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Edition: Friday, 24th November 2017

Diary Dates

Fri, 24th Nov

Lunch and Club Selection for Spring Term sent home

Tue, 28th Nov

Celebrating Diversity - Themed Day

Wed, 29th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (Morning Session)

Wed, 29th Nov

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 30th Nov

Forest School for Class 2

Thu, 30th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (Afternoon Session)

Fri, 1st Dec

Open Classroom Sessions for Reception and Year 4

Open Classroom Events!

At Eastnor we pride ourselves as being one big family where the staff, children, parents and our local community work together.

This term we are going to be hosting some Open Classroom Events in which we will invite different members of the school community to experience what it is like to learn at Eastnor Primary School.

For this first event, we are going to invite our children’s much loved Grandparents into school on the afternoon of Friday 1st December to share learning with the children in Reception and Year 4.

 Miss Davies and Mrs Tart are planning an exciting afternoon of activities where each year group will have chance to work with their loved ones, and showcase the hard work they have been doing all term.

 We request that Grandparents arrive promptly for the start of the session – 2pm – so they can be part of the main teaching session and have the opportunity to experience all of the planned activities.

 At 3pm, the whole school, including our visitors, will join us for our Celebration Assembly and there will even be some musical treats!

 This is the first of a range of different Open Classroom Events which will take place this year so watch this space!

Celebrating Diversity - Themed Day

Here at Eastnor we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of  opportunities for children across all age groups. We value the experience gained by children engaging with different types of cultural activities as well as conversing with different types of people from a wide range of different backgrounds.

At the heart of our ethos lies the goal of supporting every child in their discovery of the world they live in as well as finding out and celebrating what makes each of them unique and special.  The world is a huge and diverse place whereby all children will come across people from all different paths of life.

We look forward to sharing a snippet into the life of people believing in different faiths on Tuesday 28th November. The children will move around the school  in their houses as this offers them the opportunity to converse and discuss their perspectives of faiths with children of all ages.

Each classroom will be transformed into a day in the life of someone from a different faith, using the children's visits to different places of worship last year as inspiration.

 Class 1's focus will remain on Christianity, exploring how it differs around the world.

Class 2's focus will surround Judaism, using children's prior visit to the Synagogue as a starting point.  

Class 3 will be exploring Hinduism, with a variety of music, food and worship experiences.

Class 4 will be focusing on the Islamic faith and again will involve plenty of music, food and daily lifestyle experiences for the children.

We look forward to sharing this with the children as well as discovering their viewpoints on different faiths, cultures and lifestyles.


Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, all schools across the country were joining together to think about this year's Anti-Bullying Themed Week; "All Different, All Equal".

In Reception, the children had been thinking about how to look after Bertie the Bear kindly and properly, as well as focusing on the story of 'Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?' - where good actions and good thoughts fill the bucket and bad actions empty it.

In Class 2 the children looked at who their trusted adults would be and the different forms bullying can take.

In Class 3 the children looked at cyber bullying as well as thinking about some Philosophy for Children and asking big questions.

In Class 4 we thought about our differences with the people next to us, and created images that represented us and asked other children to write positive messages on each other's pictures to celebrate what we are good at and what makes each of us special.


Road Safety Workshops!

Josh and Max, our Road Safety Officers in Year 6 went in to some workshops for Road Safety Week and have reported back with what has been happening. 

In Year 1 & 2 they learnt about different types of crossing and how to stop, look, listen and think and then cross the road safely. 

In Year 3 & 4 they learnt which were the safe places to cross and how to be safe around moving vehicles.

In Class 4, the children have created road safety awareness posters, which will be judged by our very own RSO's! 

We have all learnt the importance of being safe on the roads and how to look after ourselves when out and about.

road safety

Bikeability Cycle Training!

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, we welcomed Sarah and John to deliver the ‘Bikeability’ scheme to the Year 6 children. Bikeability has been running for about 10 years now and over that time has trained approximately 2 million children countrywide.

The Year 6 children began by completing activities on their bikes in the playground to develop their manoeuvrability. Once they had achieved Level 1 of the training they made their way out onto the road, under close supervision, to be taught elements of the ‘National Cycling Standards’, which covers correct road positioning, awareness of other road users and road safety such as wearing helmets and potential hazards.

