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Edition: Friday, 16th November 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 19th Nov - Fri, 23rd Nov

Road Safety Week

Mon, 19th Nov

Class 1 PE (afternoon session)

Tue, 20th Nov

Parents Evening Meetings (late session)

Wed, 21st Nov

Class 2 PE Lessons (morning session)

Wed, 21st Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lesson (afternoon session)

Wed, 21st Nov

Parents Evening (early session)

Thu, 22nd Nov

Christmas Past Trip for Class 2

Thu, 22nd Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (afternoon session)

Thu, 22nd Nov

Forest School for Class 1

Apologies for Technical Issues!

I am sorry if you have been experiencing any technical glitches with parent mail, the parent evening booking system and parent pay this week. Unfortunately, a virus was detected on our server at the end of last week and despite the technical expertise of Ade from Edu –tech and many many hours of his time, we still seem to have some gremlins in the system. We will sort this out as quickly as possible and will help in any way we can in the meantime.

If you have been unable to book parents evening, please pop in or phone the school office and Mrs Bullock will ensure you are given a slot. It is also worth remembering that the newsletter can always be accessed via the school website on a Friday if you do not receive the normal parent mail and link.

Most importantly, please let us know what problems you are experiencing so that we can do our best to have everything up and running smoothly as soon as we can!

Attendance Policy!

You will be aware one of the key focusses for the Governing Body this term is Children’s Attendance and we have been the reviewing the School Attendance Policy (alongside the Bishop Anthony Education Trust) to ensure that it is not only fair but adheres to current legislation. Mrs Driscoll as Head Teacher will only authorise holidays during term time in exceptional circumstances. If you take your child out of school without authorisation of the Head Teacher/ Governing Body you may be liable for a fine from the local authority.

We have been disappointed by the number of requests submitted this half term by parents for holidays during term time and want to make you aware that when the policy review is complete, any unauthorised days taken by parents will be counted towards any threshold that may be stated in the policy, which could lead to fines from the local authority.

Attendance figures have been collated for the progress reports sent out today. If there is a concern over your child’s attendance percentage, Mrs Driscoll will send a letter to let you know this is the case. This will include all children with a attendance percentage below 94%. Attendance figures will continue to be monitored and further action will be taken, in consultaion with our Education Welfare Advisor, if it is necessary.

Ensuring your child’s regular attendance at school is your legal responsibility and permitting absence from school without a good reason is something we cannot ignore when we are aspiring to achieve the highest standards in everything we do.

Mr Craig Watson - Chair of Governors

Healthy School Update from Mrs Driscoll!

I would like to thank all parents who have helped us implement the changes to ensure all children are making 'healthy' choices at snack-time. After a few teething problems last week - staff, parents and children are now clear about the new guidelines and it is brilliant to see such an array of fresh and colourful snacks which the children seem to be truly enjoying.

On Tuesday everyone was treated to fresh oranges which were donated by Katie and Matt Balson - many thanks to you both!

As our parent governor Esther Stephens said last week, simplifying what’s allowed for snack-time has meant we can ensure there is a fair and consistent approach. We’re also definitely helping the environment with far less wrappings, packets and rubbish, so David Attenborough would be very proud of us!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week marks a special occasion whereby schools across the country have been spending time thinking carefully about anti- bullying and of course, Eastnor ensured they were fully involved! Each class throughout the week have been thinking carefully and discussing many issues around the subject.

Class 1 and Class 2 focussed carefully on kindness, thinking about how our words can leave a lasting impact on our friends' hearts. The children have worked hard throughout the week to ensure they have been showing good friendships all around the classroom.

Class 3 and Class 4 have also been spending time having many open and interesting conversations about bullying and steps everyone can take in order to prevent bullying and to know who and where to turn for help.
We are very lucky to have such special children whereby the children across the classes are always willing to help others and show kindness in all different types of form, no matter your age.

Well done everyone! Keep it up!

Internet Safety Workshops

As part of ‘Anti Bullying Week’, Mark Sanderson came to visit Class 1 and 2 on Tuesday to talk about using the internet sensibly and in a mindful way. He talked with the children about the programs they use on the internet and they all had lots to say about the variety of games they use on phones, pads and computers.

Mark then told us the story of Puff, Ness and Fizz who went to Monster school. They all entered a school competition in which class mates had to comment on and vote for each other’s pictures. Someone posted a very unkind comment about their picture. The children in Class 1 and 2 were asked what they thought Puff, Ness and Fizz should do. They had the good idea of telling their Mum and Dad and their teacher. Class 1 and 2 thought about how comments made online can be just as hurtful and that we should always be thoughtful about the messages we post.

Finally, all the children really enjoyed using the ‘Puppet Pals’ app to make a short animation about the story. We look forward to welcoming Mark back to work with the KS2 children at the beginning of December.

Fun in Class 3!

Whilst Mrs Tart has been busy recovering at home, Miss Evans has been looking after Class 3. We have been having lots of fun and have been working extremely hard.

In Maths , we have been busy solving addition and subtraction problems. We looked at addition with carrying and subtraction using borrowing.

In English, we have been exploring the book 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The children have been really enjoying looking at all of the nature words that are being lost from the dictionaries. The children had some great ideas as to why these words are becoming lost. We have done lots of work relating to the each of the lost words, such as description poems about acorns and setting writing about conkers, adders and bluebells.

We have all been missing Mrs Tart and we are wishing her a speedy recovery! Get well soon.

