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Edition: Friday, 6th October 2017

Diary Dates

Tue, 10th Oct

Extra PE lesson for Classes 3 & 4 (Afternoon Session) Please bring Kit!

Wed, 11th Oct

Class 3 and 4 PE (Morning Session)

Wed, 11th Oct

Girls Football Club (Lunchtime)

Wed, 11th Oct

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 12th Oct

Boys Football Club (Lunchtime)

Thu, 12th Oct

Class 3 and 4 PE (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 12th Oct

Class 2 Forest School (Afternoon Session)

Wed, 11th Oct

John Masefield High School Information Evening

Christian Value of the Month

The Christian Value of the month for October is Thankfulness.

Please see the link to the Home School Values resource for Thankfulness and enjoy a range of stories, games and activities at home together.  

We hope you like using this resource as a family. Please come and let us know what you enjoyed.

Eastnor's Voice of Values Council

The Green

The Eastnor Estate and the Hervey-Bathurst Family give the school their full backing and we are extremely lucky to have so many opportunities to learn, work and play in this beautiful village. I would like to remind you that there are representatives of the Estate passing school frequently and that it is very important that children are safe and act respectfully on 'The Green', especially at the end of the school day. Please can you supervise children when they are playing and ensure that we do not upset our very supportive and generous landlords!

Macmillan Coffee Morning Success

Last Friday, Eastnor opened the doors to its Macmillan Coffee morning. The children welcomed family, friends and people from the Eastnor community into their tea room at Eastnor Castle's Ticket Office for what turned out to be a very busy morning. 

The year 6 children did a wonderful job of meeting, greeting and serving the customers, and as always many people commented on their beautiful manners and behaviour. I was touched to see the children take special care of our visitors from Birchams Grange, providing a very warm welcome and table service to boot!

I am pleased to say that we raised an impressive £280. This money will go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support and will help to make a real difference to people living with cancer.

Everyone at school was overwhelmed with the number of contributions we had for the sale. We are very lucky to have so many parents who are willing to support events such as these. A very big thank you to you all!

Eastnor Shines and the Civic Service

On Sunday, some members of the school choir represented school at Ledbury Town Council's annual Civic Service at St Michael and All Angels Church in Ledbury. The service was attended by the Town's Mayor Councillor Elaine Fieldhouse and was a celebration of the town and people of Ledbury. Eastnor did what they do best and sang a thankfulness medley to entertain the congregation and as always did themselves and school very proud. Many thanks to Miss Booton and everyone who took part in this event for giving up time on a Sunday.
civic service chior

Inspired by Shakespeare

On Thursday afternoon the children from class 4 were treated to a performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth at John Masefield High School.

A storyteller and four Young Shakespeare Company actors performed Shakespeare’s mesmerizing story of ambition, guilt and revenge in a fast-moving fully-costumed interactive production. The play was brought vividly to life around and among the children.

Throughout the performance the storyteller enabled the children to become actively involved in the play through a carefully structured range of drama and language activities. They were encouraged to explore the motives, thoughts and feelings of the characters and some even took  parts during the play.

It was a wonderful and inspiring afternoon for everyone.

Thank you Booktrust!

A huge thank you to the Booktrust company who recently sent a batch of free gifts to Class 1, containing a wonderful tale of a Bumblebear. The children were over the moon to receive such lovely presents and agreed it was a very kind act to do! The children enjoyed listening and laughing along to the story at school and I am sure at home too. We particularly enjoyed having a go at our very own waggly bee dances, which we learnt that bees actually do! Naturally a class full of dancers as I am sure you will all agree from the photographs.

Class Two Christening!

This term in R.E., Class 2 have been thinking about ‘What is it like to belong to a faith community?’ To support and extend our learning, on Monday morning, Class 2 attended a Baptism at Eastnor church. The Baptism or ‘Christening’ as it is more popularly known, is a significant ceremony for Christians to pledge a commitment to the Christian community and church and to guide a new member of the family in their commitment to the faith.

Our Christening was very special but a little bit different, as we were using a doll, rather than a real baby. Charlie and Erin were the proud parents and the God parents were Ben and Naomi. The rest of the class were the congregation. Our Baptism was led by Reverend Joan, who throughout explained to us what was happening and the reasons for it. As you can see from the photos, it was a very happy affair! Thank you to Reverend Joan for leading the Baptism and to Mrs Layton for coming along to help.

