The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 29th September 2017

Diary Dates

Mon, 2nd Oct

Reception Class Welly Walk (Afternoon Session)

Wed, 4th Oct

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (Morning Session)

Wed, 4th Oct

Girls Football Club (Lunchtime)

Wed, 4th Oct

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 5th Oct

Boys Football Club (Lunchtime)

Thu, 5th Oct

Class 4 Visit to see Macbeth

Thu, 5th Oct

Class 3 PE Lesson (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 5th Oct

Class 2 Forest School (Afternoon Session)

Fri, 6th Oct

Harvest Service for Parents (2pm at Eastnor Church)

Attendance Policy Reminder

Many thanks to all parents who have worked closely with us to ensure their children are in school by 8.55 so that they are ready to start the school day promptly at 9am.

As we informed you at the beginning of term, the school's leadership team have recently reviewed the school's attendance policy - this is available in full on the school website -  and that governors and teaching staff are closely monitoring attendance and punctuality. Please note that I have an obligation to contact parents if records show persistent  lateness as this is a requirement of the DFE, the Local Authority and our school's Governing Body.

Uniform Policy

As you know,  Eastnor prides itself on its school uniform and I regularly receive many positive comments about how smart the Eastnor children look at events outside school.

At the end of the summer term we sent out a reminder of the uniform policy because the governors and staff believe it is very important that the children have a smart and coordinated look.

This half term, the Eastnor governors, alongside myself and the teaching staff, have been very pleased to see that the majority of children are following the guidelines set out in this policy. However there are still a small number of anomalies. Can we ask that you check the policy again - this has been attached to the parent mail - and please can you also ensure that all children have a coat in school everyday as we enter the more unpredictable autumnal months.

Many thanks for your support on this matter.

Working with the Eastnor Community

Eastnor School very much enjoys working with other people and organisations in the Eastnor Community.

On Monday, three children from class 4 accompanied me to Bircham's Grange for their Macmillan Coffee morning. We would like to say a special thank you to Callum, Charlie and Jaiden's mum Sarah and Sam's mum Kate for looking after us so well.

After our tasty treats we spent the remainder of the morning handing out invitations to publicise our own event which was held earlier today at Eastnor Castle's ticket office. I couldn't have been more proud of the way Max, Sam and Heidi spoke to the Eastnor residents in the village, proudly inviting them to the school's fundraising morning. Well done and thank you for representing school so beautifully.  

Malvern Autumn Show Success!

I am very pleased to say that the Eastnor children did exceptionally well with their artistic entries at the Malvern Autumn Show.

The children from key stage two entered two creative classes which included a photograph competition. The year 3 and 4 children used the Forest School site to take some inspirational photographs of all things natural and the outcomes were fantastic.

We also asked children to design and make their own magical tree at home and were very impressed with the quantity and quality of the entries.

Many congratulations go to the following children for being acknowledged as exhibiting some of of the best entries in each class.

Oscar (Y3) - Winner of the Photograph taken in the Forest Competition

Heidi (Y5) - Third place in the Photograph taken in the Forest Competition

Freya & Lilly (Y3/Y4) - Winner of the Design and make a Magical Tree Competition

Lewis (Y3) - Second Place in the Design and make a Magical Tree Competition

Well done everyone and many thanks to Helen Mitchell who helped Mrs Tart to arrange and organise this project. I know she was very proud of you all.

Civic Service Rehearsals

Our choir have been getting into the swing of singing by learning a Thank You medley for the Civic Service at St Michael's Church in Ledbury on Sunday.

Some of our members are bravely taking on solos, and we have been thinking about what we are thankful for in our world as we sing, including: kindness, food to eat and our family and friends.

civic choir

Lunchtime Activities

On Tuesday lunchtimes children are welcome to join in with Netball activities and games to have fun and improve netball skills. So far, it has mainly been Class 4 choosing to join me but last week it was lovely to have younger members of the school working with the older children to practise different types of throwing and passing.Shooting is always popular and I have been impressed by some very keen eyed and accurate goal shooters . Come and join the netball fun on a Tuesday lunchtime if you would like to - all welcome.

Miss Patchett

Helping Others!

Heidi (year 5) Lily and Eleanor (year 4) & Rosie (year 2) completed a 5.9mile walk on the Malvern Hills with Eastnor Brownies last weekend. This was to raise money for St Michael's hospice. I have been reliably informed that Heidi counted 127 slugs on the way and all of the girls have raised lots of money for this brilliant cause. Well done girls!

