The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 30th November 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 3rd Dec

Class 1 PE Lesson (Afternoon Session)

Tue, 4th Dec

PTA Secret Room (9.00-11.30am)

Wed, 5th Dec

PTA Secret Room (9.00-11.30am)

Wed, 5th Dec

Class 2 PE Lesson (morning session)

Wed, 5th Dec

Class 3 and 4 PE Lesson (afternoon session)

Thu, 6th Dec

Internet Safety Workshops with Mark Sanderson (class 3 & 4)

Thu, 6th Dec

Virual Reality ICT Workshop with Mark Sanderson (class 4)

Thu, 6th Dec

Class 3 only PE Lesson (afternoon session)

Key Dates for Autumn Term (2)

Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th December - PTA Secret Room

Thursday 6th December - KS2 Internet Safety with Mark Sanderson *new date

Thursday 6th December - Virtual Reality ICT experience with Mark Sanderson *new date

Wednesday 12th December - KS1 Nativity (9.30am) Christingle service (6pm) (NO CLUBS)

Thursday 13th December - Parent Partnership (Sharing workbooks) *new date

Friday 14th December - Whole School Trip to Snow White @ Malvern Theatre

NO CLUBS Monday 17th – Thursday 20th December

Monday 17th December - Singing at Birchams Grange

Tuesday 18th December - Christmas Art Day

Wednesday 19th December - Christmas Lunch

Thursday 20th December - Christmas Party Day

Friday 21st December - Save the Children Xmas Jumper Day

Friday 21st December - LAST DAY OF TERM

Countdown to Christmas!

Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th December - PTA Secret Room.

This wonderful event gives all the children the opportunity to buy Christmas presents for their siblings, parents, grandparents and anyone else on their present list. All gifts are £2 so please send in with them a list of who they are buying for and the money in an envelope. There will be parents there to help the children decide and write their labels.

Wednesday 12th December (Morning)- The Landlord's Cat!'

The children from class 1 and 2 will be performing their musical Nativity to parents at Eastnor Church from 9.30am. The children performing need to come to school in their costumes, please add warm layers underneath costumes, and should bring their school uniform to change into after the performance.

Wednesday 13th (Evening) - Christingle Service

The whole school will come together for our family service which takes place at Eastnor Church from 6pm. Each class will share a musical treat, some of our musicians will play and all of the children will sit with their parents and families while we sing carols together. All children should wear warm, home clothes to the service.

Friday 14th December - Pantomime Trip

This whole school event will really get us into the Christmas spirit, "Oh no it won't, oh yes it will!" We will be travelling to Malvern Theatres to watch the pantomime 'Snow White'. All children should wear school uniform and we will return in time to enjoy lunch back at school, as normal.

Monday 17th December (Morning) - Singing at Birchams Grange

Children to visit Birchams Grange to bring some festive cheer to the residents.

Tuesday 18th December- Christmas Art Day

All children to work in mixed age groups to take part in a carousel of creative Christmas activities. All children to wear home clothes. Please be mindful of the fact that there could be paint and glitter galore on this day!

Wednesday 19th December - Christmas Lunch/Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day *please note date change! for wearing a Christmas Jumper!

The whole school will share time together whilst enjoying their Christmas Lunch. On this day we will also be asking children to wear their favourite Christmas Jumper and to bring a donation of £1 which will be sent to the Save the Children Charity. All children to wear home clothes with their favourite festive jumper

Thursday 20th December (Afternoon) - Christmas Party

We will have our annual Christmas Party afternoon after lunch which will include a special visit from the big man in red! All children to wear home clothes/party clothes.

Friday 21st December - LAST DAY OF TERM


Eastnor Choir Perform!

A small but fabulous group of Eastnor children performed alongside other local primary schools, including Bosbury and Ledbury, as well as Ledbury's Community Choir and a wonderful Brass Band, at the Ledbury Lights Switch on last Saturday.

At 4.15pm there was just time for a warm up with Mrs Cheetham before the celebration of music was underway! I was so proud of all the hard work the children had put into their two pieces. They sang Gaudete and Christmas Bells, and a special mention must go to our soloist, Nancy, who was noted for her confident singing.

I just want to say a special thank you to all of the children for their commitment to rehearsals, their enthusiasm and for coming to a school event on a Saturday. You did me, Eastnor, and yourselves proud.

