A Celebration of Home Learning

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Date: Friday, 5th June 2020

Class 1

And welcome to June!!! We have welcomed a new month and a new season this week and it certainly has been an exciting start. It has been great to see what the children have been up to and, as always, putting their creative spin on their learning.

This week we continued with our Oliver Jeffers’ story ‘How to catch a star’. The children have enjoyed creating story mountains outlining the key features and structure that build almost all stories – great work everyone. This certainly is a big peep into the year 1 curriculum – well done! The children have had all sorts of adventures – even imagining what they would do if a star had landed in their garden. I have loved all the creative responses and stories the children have come up with – what an exciting adventure! We finished the week with making our learning very personal – all choosing something or someone that fascinates us whilst describing what strategies the children would use to try a catch their special interest. We have some very clever and sneaky children amongst reception – what great ideas everyone!

In our maths learning this week we have been concentrating on measuring different objects by height and length – the key in reception is to ensure that appropriate language is used when measuring and comparing- we had no problems with that! The children have all demonstrated to their families and peers what great understanding they have of longer/shorter and even longest/shortest – great work! I am sure that the challenge involving measuring things around the house has been very popular – I know much the children like to make their learning active and purposeful!

As an additional curriculum challenge this week Class 1 has dived deep into the Wildlife trust “30 days of June” challenge – very popular I am sure! It has been lovely to see the children engage so enthusiastically with each daily act of wilderness ranging from feeling the wild between your toes (I’m sure that could have got very messy) to sitting back and relaxing watching the magnificent different cloud shapes go by! I have no doubt that there were some very imaginative and marvellous stories created from these cloud shapes – I can’t wait to hear them all.

Our lovely assembly has been moved to Friday and what a perfect way to end the week - it was lovely to see all the children smiling and waving away, willingly waiting to share their stories and news. It is obvious to see how much the children care and love each other – it shines through even on a computer screen – what wonderfully kind friends you all are! Thank you, Mrs Young, for your wonderful story telling, it was a pleasure to have you there!

Well done everyone – another gentle step back into ‘normality’ and you’re all still smiling and keeping positive. Thank you for bringing so much joy to us each day! I wonder what adventures await us next week.

Lots of sunny love to you all!

Miss Davies

Class 2

What an unusual week it has been with most of you at home and some of you at school. I only wish I could see all of Class 2 playing happily together in the sunshine but it’s not to be at the moment.

In school we have been doing some of the activities that I sent as home learning for the rest of you. In our class text, ‘The Enchanted Wood’ we have read about ‘The House of the Three Bears’. We have looked at traditional tales that have ‘three’ main characters – The Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Three Little Pigs. For your English work I have asked you to plan your own story based on the title, The House of Three ________. I wonder what you have chosen to write a story about. I look forward to seeing/ reading your stories next week and hope you will have used some super story language and ‘wow’ words!

Did you spot all the unusual things in the picture I sent as an art activity? What questions did you think of? Here are some of the ones we’ve come up with throughout school: Why is the man reading an upside down paper?; What is the cat doing in the bird cage?;Why are the slices of bread a different shape from the loaf?;Why is the lady pouring tea on the table?

Did any of you manage to take a virtual tour of an Art gallery and choose a painting or piece of art to copy?

On Monday, it will be World Oceans Day which takes place on June 8th every year. It is a day when people around the world celebrate and honour the ocean. I grew up by the seaside and it is my favourite place to be, so to celebrate World Oceans Day I have been finding out some fantastic facts about blue whales this week – Did you know…… blue whales grow to 33 metres long (about the length of an aeroplane), they weigh the same as 40 elephants and in a lifetime a blue whale will swim about 1 million kilometres which is further than going to the moon and back! What incredible creatures! Can you find out a whale fact for me? In our assembly today, we watched the PowerPoint about World Oceans Day that made us think about recycling plastic. Try to spot plastic around your house this weekend. What is made of plastic? Can it be recycled? Can you do at least one thing to reuse some plastic this weekend? If possible, send me a picture of you reusing something made of plastic. Next week, I will send activities for you to look at to make us think about caring for our world oceans and its creatures.

