which they can draw upon and deepen their own vocabulary and understanding.

In English, we have been word detectives looking for new words that are unfamiliar. Some of you at home have found some really unusual words and used them in sentences to show your understanding. We also looked at synonyms and understood how a word such as ‘nice’ can be improved upon to make it more specific and creative. Some synonyms of nice were enjoyable, pleasant and delightful! In our SPAG focus we looked at word classes and sorted them into nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We also found fun ways of combining words to make silly sentences.

Alongside other Maths activities, I asked you all to practise your times tables using TT Rock stars. I have been impressed to see that nearly everyone has used it this week to improve their times tables recall. Remember to keep practising this as much as possible in whatever way helps you to recall your times tables quickly.

I am interested to know about your six dinner food challenge set by Miss Clark. I have seen a few photographs of some delicious dinners and I am sure there have been some tasty concoctions created over the week. I hope you all managed to have fun with this activity.

On the food and words theme, I set a French task practising talking in French about food you liked or did not like. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Young to help us in class but I’m sure you will all have had a good attempt at doing this using the BBC Bitesize lesson that I sent the link to. In class, we had a great game of bingo using french food words.

We also enjoyed going on a colour walk this week in class and hopefully you managed this at home too. There is a lot of green around Eastnor but we did manage to find flashes of colour hidden away such as yellow signs, red lights and blue cars. We took photographs using the i pads and we created pictures on our colour theme.

I have so enjoyed spending time with the Year 1 children in a small group in our bubble over the past five weeks. It has been tinged with sadness that we haven’t been the complete ‘Class 2’ with all of us together, however, the past term has been an opportunity for me to get to know some children even better. I now look forward to spending a week with the Year 2 children in which we can do some fun activities and have a last week together before you become big grown up Year 3's!!

Have a fantastic weekend. Miss Patchett

Class 3

What a wonderful assembly we had last week; I loved our special visitors. Thank you to the Kearne family for sharing Joe’s photograph and thoughts on lockdown, but also for showing us Joe’s beautiful chicks that he has hatched out. I love seeing what you are up to at home.

This week’s live lessons have really sparked your imagination and you have designed and built so many wonderful dens - you could almost live in some of them! You have carried out a great deal of investigation this week, what a funny world it would be if there were no Maths! I think, from your replies, that most of you concluded that it would not be possible to have a world with no Maths.

I know that a lot of you enjoy looking at our very special book called ‘The Lost Words’ in class, not only is it beautifully illustrated but it contains so many previously common words concerning nature that have been dropped from our language. Apparently they were no longer being used enough by children to merit their place in the dictionary. The list of these “lost words” including acorn, adder, bluebell, dandelion, fern, heron, kingfisher, newt, otter, and willow are beautiful words that describe a lot of what is around us. It is so important that we don’t overlook these amazing words and make sure they are not forgotten. You certainly wont forget them if your Lost Worlds are anything to go by, you have included so many natural features. In these times of uncertainty and change it is even more important that we hold on to what is dear to us all and preserve it for future generations.

You have all been so busy this week learning about shape and identifying angles, whilst watching the daily lessons. Your times table work has been very impressive this week.

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent in photographs for the competition this week, if you haven’t quite finished them please send them in this week. What a hard job it is going to be to choose a winner. You have all put in so much thought about whom or what has been special to you during this unprecedented time. We have all been writing our own version of history over the last few months that will be told for years to come.

Stay safe and look after each other

Lots of love. Mrs Tart

Class 4

This week drew to a close with a hint of sadness in school, as Miss Davies and Miss Patchett bid a fond farewell for the summer to the children in Reception and Year 1 who have been in school since the beginning of this month. Fortunately, to support their transition to secondary school, the Year 6 girls and I remain in our bubble for the remainder of the term and we are all very happy about that! Year 6 children are used to a final half term of fun activities and trips to round off their time at Eastnor Primary School. It never ceases to amaze me how the oldest children in school grow incredibly close with one another over the years, and with the adults they spend time with. We are all so incredibly lucky and thankful to have a bit more time together to make those treasured memories that stay with you for many, many years. Even better, the Year 5 children (who we all miss terribly) are able to join us for the final week.

In last week’s assembly, Maria shared with the children how some of her closest friendships were formed back when she was in primary and secondary school. In our recent assemblies on ‘Black Lives Matter’, I have asked the children to reflect on the importance of kindness and friendship. If you consider the last time you gave or experienced kindness, you would probably think of times when you felt noticed, protected and loved. Protecting our mental health has been vital for everyone coping with and recovering from the situation we have found ourselves in globally due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the psychological and social impacts amongst adults and children are likely to outlast any physical symptoms of the virus.

Kindness strengthens relationships and deepens solidarity. Defined as doing something towards yourself and others, it is motivated by a genuine desire to make a positive difference. This is one of the ways that we can all help when we consider ‘Black Lives Matter’ and in our assemblies I have been talking to the children about standing up for what is right and fair (when it is safe to do so). To receive or to give kindness is, in fact, an act of courage. And the Coronavirus outbreak has helped so many of us to appreciate how important supporting one another and doing the right thing is. One act of kindness can lead to many more and one friendly act can lead to life-long friendships. I look forward to continuing to watch and hear about how all of the children in Class 4 are appreciating and valuing their friends during these different times. I know that I shall be spending my last weeks at Eastnor School counting my blessings for the wonderful friendships I have made, knowing that they will stay with me for many more years to come.

Miss Clark