Sarah and John both commented on what an enjoyable experience it had been to work with the children at Eastnor. They were impressed by their enthusiasm, application of knowledge and development over the day. The Year 6 children also seemed to enjoy this valuable learning experience and they all achieved Level 2 by the end of the day. Well done!

Some parents may be interested to know that Herefordshire Council run free cycle training for adults. If you would like further information, contact Herefordshire Council and they will connect you with the relevant department.

Lufutuko Primary School and Bana Besu Project

We were all so excited this week when we received a large brown envelope in school that had travelled all the way from Zambia. The children in Zambia have written such special letters to our children in class 3 and have included a picture of themselves. We will be writing back to them very soon. We will be sending pictures of our children in class 3 to them so they can see some of the activities and lessons we take part in.

The children are planning a Christmas Cake sale on 8th December at 3.30 to raise money for this worthwhile cause. It would be fantastic if you could send in cakes to sell, I will send a paper plate home at the start of the week.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Tart

Our Digital Leaders!

Our digital leaders, Lilly P and Cameron from class 3 have been very busy this week helping lots of children to make a Christmas tree using the app, Pic-Collage. They are looking very colourful and have been sent to Mr Sanderson to be included in his display. Well done both of you. Mrs Tart

Swimming and Skating Success!

As you will have read before, Fin in class 4 is always busy training with Ledbury swimming club and has been competing in lots of galas too. In total he has received 4 bronze, 4 silver and yesterday did so well at the Hereford Open Meet, that he won a gold medal for 100m  freestyle and qualified to compete in the 200m backstroke in the County Championships in the New Year. 

He has 3 more galas and 2 time trials before Christmas so hopefully we can share even more success before Christmas. Well done Fin.

Becca in Class 4 has also been working on her ice-skating and brought in her certificates to show us that she has passed not just her Level 1 exam, but her Level 2 too!  It was brilliant to see her share her success with the class.  Well done Becca!

Welcome to Eastnor Miss Bowen!

This week Class 4 welcomed Miss Bethany Bowen for her first 3 taster days with Years 5 and 6.  She starts back with us full time after Christmas, but has already settled in to school life well; working with groups, coming out on duty and helping the children with their learning.  We look forward to seeing you again in the new year Miss Bowen!
miss bowen

Class 3

What a great time we are having in class 3, the children are really enjoying, learning all about the world around us. Our English work has focused on writing stories with familiar settings as well as learning how to use figurative language such as similes, metaphors and personification. We have also used our senses to write poems about the weather, the recent storms helped so much with our description, especially as the seasons change. In our Moths lessons we are continuing to focus on learning our times tables for our 99 club challenge; all of the children are progressing well through the levels. We have also been finding the perimeter of shapes and looked at formulas to help us to work them out. The children have been organizing tenths and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. This week we have moved onto fractions and how to recognize different fractions with same denominator. We have also been adding and subtracting them. Our science topic of Rocks and Soils has helped us to recognize and sort different sorts of rock, including igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary types. We are also finding out how fossils are formed when things that have lived are trapped. Our RE has provoked some thoughtful discussion about Noah’s Ark and how he would have felt leaving people behind. We have also been thinking about how Christians believe in the Trinity and what impact that has in our lives. We have used Word Art to produce lovely animals and shapes to show Humility and what it means to us. Our French lessons have focused on numbers and dates. We have a very colorful display of Scarab beetles we have made in our art lessons, alongside our authentic Mod-roc mummies.

It was so good to see you all at parents evening and sharing your children’s work and achievements with you.

Mrs Tart

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Joseph for his happy and helpful approach to all elements of school life! Well done Joseph!

Year 1

Willow-Grace for trying really hard across the curriculum

Year 2

Anna for amazing maths

Year 3

Freya for fantastic multiplication skills. Well done Freya!

Year 4

Lily B for creative Egyptian art work. Well done Lily!

Year 5

Keanu for showing some fantastic maths reasoning skills in rounding this week. Great work, Keanu.

Year 6

Phoebe for showing our value of humility in our art lessons this week and sharing her skills with others. Great work, Phoebe.

Headteacher Award

Nate in class 4 for settling quickly into school life at Eastnor and for working very hard to learn new strategies in his school work. What a brilliant start to life in year 6. Well done Nate.