The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 23rd November 2018

Diary Dates

Sat, 24th Nov

Eastnor Choir (years 3-6) Singing at Christmas Lights Switch On in Ledbury

Mon, 26th Nov

Miss Harris teaching student visiting class 4

Mon, 26th Nov

Class 1 PE Lessons (afternoon Session)

Wed, 28th Nov

Class 2 PE Lesson (morning Session)

Wed, 28th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (afternoon Session)

Thu, 29th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lesson (afternoon session)

Thu, 29th Nov

Class 1 and 2 Forest School (afternoon Session)

Key Dates for Autumn Term (2)

Saturday 24th November - Choir Singing at Christmas Light Switch On

Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th December - PTA Secret Room

Thursday 6th December - KS2 Internet Safety with Mark Sanderson *new date

Thursday 6th December - Virtual Reality ICT experience with Mark Sanderson *new date

Wednesday 12th December - KS1 Nativity (9.30am) Christingle service (6pm) (NO CLUBS)

Thursday 13th December - Parent Partnership (Sharing workbooks)

*new date

Friday 14th December - Whole School Trip to Snow White @ Malvern Theatre

NO CLUBS Monday 17th – Thursday 20th December

Tuesday 18th December - Christmas Art Day

Wednesday 19th December - Christmas Lunch

Thursday 20th December - Christmas Party Day

Friday 21st December - Save the Children Xmas Jumper Day

Friday 21st December - LAST DAY OF TERM

Eastnor Choir to Perform!

Eastnor Primary School have been invited to sing at the Christmas Lights Switch On tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 24th November. They will be joined by Ledbury Community Choir, Ledbury Brass Band, Bosbury and Ledbury Primary School. All children in year 3 -6 have been learning two short songs with our singing teacher Kate Cheetham and I already have confirmation that approx. 30 children will be attending. If you have not sent your slip back to school, it is not too late to join in.

Please make sure you arrive in Church Street at 4.15pm so we know we have everyone together. A register will be taken when your child arrives. Singing will begin at 4.30pm and finish promptly at 5.10pm. Children can be collected from Church Street afterwards. Please note that all children should wear school uniform if they are going to be part of the Eastnor Choir. We look forward to seeing as many children as possible.

Parents Evening and Parent Partnership!

Many thanks to all parents who came to meet with their child's class teacher this week. We very much value the close working relationship that school has with all parents. It is this collaborative approach that helps us ensure the very best outcomes for all of our children and we hope that this termly progress summary will prove useful and informative.

In addition to the parents evening and open classroom events we host this academic year, we would also like you to add a new date to your dairy. On the afternoon of Thursday 13th December- from 2.30pm - we will be inviting parents in to school to enjoy a mince pie and to share their child's workbooks, art work and topic work.

We hope this is something that you will enjoy and will give you a real flavour of the wonderful learning opportunities your child has experienced during the autumn term.

Winter PE Lessons!

This week, we have experienced the first cold snap and I am sure it will not be the last over the coming weeks and months.

As you know, PE lessons take place outside and it is really important that children have the appropriate kit so they can make the most of their lessons, whatever the weather.

All children must bring (or wear) their winter PE kit for the remainder of the term which includes navy jogging bottoms, navy tracksuit top or hoodie and a plain black base layer. Mrs Dawe has also requested that children bring extra layers, a coat, gloves and a scarf to wear when it is particularly chilly.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Welcoming Miss Harris

Next week, we will welcome Miss Harris to Eastnor Primary School for her preliminary visit days. Miss Harris is currently a Year 3 student on the Primary Initial Teacher Education (5-11) course at the University of Worcester and will be working with Miss Clark in class 4 during her 8 week final teaching placement which will begin on 14th January 2019. We would all like to welcome Miss Harris to Eastnor and look forward to working with over the coming weeks.

Aviva Dautch Poetry Workshops

On Wednesday, the older Key Stage 2 children enjoyed a truly inspirational morning when we welcomed Aviva Dautch, a poet, into school. She delivered a wonderful workshop, centred around World War Two and The Holocaust. The children built upon previous work in class, when we had studied extracts from the diary of Anne Frank and learnt how the Jewish population were treated in the late 1930's, under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Using the story of Beatte and Greta, Aviva invited Lilly, Heidi and Keanu to act out an interview which revealed the experiences of Jewish children in Germany at the time and led to some thought-provoking discussions on betrayal and morals.