Wouldn’t it would be lovely to be able to visit the seaside this weekend? Whatever you do, have fun, keep staying safe and have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Patchett.

Class 3

What a lovely half term with wall to wall sunshine, although my garden could really do with some gentle rain. Thank you for your photos and tales of your adventures last week, you have all been making the most of the weather. This week has been a little different for some of the children at Eastnor who have been back in to school. I have really missed seeing my lovely class, but we need to be patient and wait until it is safe for you all to be back in school. I have received a lovely email from Heather Williamson this week about the Green Rocket cuttings we took when we went to Wyevale nursery in preparation for the Malvern Show, as you can see from the pictures they are all looking wonderful! Wyevale are going to kindly look after them until we are ready to use them in our garden next year

I really look forward to our Zoom assembly each week and it was a lovely way to end the week seeing your lovely smiling faces.

You have all been working hard this week, exploring different forces including air resistance and friction, which is quite topical with the launch of the recent Space Rocket. I loved the way you used the art lesson to show your feelings using a range of art techniques. What a great writer Charles Dickens was, the film certainly showed us an insight into his life. You are producing some great work based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, the balanced arguments that you have sent me have used valid and different points of view and do not lean towards one particular opinion; this has let the reader make up their own mind. I can see we will have some great debaters for our team next year. You have all been working hard on telling the time and working out tricky problems using your reasoning skills. It’s a hard skill but keep persevering if you’re not sure of all of the ways to tell the time, try to check the time when you change to a new activity.

Thank you for the work you have sent for me to look at, I love reading all of it so please keep those photos and emails coming. It really is important for us all to keep going and do our very best in these strange times.

Keep smiling and stay safe.

Mrs Tart

Class 4

Last week the weather stayed bright on the whole and all children in Class 4 (whether they were working at school or at home) demonstrated their usual positivity, sense of humour and energy. Photographs, emails, phone-calls and a small year 6 ‘bubble’ at school have all provided evidence of this. I know that every teacher at Eastnor has been impressed with their children. For the oldest children in the school - and particularly the Year 5’s - Mrs Driscoll and I are only too aware of the packed curriculum and learning opportunities that they would normally be receiving. There really is an awful lot to learn and achieve by the end of Year 6, as any parent with older children at secondary school will know! I have been pleased to see and hear that my class have continued to keep busy through a variety of activities as keeping our minds active has been essential for everyone during this lockdown period.

With that in mind, this week’s work was no exception. In Mathematics we have begun a unit of work on converting units of measurement. A video supporting their understanding of the metric system and online lessons from the National Oak Academy will have ensured that the children understood the different conversions before solving problems. This knowledge supports real-life skills needed when involved in baking or DIY projects, for example, which many children have been getting busy with! Our summer term text ‘Love That Dog’ has continued to provide many opportunities to extend the children’s writing ability. This week I invited them to compose and create ‘missing dog’ posters. They had to draw on their language and creative skills to make the poster hit people hard (metaphorically) so that they would want to help find this much-loved missing pet. From what I have seen, the children have really thought about the literary tools they have acquired and used fantastic similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification to evoke the feelings of desperation and loss.

We also learnt about Rudyard Kipling, a dog-lover who enjoyed a close bond with the animals throughout his life. His poem ‘The power of the dog’ reveals how a dog can bring enormous love and devotion to a human, as well as the ability to break their heart. The children were asked to write a report about the famous author of ‘The Jungle Book’ and perhaps even to read one of his books. Just like Michael Rosen (the subject of our assembly last week) one of Kipling’s young children sadly died through illness and he is thought to have never fully recovered from this tremendous loss. In the news recently it was reported that Rosen was beginning to make a slow recovery from Coronavirus in hospital and has finally been moved out of intensive care. Our assembly today focused once again on the remarkable work of the NHS and care home staff during these last few challenging months, highlighted by a piece of artwork at Southampton general hospital created by famous graffiti artist 'Banksy'. In our assembly we learnt a little more about this anonymous artist whose work often highlights important current issues. We remain eternally grateful for the amazing love and dedication that individuals in the NHS and care homes show towards the people they look after.

Miss Clark