School Games Netball Tournament

On Wednesday we took part in the cluster schools netball competition at John Masefield High School. We had a great time playing in the sunshine against six other teams. We won our first 4 matches against Ledbury, Bosbury, Colwall and Cradley, We then played Ashperton who had two very strong teams. We drew one and lost the other. We came second overall which we were all extremely proud of.

Special mentions must to to Rebecca Broadbent who won 'Player of the Tournament'. She was bold, fierce, determined and highly skillful throughout the whole competition. Congratulations also to Ellis Bees who was awarded the 'Passion' value. He played with dedication, pride and huge amounts of encouragment and support on and off the court. Mrs Dawe would like to add that all seven players showed amazing skill, technique and compassion during every single match. What a delightful team!


PTA Film Night

On Thursday evening, the P.T.A. held another very successful film night. Children from Reception up to Year 6 came together at the Ledbury Market Theatre to enjoy watching ‘Maya the Bee 2 ‘. There was lots of laughter and after the film there were many positive comments. The older children spoke fondly of the messages behind the film. ' I liked that Maya became good friends with her rival, Violet in the end' said Erin. Penny eagerly told us she loved the fact that 'Maya the Bee never gave up... she kept on trying, just like I need to with my Maths and writing' Even the younger children had plenty to say about the film, saying 'what amazing features the film had' from Aria and Evie shared also that she liked it when 'the bad bee turned into a good bee' Thanks, once again, to the P.T.A. for hosting a wonderful event for the school family to enjoy together.

A Window into our Curriculum - Mathematics

Mathematics is a core subject in the Primary Curriculum. As some of you may have heard in the recent press release, the government has announced that there will be an additional statutory assessment in this subject from 2019/2020 (in addition to the KS1 and KS2 SATs tests at the end of Year 2 and year 6) with the aim of “aiding children’s fluency in mathematics”. This new times table assessment will test the fluency of tables up to and including x12 and children will need to have an instant recall of the number facts.

Since the new National Curriculum was introduced in 2014, the expectations have risen in all subjects and maths is no exception. As a result we have tailored our maths curriculum and teaching to ensure children are ready for the new challenges they will meet and our results remain very good, but we are always striving to do even better. This academic year we have developed a partnership with Holmer Primary School in Hereford, a school who also have very high expectations and aspirations in this subject, and the two schools are sharing good practice and working together on an intervention programme using Numicon.

At parents evening next week, please ask your child’s class teacher what you can be doing at home to support your child’s progress in mathematics, especially if they are in year 3 and will be the first cohort to take on the times table challenge during the next academic year!

Class 1

What a sparkling first couple of weeks we have had after our well rested October half term break. The children have come back with bundles of energy and eagerness to get stuck back into their learning.

Since returning to school the children have enjoyed exploring and playing in their new role play areas – taking on the roles of mummy and daddy very well in our new home corner before transforming into the grizzly Gruffalo in our outdoor Gruffalo’s cave! The children are a joy to watch as they become different characters and their imagination never fails to amuse and impress me! What a brilliant bunch of storytellers they all are!

In Mathematics the children have continued with their fantastic detective work – really thinking carefully about the value of each number – as well as breaking those numbers down into well needed number bonds. The children have worked hard alongside the Numberblocks team to deepen their understanding of numbers and addition this week! Very extraordinary work detectives! Well done! This week in particular the children have been developing their mathematical language use thinking about identifying facts about numbers using vocabulary like ‘more’ and ‘less’. Without forgetting of course, that magical mathematical word ‘because’ to justify their reasons. Impressive work from everyone indeed!

In our writing and reading we have looked carefully at a number of special occasions that have taken place recently including Diwali, Bonfire Night and Anti-Bullying Week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes before creating their own magnificent firework masterpieces before thinking carefully about the story ‘ Have you filled your bucket today?’ I think it is fair to say that everyone in Reception are certainly ‘happy bucket fillers’ demonstrated through their lovely drawings and writings about how they show kindness. The children continue to work on their phonics and are improving tremendously with their blending and segmenting.

In other areas of learning children have shown off their stamina and resistance not only in their PE session but also on their recent Welly Walk. The children were keen and enthusiastically used their energy to help develop their sporting skills whilst thinking carefully about space and teamwork in a very fun animal themed game – what great caterpillars the children all made! On our Welly Walk we enjoyed exploring the local area and it was so wonderful to hear some of the quieter members of the group talking so confidently to their peers both in Class 1 and Class 2 about the different views and sights they could see around them! A huge thank you to all the wonderful helpers we have had; without you our lovely welly walks wouldn’t be possible!

What an exciting start to our term Reception – you are all doing a brilliant job with your learning and the classroom is always full of joy and wonder – well done to you all!

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


William for his wonderful mathematical language while ordering numbers this week! Fantastic William, well done!

Year 1

Bella for fantastic maths; working independently and investigating ways to split numbers. well done!!

Year 2

Ethan for working really hard to improve his handwriting and for making great progress with this. Fantastic!

Year 3

Izzy for being so kind and helpful with the Year 1 children this week. Well done Izzy.

Year 4

Ben for using some great English description this week. Fantastic work Ben!

Year 5

Lily B for fantastic attitude and work in English. Well done Lily!

Year 6

Becca for fantastic maths and being awarded "Netball player of the Tournament'. Wow!

Headteacher Award

Frankie in class 2 for her super progress with her phonics and reading. What a joy to hear you reading about Top Cat with me. Well done Frankie!