Rock-It Ball and Tchoukhball

On Monday Grace, Lilly, Lily and Libby from Year 5, attended a local primary school 'Tchoukhball' tournament at John Masefield! Here's what they had to say about it:

"Ben and Seb that used to go to our school were two of the teenagers leading it. They warmed us up by playing lots of fun games involving catching and passing a ball. Then the tournament began! We did very well overall, playing against local schools such as Ledbury and Bosbury. Ben and Seb said they were extrememly impressed with our skills (although they expected this, of course, as we were from mighty Eastnor!). We loved seeing Ben and Seb who treated us like family and learning how to play a game we'd never even heard of before!" By Libby.

A message from Miss Lewis

Hello, my name is Joanne Lewis I am a PGCE student with a PE specialism from Worcester University. Over the autumn term I have mainly been working with class 2 but on Wednesdays and Thursdays I have helped Mrs Dawe with teaching PE. It has been really enjoyable teaching and supporting children across the school. I have a wide variety of interests, including reading, theatre and sports such as swimming, and hockey. Sport has always been a passion for me whether it be playing, competing or coaching. I look forward to my final few weeks at Eastnor Primary and have really enjoyed my time so far. Particular highlights for me, over the past few weeks have been the trip to the obelisk, neon night and I am now looking forward to the nativity and christmas activities in the lead up to tthe end of term.

Old Friends!

Last Friday, we were lucky to welcome back some very familiar faces in school when Josh, Harry, Esme and Hannah joined us for the afternoon. The children helped the little ones in reception and caught up with some old friends, for a game of chess during their afternoon off from John Masefield.

It was great to see you all, and we hope you can come back and visit again soon! Once part of the Eastnor family, always part of the Eastnor family!

Swimming Success for the Stephensons!

Finlay and Piper both entered Wychavon Open Meet this weekend.

Finlay competed in 9 events gaining 5 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals. After this weekend's success he has met a total of 10 qualification times for the County Championships in the new year.

Piper entered three events and gained personal bests in every event. It was her first open meet gala and she was the youngest girl to represent Ledbury swimming club.

What a great weekend's work! Well done to you both!


Class 3

It is so good to be back with class 3, thank you so much for all your good wishes. The children have been working with such enthusiasm in all of their subjects.

In Maths we have been working hard to learn our times tables and the related division facts. We have also started looking at fractions. We have counted up and down in tenths and recognised the equivalence between decimal and fraction form. We are using diagrams to help us to recognise fractions that are equivalent to 1/2, 1/3, 1/5, and a 1/10. The children are really thinking carefully about using problem solving and reasoning to help them to understand and apply what they have learnt to the question. Our English topic is taking us into imaginary worlds whilst learning about a different genre. We have watched a very descriptive short film clip called ’The Eye of the Storm’, we have then identified the opening, the build-up, dilemma, resolution and the ending. We have then investigated characters and settings in the story. The children have amazed me with the figurative language they have written, below are some examples:

‘The sky was an earthquake as it mournfully cast out an electrifying roar’

‘Clouds waltzing in the wind’

‘Blowing like a curious lion investigating the world’

‘Lightning danced like a ballerina across the thunderous sky’

Our Science topic this half term is Light. We have investigated different light sources including glow worms and sun light. The children thoroughly enjoyed making shadow puppets and making up some great shows with them. We are now learning about the Bronze Age as part of our topic work and learning about how life changed for people in these times. R.E has been based on ‘What do Hindus believe that God is like’ The children have thought carefully about how we all have different aspects to describe ourselves and have related this to Brahman who Hindus believe is the ultimate being and that his spirit is everything. It has been so lovely hearing the children practicing the Christmas songs that they performed at the Ledbury Christmas lights switch on; it has bought a real festive glow to school.

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Jacob for his fantastic understanding and talking about different numbers this week. Super impressive Jacob, well done!

Year 1

George for good maths work with Miss Clark. Well done!

Year 2

Naomi for fantastic maths. Well done!

Year 3

Penny for fantastic reading and for trying hard in class. Well done Penny!

Year 4

Emily for fantastic work in maths when simplifying fractions. Well done Emily!

Year 5

The 'Tchoukhball' team (Grace, Lilly, Lily and Libby) for their fantastic enthusiasm, amazing skills and polite manners displayed during the tournament. Well done girls!

Year 6

Harry for his fantastic reading and writing in class and for being such a thoughtful, hard-working and polite Year 6 boy. You really do show exemplary behaviour in school Harry. Well done!

Headteacher Award

Ethan in class 2 for some impressive work in mathematics, spotting some tricky inverse operations, and for really improving his handwriting this term. You are working really hard! Well done Ethan!