The Eastnor Express

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Edition: Friday, 13th October 2017

Diary Dates

Tue, 17th Oct

John Masefield Open Morning

Wed, 18th Oct


Wed, 18th Oct

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (Morning Lesson)

Wed, 18th Oct

KS2 Girls Fooball Club (Lunchtime)

Wed, 18th Oct

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 19th Oct

BAET Music Concert (Year 4, 5 &6)

Thu, 19th Oct


Fri, 20th Oct


Quick Reminders

Please can all parents ensure their child(ren) have a coat in school each day. I understand that the weather can be unpredictable at this time of year but it is far better for the children to have a coat and not need it, than to miss a playtime or lunch break because they are not suitably dressed.

Mrs Dawe has also requested that children do not wear watches on the days that they have PE in school. We think it is better that children keep watches safely at home, rather than take them off in school for lessons.

Many thanks for your support.

Secondary School Application Reminder!

All parents who have children in year 6 will have been considering which Secondary School they would like to move to in September 2018.

Please note the following details about applications:-

  • Online application opens 5 September 2017
  • Closing date for applications 31 October 2017
  • Offer Day 1 March 2018

For further information please see the link to the Herefordshire website. 

Autumn Walk

Please note that the Autumn Walk will now take place on the afternoon of the 30th October, (this is a date change due to the Eastnor Estate Shoot on Friday 20 October) in the Eastnor Deer Park, and all of the children will attempt to reach the Obelisk so that they can enjoy the wonderful views of our beautiful village.

On this day, children will need to come to school in warm home clothes that will be suitable for a long walk and bring a small rucksack to carry their water bottle and an extra snack for when we reach the summit! They should also ensure they wear sturdy trainers or bring walking boots/ wellies to change into for the walk.

Key Date Confirmation for Summer Term

As many of you will know, life at Eastnor can get very busy with any number of performances, projects, trips and fixtures going on at any one time.

Please note that there have been two amendments made to the summer term dates for 2018. Our Sports Day and family picnic will take place on Monday 16th July and the Eastnor's Got Talent Heats will therefore take place on the morning of Tuesday 17th July.

Please see a full list of key dates on the Eastnor website by following the link.

There will still be more dates to add as we move through the year, and we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, but we hope prior notice for events such as special whole school events will prove useful.

Harvest Service

What a wonderful Harvest Service we all took part in last Friday. The children sang, danced and performed so beautifully and with such confidence. They all are enjoying learning about Africa and were so thoughtful when talking about the children who are not so fortunate as they are. Thank you so much for all your donations which will go to help the children. We raised an amazing £224.47!

Eastnor Service Celebrations

As you all know, here at Eastnor we love to perform for you and are always eager to share special services and celebrations with you all.

We love hearing your feedback, particularly when it comes to special services such as the recent Harvest Festival. I was touched when speaking to parents as there were so many positive comments. I enjoyed gaining an insight in to what it means to you to be part of our celebrations.  

It seems that many of you enjoyed the different take on Harvest this year, whereby the children were given the opportunity to explore Harvest time and Christianity in a completely different type of culture to ours here at Eastnor. You also loved the idea that we would be supporting a charity which would benefit children in Africa.

Another common thought was how wonderful our children are, helping one another and giving each other encouragement and support. You also celebrated the inclusive nature of the service with all children feeling confident enough to participate in their own way.

We would like to capture your comments about our services and celebrations in a special book this academic year, so please come and see me if you have anything to add. Many thanks, Miss Davies.

Autumn Fair

The Harvest service was followed by a fun filled fair, organised by the PTA. There were scrumptious cakes to eat and a tombola to try your luck on(A huge thank you to everyone who donated prizes, I loved the giant pumpkin!). The children took part in making fantastic Autumn crafts including making dream catchers, lanterns and decorating biscuits. Lots of the children changed into colourful characters after having their faces painted so wonderfully. A huge thank you to the PTA for organising the fair.

Peripatetic Music at Eastnor

Music is at the heart of school life here at Eastnor, and we are lucky to have so many wonderful opportunities for all age groups to enjoy music.

Karen Coleman teaches flute, recorder and clarinet and it is lovely to see children as young as 5 and 6 taking up the toot as a beginner instrument!

Jose Bedford-Davies teaches violin and piano to some of our pupils too.  Dom Kearne has also been teaching guitar at our school and it has been wonderful to see many different children start strumming - look out for a collaboration with our guitarists and choir soon!

We also get to enjoy different singing practitioners working with our choir; most recently we have been joined by Jenni and Kate from ABF Music, who really get our children thinking about their phrasing, breathing and singing to their full potential!

Sports Club Fun

We have very keen sports stars in the making here at Eastnor, and we host a whole range of sports clubs across all of the key stages to give the pupils opportunities to increase their level of skill and confidence across a range of different sports.