During the morning, as the children learnt facts about Beatte and the Kinder Transport (when in 1938 the UK agreed to take in 10,000 Jewish children) they were encouraged to write about their own identity and to imagine how these children felt leaving their families behind and travelling to an unknown country, where a strange family awaited them. Beatte (now known as Bea) was one of the children who came over to England when she was just 13 and Aviva sees her regularly (at the age of 93) at the synagogue she attends in London. As we learnt about the belongings the Nazi's did not allow Jewish children to take with them, the children wrote sentences about what they would take if they were one of the Kinder Transport children.

At the end of the morning, the children worked in groups to edit their shared poems and decide how to perform them. It involved them drawing on their knowledge of poetic devices such as similes and metaphors, as well as making decisions about how to order the lines in their group poem for the biggest impact. Mrs Driscoll came to watch our performances at the end and was thrilled by what the children had achieved.

Our thanks go of course to Aviva for delivering such a fantastic, inspirtaional poetry session and to Chloe Maddison - from the Ledbury Poetry Festival - for organising it. The children behaved impeccably and Aviva was extremely impressed by their respectful attitude, keen interest and brilliant literacy skills. Well done everyone! Miss Clark

Christmas Past Trip for KS1

Yesterday, Class 2 went on a trip to experience a true Victorian Christmas at the Judge's Lodging in Presteigne.

When we arrived at the house, we all sat down by the fire and looked at the amazing Christmas tree. We met 2 Victorian characters who talked us through Victorian Christmas decorations. We found out there were lots of chestnuts, oranges and holly in Victorian houses as Christmas time!

Once we had looked at the Christmas tree, we split into 2 groups. The first activity took place in the Dining Room where we looked at the set up of a Christmas table. The Victorian characters explained some games that Victorian children liked to play after their Christmas Dinner. We were lucky enough to be able to play some Victorian games and we really liked playing hide the thimble and playing with the wooden masks. The servant then took us downstairs to where the servants would have worked. We looked at a Victorian 'T.V set' and tried to make up our own stories for each picture that was projected on the walls using the 'magic lamp.'

The second activity took place in the upstairs rooms of the house. We were shown lots of Victorian toys that both rich and poor Victorian children would have played with. We looked at marbles, dolls, puzzles, cup and balls and yo-yos. We were even lucky enough to look inside a Victorian Christmas stocking! It is very different to Christmas stockings we have now. They had apples, coal, salt and oranges and if you were really naughty you would only get a twig!

We were able to eat our lunch in the Judge's courthouse and we were able to pay a visit to a Victorian prison cell! The children loved looking around the prison cells and pretending they were in the court!

All of the children were incredibly well behaved and did Eastnor very proud. We had lots of fun and we cannot wait to learn more about Victorians and how the Victorians celebrated Christmas in the next few weeks.

Road Safety Week Fun!

What a great week the children have had whilst exploring how to keep safe on our roads. Our road safety officers have been very active helping us walk carefully and sensibly to church, rewarding children with stickers and house points.

The children have been learning about how to keep safe whilst crossing roads around towns and villages. They have also learnt about vehicle passenger rules for children which have taught them how to keep safe when travelling in cars.

During the week they have made posters showing how to keep safe on our roads and in our cars. The children enjoyed sharing these with the children at Bubbles and answered all their questions with such knowledge.

A Window into our Curriclum - Forest School!

We are so fortunate at Eastnor to have such a fantastic Forest School site. This gives us the opportunity to offer all the children in school regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment. The children absolutely love going to Forest school and enjoying time with their friends and sharing a hot drink and biscuit in our log circle.

The aims of Eastnor Primary School’s Forest School are to raise children’s self esteem, level of independence and confidence through exploration of the outdoors. We aim to develop self awareness and empathy with nature which is such an important skill to learn, whilst using a positive mental attitude to develop children’s understanding and respect for the outdoor environment to ensure a better future for everyone.

