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Edition: Friday, 3rd November 2017

Diary Dates

Tue, 7th Nov

School Games Netball Tournament

Wed, 8th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (Morning Session)

Wed, 8th Nov

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 9th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 9th Nov

Forest School (Class 2)

Christian Value of the Month

The Christian Value of the month for November is Humility.

Please see the link to the Home School Values resource for Humility and enjoy a range of stories, games and activities at home together.  

We hope you like using this resource as a family. Please come and let us know what you enjoyed.

Eastnor's Voice of Values Council

CHILDREN IN NEED - Be a Superhero for Pudsey!

For the very first time, in conjunction with BBC Hereford and Worcester, Pudsey will be visiting Eastnor on Wednesday 15th November to collect money we have raised for BBC Children in Need.

The theme is Superheroes and we will be holding a dress up day on the 15th. Remember that a Superhero might be Spiderman or Batgirl but it also might be a real life superhero.

As part of our Children in Need celebrations we would like everyone to write a special message to their own superhero; this could be a mum or dad, a grandparent or another special person. The messages about each child's real life superhero will be added to a special  thankfulness tree which we look forward to showing Pudsey.

We will be asking for children to bring in a £2 contribution so that we can aim to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful charity.

Image result for pudsey


On Monday evening we met for the PTA AGM. During the meeting Rainey Provins (Chair) and Julia Cushing (Treasurer) shared their annual reports which gave us time to reflect on another successful year of fundraising which has benefited all of the children in school.

I am sure you would like to join me in saying a massive thank you to Rainey and Eastnor’s PTA for the wonderful job they have done and for the valued contributions they have made to school and the children.

Rainey (Chair) and Alison (Secretary) have decided to step down from their official roles this year but I know they are still keen to help at events and remain fully committed to supporting the newly appointed team which were elected as follows;

Chair – Helen Mitchell

Co Chair - Chris Hill                                                                                      

Vice Chair – Maria Burgess

Secretary – Heather Williamson                                                                           

Treasurer – Julia Cushing  

We are all looking forward to joining the PTA for many exciting events this coming year. 

Autumn Walk Fun!

On Tuesday, the whole school embarked on an Autumn Walk across the grounds of the Eastnor Estate.

Classes 3 and 4 prepared themselves and then headed off on the challenging walk up to the Obelisk in the Deer Park, which we did in very good time.  We enjoyed a snack and a drink at the summit whilst taking in the spectacular views of the area around us, and it was a good time for the children to reflect on how lucky we are to have this environment on our doosrstep!  We then headed back towards school, and with some time left before lunch, enjoyed a quick walk in to the castle grounds and some time on the play area too!

Class 1 began their first Autumn walk by exploring the castle grounds and the lake, with Class 2 walking beside them. We had a wonderful morning wandering around the Eastnor Castle lake, spotting the signs of Autumn using all of our senses. We took time to take in the beautiful sights around us such as the colourful trees reflecting in the still lake, the variety of woodland animals and the view of the Obelisk far away on the hill. We also had lots of fun together in the woodland play area and the running around in the grassy valley. All children and adults had a truly wonderful morning and we have used our walk to inspire work back in the classroom.

Many thanks also to our helpers, Mrs Hadley, Mrs Bicknell and Mrs Jenkins. 

Lighting up at Neon Night

We all had a great time at Neon Night with plenty of glow sticks, colourful faces and lots of fun for all. Although the weather was chilly, spirits were high and it was lovely to see so many families attend the annual event.

The children enjoyed having their faces painted before making all sorts of shapes and objects with their glow sticks. Children and adults could also be seen enjoying hot dogs, soups and hot drinks which warmed them up! 

It was a magical moment to watch the fireworks explode vibrantly into the air, lighting up all the smiling faces. Many thanks to Chris Hill for organising the display which was enjoyed by all. 

The Neon Night was a great success. Thank you to all those who had clearly put in a lot of work and effort to help set up a fantastic evening.  

Mini-league Football

A team of children from Class 4 were selected as the first team to play in one of the cluster mini-league games at Bosbury Primary School on Tuesday.

Despite having had their Autumn Walk up to the Obelisk that morning, the children showed no signs of lacking in energy, as they won their first game against Ashperton 2-0, before conceding a goal against Colwall in the last few minutes of their second game.