Lego Club

What a treat it is to run Lego and Games club, the children are so enthusiastic and love helping each other. This week we built a whole Lego city! The younger children who come really brighten my day with their wonderful smiles. Lets see what we can make next week! Mrs Tart

Bubbles Connections

Making the transition from Nurseries up into big primary school can be very tricky for many little ones. We are lucky enough to be in the environment in which we are and be able to keep those links and connections strong for not only the children, but also the staff. Miss Davies recently visited Bubbles, our neighbouring nursery, to say a big hello to everyone new there as well as to plenty of familiar faces. Children and Staff from Bubbles also joined us for our Harvest Service practise on Thursday morning, and what a fabulous audience they were!

Having these strong connections has equally great benefits for the children and staff; it is great to touch base with surrounding settings and bounce ideas of one another as well as giving each other support in a very busy but rewarding environment. Thank you for always being so welcoming Bubbles; it is great to see all the lovely staff and children!


Mud Runner!

Heidi, Naomi, Ethan, Nancy, Daisy and Isabel came to school on Monday morning proudly clutching some impressive medals. All children had taken part in the Mud Runner at Eastnor castle over the weekend and had enjoyed keeping fit and getting muddy!! Well done to you all!


Lunch menus

Just a friendly reminder that lunch menus need to be back in by Friday 13th to ensure we can get all meals ordered in time. Many thanks!

Class 1

Well, I do not know where to start.  What a fantastic start to the new school year for our new Reception children! I would just firstly like to say a huge well done to all the children in Class 1, who have coped tremendously well with settling into Eastnor School. Each unique individual has quickly become a well-loved member of our family.   The children’s personalities have really begun to shine through not only in the classroom, but in the lunch room, on the playground and even on our weekly welly walks!

We have kick started the year with plenty of fun, dance and movement, with a daily dance for our letter of the day as well as using our bodies to explore the number of the week. I am already so impressed with how well the children are recognising and writing their own names as well as having a great start with their number counting and ordering! Well done everyone!

The class as a whole are excellent listeners and eager to please not only the adults, but also their peers and themselves! Over the last month (where did that go?) we have spent some time getting to know all about ourselves and what makes each of us special. We used a very particular elephant going by the name of Elmer who helped us explore how we can express ourselves using a multitude of colours. We have also looked at the storybook Something Else which has helped children appreciate the similarities and differences between themselves and the friends they have made at their new school. And what fabulous friendships they are! I am sure the photographs show these friendships in their truest and fondest light.  The children have explored plenty of stories through reading and story time, showing a great understanding of the story and telling the stories in their own ways. The teddy bears are very happy to have a full class of children readily willing to read to them!

In developing our understanding of the world, Reception children have enjoyed exploring their five senses and have used them impressively on their welly walks. This quickly lent itself to the beautiful season we have now entered whereby I am frequently greeted with a wide range of beautifully coloured leaves to represent Autumn.  In the next upcoming week we hope to learn a little more about Harvest time.

In expressive arts and music we have explored the power of free style, focusing on using a range of media to explore how lines can be used in our drawings.  A particular fun afternoon involved lots of coloured pens, a huge piece of paper and drawing alongside a number of different fun songs. The final product was a true masterpiece and it was lovely to see the children freely express themselves in a creative way.

Class 1 children are doing an amazing job at school, always having a smile to brighten anyone’s day.  No matter how tired they may feel, they are all willing to have a go and have so much to offer! They are enjoying their welly walks and exploring the local area, questioning and challenging their thinking, as well as us adults at times! They have showed fantastic understanding and reverence when walking to church, as well as many of them becoming particularly fond of Rev. Joan and her fantastic stories. We explored the story of creation using the bible and our friends Tessa and Tom to learn all about how Christians believe the world was created. It got particularly messy and sticky when we decided to use jelly!

We have also thoroughly enjoyed spending time in our role play areas: the Post Office and the Car Wash. The children have shown great imagination and everyday is a new adventure!

I am so pleased with everyone and am so excited to see what new adventures come our way over the next few weeks!

Miss Davies and Class 1 children xx

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Frankie for her incredible efforts in becoming more independent in all elements of school life! You're doing an amazing job, well done Frankie!

Year 1

Danai for some amazing maths. You are working on some really tricky Maths and doing so well! Fantastic!

Year 2

Ben for trying hard in the classroom and being really helpful at Forest School. Good boy!

Year 3

Lewis for his work about the history of electricity. Well done Lewis!

Year 4

Lilly P for making a great Shaduf with lots of extra moving parts in our topic work. Well done Lilly!

Year 5

Heidi for being a super maths whiz with her times tables! Our times tables skills are very important and you have worked very hard on them. Well done!

Year 6

Josh for showing his super musicianship and leading a solo in our choir pieces, and also coaching the younger children in lunchtime football club. Great work, Josh!

Headteacher Award

Oscar in class 3 for demonstrating his excellent word reading skills to me this week. Well done!