Class 4 Talents

This week, two members of Class 4 have delighted us with their talents.

Ellis has proved he has a great eye for sculpture, and has built a bird out of lead with his Dad at home.  He explained how he moulded the metal and then fixed it to some wood.  We were very impressed with his artistry!  Well done, Ellis.

Finlay also showed us his two medals for his swimming.  He gained bronze for a medley race and silver in a 50m fly.  It takes a lot of endurance in sport to succeed, so well done to you Finlay!

Rugby Success

Ben from year 3 has been impressing everyone with his rugby skills and was awarded with his trophy for player of the week last Sunday. He scored 4 tries and ran almost the length of the pitch scoring one try!

Tonight, Ben's team, who Harry in year 3 also represents, will be the guard of honour to the 1st team, running out onto the pitch and playing an under 8's game under the floodlights! How exciting boys. Have a wonderful evening.

Ben M Player of week

Netball Club

We are very lucky to have so many children here at Eastnor who love taking part in extra-curricular sporting activities.  We have a very busy netball club, which gives the children an opportunity to practise their skills in coached 5-aside matches, and also to think about the finer points of netball.  We give the children opportunities to think about intelligent play, making strategic decisions on court, and also give the children a chance to umpire, score and coach the matches.

It has been great to see so many children take part in netball, and we definitely have some brilliant shooters, defenders and centre court players in our midst!

netball club

Reception Parents Meeting

Many thanks to the parents of our Reception children who attended a meeting with Miss Davies and I on Monday evening to find out more about phonics and reading at Eastnor.

We hope that you found the session useful and informative. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

School Photos/Data Sheets

Please remember that school photos need to be back in school by Monday 2nd October.

We are also missing a number of updated data information sheets.  Please can they be returned to school as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Class 4

In Class 4, we have had a very busy start to the term and all of the children have already been impressing me with the new challenges they are taking on, and the skills they are using in their work.

In our English lessons, we have been being influenced by our ancient Greece topic, and have been reading lots of different myths which have then inspired our writing.  We have retold the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, and have also written newspaper reports on the plight of poor Icarus.  The children have created different character voices through the use of their quotations.  We have this week been using expanded noun phrases and thinking about parallels between Pandora's Box and the Fall in our Christian Values, thinking of ideas surrounding temptation and hope.

In Maths we have been revising methods and calculation across the four major operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We have also thought hard about place value and the difference between a number's digits, and it's value.  We have also been thinking about different subtraction strategies and have created some 3D nets during Roald Dahl Day.

Our science topic has been electricity, and the children have carried out some investigations which involve simple circuits, such as what happens to the brightness of bulbs when you add more lightbulbs.  In our RE lessons, we have had reflective sessions thinking about God and how we know he is both holy and loving.  The children have thought about what their God would look like and we have even referenced material from the Bible to find evidence to support this.

Topic has seen us draw and create some Greek vases, and if you are lucky, you may see some up on our displays across school.  We have also looked at ancient temples and have created chronological timelines of this historical period.  In music, we have learnt the value and names of standard notation and the children have created simple 4-beat rhythms which use a range of notes.  We have also been working hard on different songs for upcoming performances.  The children have benefitted from football coach, Jon in their PE lessons, as well as practising netball skills and we have been busy creating storyboards of our own myths in computing.  We have learnt our months of the year and seasons in French too!

So, as you can see, a non-stop couple of weeks!  I look forward to updating you with what else we have been doing soon.

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Ralph for his exceptional understanding of numbers to and across 20, amazing! Well done Ralph!

Year 1

Ethan for fantastic work in mathematics this week. Well done.

Year 2

Jaiden for a fantastic piece of independent writing. Well done.

Year 3

Theo for settling into life at Eastnor so well and for a fantastic start in his PE lessons. It's great to have you Theo!

Year 4

Nancy for being such a kind a caring member of class 3 and for her thought provoking ideas whilst looking at the Creation story. Well done Nancy!

Year 5

Keanu for always offering to help others around the school and showing himself to be such a positive role model to the other children in school. Well done Keanu!

Year 6

Ollie for working hard in all of his lessons this week, including some very tricky multiplication work! I have been very impressed with your attitude, well done Ollie!

Headteacher Award

Ellis in class 4 for going above and beyond the call of duty on Tuesday morning by helping us to open the jammed front door! You were the hero of the hour Ellis. Well done.