They showed tremendous team spirit, and also our values of Koinoinia, Humility and Endurance as they worked together and also shook hands with the opposing teams after each game. Well done to you all.

football team 1

Open the Book open to everyone

We enjoyed another wonderful performance and story telling from our lovely Open the Book team this week and each time the children all become so engrossed with the story being shared.

The team shared and brought to life the story of Hezekiah Trusts God which involved many school helpers. The Open the Book team put so much time and effort into their weekly workshops with us and we would just like to say a huge thank you for this. We are extremely lucky and feel very grateful for these special times of worship.

We will also begin working alongside the team on a new upcoming project to create a songbook for all the joyous hymns we share at church. Open the Book are eager for the children to add illustrations to different song titles reflecting on what the song means to them. What a lovely project this will be!

A huge well done to both Open the Book and all children who participate and enjoy the stories each week. If you would like to attend any of these services, we warmly invite you to join each Thursday from 10:45 at the church. We look forward to seeing some faces.

Hereford Youth Music Open Day

On Saturday 4 November, HYM have an open morning.  As in previous years, current and prospective parents and their families are invited to move around the centre throughout the morning and see what everyone gets up to!  They are keen to have some new starters in January. Please see more details by clicking the link below. 


A watch was lost at Neon Night by a member of one of the Eastnor families. If anyone has picked it up then please let us know. Many thanks.


Heavenly Father

Thank you for the many and wonderful saints that followed Jesus down through the ages. Help us to follow their good examples and to remember what a blessing it is to be in the same family of faith. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen

Class 4

In Class 4 we have been working hard across all of our different curriculum areas, as well as being busy working on other projects outside of the classroom!

 In English we have been continuing our work on myths and legends, writing narratives based on Pandora’s Box.  We have also looked at the Greek writer, Aesop and his fables.  We thought about morals based at the heart of fables and concentrated on the Tale of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.  The children wrote persuasive letters using a range of skills convincing their cousin to either explore the countryside or visit the vibrant town!  This half term, we have spent our first week focusing on the great English playwright, William Shakespeare, and we have been introduced to his magical comedy set in Ancient Greece, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, meeting the characters and learning about the different societal rules of those times.  On top of this, we have been working on spelling patterns and lots of tricky grammar, with focus on types of sentence and clauses and conjunctions – look out for these skills in our writing!

 In Maths, we have been spending a lot of time mastering our written and mental methods across the four operations.  Both years have learnt and revised the method of long multiplication and also using the ‘chunking’ method for long division.  We have been looking at questions across the four operations in different contexts and applying mathematical reasoning.  We have also spent some time investigating fractions, finding fraction equivalents, simplifying fractions and also adding and subtracting fractions too.

In Science we have completed our topic on electricity and looked at the work of Thomas Edison, and now we have been focusing on our topic of Forces, and looking at the force of gravity on different objects around the Earth.  In RE we are thinking about what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today and have been learning about the Five Pillars of Islam and comparing this to Christianity.  In Music we have been investigating standard notation and have moved on from notes and their values to understanding simple scales.   In French we have learnt how to say the months of the year and the seasons, and the children have been improving their skills in football and netball through their PE lessons.

Topic has seen us think our Greek Gods, their symbols and their powers and also thinking about the ancient and modern Olympics which started in Ancient Greece.  Our topic has linked with our art recently, as the children used clay to create the Greek pots which they sketched at the start of the year. In ICT we have also integrated topic and the children have created storyboard myths of their own using some of the mythical creatures we have discovered in our learning.

 On top of this Class 4 have been busy learning 3-part Gospel harmonies to perform to a large audience and the Year 6’s have been thinking about the Christian values of Service with helping at our Macmillan Coffee Morning Fundraiser.

A busy couple of weeks as you can see!  We look forward to writing about what we get up to on the lead up to Christmas!

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Ruby for her superb shape work this week! Amazing Ruby, well done!

Year 1

Lilah for trying so hard with her writing. Well done!

Year 2

Charlie C for his hard working attitude and a great piece of work on the 'Great Fire of London'.

Year 3

Emily for always thinking about everything in depth and for always putting 100% effort into every thing she does. Well done Emily!

Year 4

Cameron for fantastic mathematical thinking. Well done Cameron!

Year 5

Morgan for thinking of some fantastic similes to use in in his writing this week. Great work, Morgan!

Year 6

Danda for using fantastic vocabulary in her descriptive writing on a setting. Fantastic work, Danda!

Headteacher Award

George in class 1 for astounding me with his knowledge of numbers and number facts this week. Well done George!