During our weekly sessions we carry out a selection of achievable tasks and activities such as making musical instruments, dens, fairy houses and lots more. Each half term the children have the opportunity to learn how to light a camp fire safely and how to toast delicious marshmallows! Forest School allows children the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment.

When Children Love to Read, the Future Is an Open Book!

Please don’t forget to get your scholastic book orders to Zena Clueit as soon as possible - time is running out!


Term Dates for 2019/2020

Please see the agreed term dates for 2019/ 2020 which have now been set and agreed by governors and the Bishop Anthony Education Trust. It is important that you check these dates before booking holidays as no holidays in term time can be authorised.

Autumn term 2019

Term Begins: Wednesday 4th September

Last Day of Half Term: Friday 25th October

Back to School: Tuesday 5th November

Last Day of Term: Friday 20th December

Spring term 2020

Back to School: Tuesday 7th January

Last Day of Half Term: Friday 14th February

Back to School: Monday 24th February

Last Day of Term: Friday 3rd April (12 noon finish for cluster school training)

Summer term 2020

Back to School: Tuesday 21st April

Last Day of Half Term: Friday 22nd May

Back to School: Monday 1st June

Last Day of Term: Friday 17th July

Teacher Training Days/Professional Days

Monday 2nd September

Tuesday 3rd September

Monday 4th November - BAET Training Day

Monday 6th January

Friday 3rd April - Cluster School Training Afternoon

Monday 20th April

A message from Councillor Nina Shields

Homes for Ledbury or Profit for Developers?

Building development in Ledbury affects all of us. The planned development of starter homes, medical facilities, school and sports facilities can help the town. Unplanned development with no supporting services causes problems.

Work has been going on for the past few years preparing the Neighbourhood Development Plan. It is now at Referendum stage after going through Examination stage in the late summer. This led to changes being made, removing parts of the plan which were not strong enough to withstand a legal challenge.

The plan significantly improves protection for Ledbury from speculative developers. There is more work to be done. The best way to do this is to adopt the plan now and continue working on it to strengthen it. Once the plan is adopted the Town Council can seek grant funding for this exercise.

Put Ledbury first. Vote ‘yes’ on 6th December.

For more information call in to the Council offices on Saturday 1st December between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The Plan is available on

Class 2

Class 2 have really thrown themselves back into learning and they have impressed us with their hard work since returning after the half term break.

English lessons have focused on the Oscar Wilde story, ‘The Selfish Giant’. We have used the text to look at using adjectives for good description, for learning about how to describe a setting and to help us with writing super sentences and developing our reading and comprehension skills. This week we visited Forest School and tried to use all we had learnt to write clear but detailed sentences about the setting, bringing it alive for the reader.

In Maths , we have continued daily practice of all elements of arithmetic but with a particular focus on repeated addition and multiplication. The children have practiced counting in steps of 1,2,3,5,10 and more and then have applied this to solving repeated addition and multiplication statements. We have just begun to look at the inverse of multiplication, by dividing objects equally.

During the afternoon we have been doing a mini project on recycling. We have looked at which materials we can recycle and why it is important to recycle.

Our R.E. lessons this term focus on the importance of Christmas for Christians. We are learning about the nativity story and the messages that Christians take from this story. We are also now in full swing practising songs for our Nativity performance in December.

As well as all this we have enjoyed our class trip, Forest School, PE lessons, Road Safety, Children in Need Bake off and Internet Safety. Phew – what a busy few weeks!!!

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Eva for her fantastic determination with her phonics and reading this week! Great work Eva, keep it up!

Year 1

All of Year 1 for being so fantastic on the trip yesterday! Well done!

Year 2

All of Year 2 for being so fantastic on the trip yesterday! Well done!

Year 3

Grace for fantastic effort with her maths whilst counting in tenths. Well done Grace!

Year 4

Seb for having such a sensible attitude to his work and for finding ways to help himself with spelling. Well done Seb!

Year 5

Grace for soldiering on in lessons recently even though you have had a painful back - you have shown true Eastnor grit and determination! Well done!

Year 6

Ellis and Morgan for their fantastic reading and for writing at length when working independently. Well done boys! I am extremely impressed with you both.

Headteacher Award

Erin in class 3 for her wonderful knowledge about road safety in my lesson this week and for always being a super role model and friend in school. Well done Erin!