On Tuesdays during Autumn, a fitness club has been hosted for both Years 4-6 and 1-3 by Jack from Team Bees and Mrs Layton.  Wednesdays is Football and Tag Rugby for both age groups, where we welcome the expertise of Jack from Team Bees and Mrs Dawe.  On Thursdays Miss Booton and Mrs Dawe run netball club for Years 4 - 6.

We have also this term welcomed Jon from Herefordshire FA who has been working across the school during PE lessons.  On a Wednesday lunchtime he has been working with the girls in school on football skills, and has been aided by some of the Year 6 children working as coaches.  Mrs Dawe has also been running a football club for the Class 4 boys during a Thursday lunchtime and both these lunchtime clubs are well attended.

There are key links between sport and education, and we are very happy to see such thriving sports clubs running within the school day and also after school.

Welcome Back Mr Marchant!

This week we have welcomed Mr Marchant back to school to start his first placement on his route to becoming a primary teacher. He has made a great start in class 3 and we are looking forward to welcoming him back in class 3 after half term.
Mr Marchant

Just a reminder

We still have a large number of data collection sheets outstanding. These are all important documents we must have access to at school. Please can any be returned as soon as possible. Many thanks.

Prayer of the Week


The earth is fruitful may we be generous.

The earth is fragile may we be gentle.

The earth is fractured may we be just.

Creating God, harvest in us joy and generosity as we together share in thanks and giving.

Class 2

It has been a very busy term in Class 2 with all sorts of exciting activities and lots of learning going on!

We have got really good at being very independent in the mornings and sorting our things out quickly so that we can get straight on with our day. We start most days practising our letter formation before one of the class is picked as our ‘Prayer Person’ for the day. This person then leads us for our morning blessing, Grace at lunchtime and then our end of day prayer. These are short times of reflection, thought and prayer.

Over the past few weeks in English, we have been exploring the traditional tale of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bear‘ in detail. We have role played the different characters to retell the story. We have explored the different types of sentences within the story, reviewed what we think of it and then we have created story boards in groups to create a sequel to the story which we then wrote! The sequels were so imaginative and encouraged lots of team work – well done!

This week in English we have begun to think about ‘Instructions’. We have a Bear family that live on our windowsill and ‘Little Bear’ needed some help with how to make sandwiches. So we had a go and then wrote him some instructions on how to do it. We have looked at important features such as how instructions are laid out, getting them in the right order and using imperative or ‘bossy’ verbs to tell our reader what to do!

In Maths we have continued our work on place value and are now thinking about Addition and Subtraction. We have used counters and number lines to solve problems but have been encouraging the children with their mental maths.  The children have been trying to get quicker at recalling their number bonds to 10 and then the Year 2 children have used this to help them work out bonds to 20 and 100. We have also used our knowledge of place value to add larger numbers. The class have enjoyed playing games, solving problems and using the computers to reinforce their addition and subtraction skills. We have been really impressed with their efforts – fantastic!

In the afternoons, we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. In topic we have started to make our very own book all about the Great Fire of London. This week, we have created pages that explain where and how the fire started. We are looking forward to finishing our books.

In Art and DT, we have continued looking at London buildings. In particular, we have looked at turning recycled materials into model buildings. Over the next few weeks we will develop skills and continue to add to our models until we have our very own London Skyline.

In Science, we have been exploring properties of materials. We looked at a range of different materials and explored which material would be the best to build a house from. Class 2 decided that Lego would be a good material as it was strong. We have also been investigating which materials are waterproof.

In PSHE, we have been thinking all about our emotions and  how we show them. To help us learn about our emotions we have been using role play to act out different dilemmas. In Computing, we have been exploring how to keep safe on computers. In particular, we have been learning about all of the different ways in which we use the internet and how important it to be safe.

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Jessica for always being so happy and smiling as well as always putting her all into different areas of learning! Well done Jessica!

Year 1

Naomi for doing some great investigating in science. You really thought hard about which materials were waterproof. Well done Naomi!

Year 2

Rosie for doing some fantastic topic work. You have made a great start on your book all about the Great Fire of London. Well done Rosie!

Year 3

Ben for fantastic maths work whilst carrying out multiplication problems. Well done Ben!

Year 4

Lilly B for showing a thoughtful insight into why we say sorry to God and ask for forgiveness. Well done Lily!

Year 5

Grace for some fantastic persuasive letter writing in English this week. You are using lots of skills. Well done Grace!

Year 6

Callum for showing confidence and efficiency in working on our 'chunking' long division method. Great work, Callum!

Headteacher Award

Eleanor in class 3 for impressing everyone with her netball skills this week. Well done Eleanor.