Sports Premium

Schools have been issued with funding from the Government as part of the Sport Premium initiative. This sum of money is to be spent by the school on ‘improving the quality of sport and PE’.

At Eastnor Primary School, careful consideration has been given as to how the sports premium money is spent. Our rational for spending the money is;

 To improve the quality of PE and school sport, ensuring everyone benefits.

 Offer training opportunities for staff in order to improve knowledge and understanding and confidence.

 Ensure the school is able to participate in local tournaments and run sporting events.

 Encourage more participation in a wider range of after school activities.

The sports premium funding is given to all schools and the amount received is based on the number pupils on roll.

Please see full details of how Eastnor Primary School have spent their Sports Premium money for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 academic years below.

Sports Premium Report