The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 7th December 2018

Diary Dates

Tue, 11th Dec

School AttendanCe Review with Education Welfare Officer, Jo Lewis.

Tue, 11th Dec

Nativity Dress Rehearsal

Wed, 12th Dec


Wed, 12th Dec

The Landlord's Cat (Infant Nativity) at Eastnor Church (9.30am)

Wed, 12th Dec

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (afternoon session)

Wed, 12th Dec

Christingle Service at Eastnor Church (6pm)

Thu, 13th Dec


Thu, 13th Dec

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons (afternoon session)

Thu, 13th Dec

Parent Partnership (mince pies and share work books with your child(ren) at school from 2.30pm

Fri, 14th Dec

Whole School Panto Trip

Countdown to Christmas!

Wednesday 12th December (Morning)- The Landlord's Cat!'

The children from class 1 and 2 will be performing their musical Nativity to parents at Eastnor Church from 9.30am. The children performing need to come to school in their costumes (please add warm layers underneath costumes) and should bring their school uniform to change into after the performance.

Wednesday 12th (Evening) - Christingle Service

The whole school will come together for our family service which takes place at Eastnor Church from 6pm. Each class will share a musical treat, some of our musicians will play and all of the children will sit with their parents and families while we sing carols together. All children should wear warm, home clothes to the service.

Thursday 13th December (2.30pm) - Parent Partnerhip

All parents are invited to enjoy a mince pie whilst they share time looking at their child's workbooks. At 3.15pm, children who are learning an instrument with Josie Bedford-Davies and Dom Kearne will be providing a musical interlude.

Friday 14th December - Pantomime Trip

This whole school event will really get us into the Christmas spirit, "Oh no it won't, oh yes it will!" We will be travelling to Malvern Theatres to watch the pantomime 'Snow White'. All children should wear school uniform and we will return in time to enjoy lunch back at school, as normal.

Monday 17th December (Morning) - Singing at Birchams Grange

Children to visit Birchams Grange to bring some festive cheer to the residents.

Tuesday 18th December- Christmas Art Day

All children to work in mixed age groups to take part in a carousel of creative Christmas activities. All children to wear home clothes. Please be mindful of the fact that there could be paint and glitter galore on this day!

Wednesday 19th December - Christmas Lunch/Save the Children

Christmas Jumper Day *please note date change for wearing a Christmas Jumper!

The whole school will share time together whilst enjoying their Christmas Lunch. On this day we will also be asking children to wear their favourite Christmas Jumper and to bring a donation of £1 which will be sent to the Save the Children Charity. All children to wear home clothes with their favourite festive jumper.

Thursday 20th December (Afternoon) - Christmas Party

We will have our annual Christmas Party afternoon after lunch which will include a special visit from the big man in red! All children to wear home clothes/party clothes.

Friday 21st December - LAST DAY OF TERM

Governor Update!

As of yesterday, whole school attendance was just above the national expected level of 96% at 96.93% which is pleasing to hear, especially at this time of year when there are a number of bugs flying around.

The governors have worked hard this year to ensure all parents are aware of the importance of regular attendance for their child. Any child with attendance lower than 96% will be missing out on vital learning time and this will be negatively impacting on all areas of their education.

Next Tuesday Mrs Lewis, Eastnor's Education Welfare Advisor will be meeting with Mrs Driscoll to analyse end of term attendance data. If Mrs Lewis identifies concerns about any individual children, parents will be informed about what next steps will be taken.

Spring Term Club Selection and Lunch Menus live on Parent Pay!

Mrs Bullock has added the spring term lunch menus to parent pay this week. All orders must be placed by no later than Monday 10th December.

After school clubs, for the spring term, can also be selected on parent pay from today. Please can all parents make their choices by no later than Monday 10th December. Mrs Bullock will allocate places from your selections and confirm your child's place by Friday 14th December.

As you will see on the club selections, we will be running a new performing arts club for children in years 4 -6 in conjunction with the Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival (which will take place between 24th - 30th March) each Monday.

Any children who would like to enter the poetry recital classes at the festival this year - which Eastnor have been hugely successful at in previous years - should select to do this club which will be led by Mrs Driscoll and Katie Balson. We will help the children select their poems and prepare for their performances - there will also be performing arts, games and activities to enjoy too.

There will be a charge of £2.50 per session for this club which will include the cost of your child’s entry to the festival. With ever tightening budgets, asking for a small payment from each child through the club is the only way we can make it financially viable to enter the festival this year. Please note, it might be possible for younger children in school to take part in the club and enter the festival too. Please come and see me if you have any questions.

Welcoming Mr Griffiths

Hello, my name is Matthew Griffiths and I grew up in South Shropshire. Since then I have started a course in Primary Teacher Training in Worcester, in which I am working on my 2nd year of a 3 year course. I regularly play football and consider that to be my main hobby. I have always enjoyed sports and it was through this I gained the confidence to train as a primary school teacher. I will be in school for a visit week from the week starting the 3rd of December and will very much look forward to returning in the Summer term for a block placement.

Mr Griffiths

A winter wonderland!

There were lots of smiles as the children entered school on Monday morning, as they realised their classrooms had been decorated, and Eastnor school had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, every child in school helped decorate our special outdoor tree and it looks spectacular! Our heartfelt thanks go to Frankie in class 1,and her family, who donated the tree this year.

Secret Room Fun!

A huge thank you to the PTA for organising such a lovely event, giving the children the opportunity to buy gifts for their loved ones, even if they were tempted to buy gifts for themselves sometimes.

The children enjoyed looking for presents for friends and family and what a lovely job the older children did helping our youngest members carefully select the perfect gift. It was lovely to hear the children talk so kindly about Christmas being a time of giving as well as receiving.

Christmas has officially arrived. Hooray!

Nativity Rehearsals

Class 1 and Class 2 have been braving the cold church this week to practise their Nativity play. We have been busy perfecting our narrating, acting, singing and dancing ready to perform ‘The Landlord’s Cat’ to our families next Wednesday at 9.30 a.m. If the rehearsals are anything to go by, you are in for a real treat. Thank you to all parents for providing wonderful costumes for the children to wear. Older children will be able to watch the dress rehearsal on Tuesday morning and Class 1 and 2 will be singing a few songs from their Nativity for all Eastnor families during our Christingle service on Wednesday evening. I’m sure your hearts will be warmed but remember to wear layers to keep the rest of you cosy!!

Virtual Reality ICT!

On Thursday, Mark Sanderson came back to school, this time to work with the children in Key Stage 2. He spent the afternoon with Class 4, engaging them in a Virtual Reality workshop. The children were told that they were going to make a short promotional film for a tour of London and that they would be going on a virtual tour of London during the afternoon. Using headsets and iPads, the children were encouraged to spot famous landmarks (such as important government buildings) which we then learnt interesting facts about. This incorporated our learning for this term on 'Parliament and Monarchy' and the children had such an enjoyable time, feeling like they were actually there! Having taken photographs of these landmarks, Mr Sanderson then taught the children how to use the Clips App - a great platform for making short films on. By the end of the afternoon, everyone had made a fantastic advert for their 'coach company', drawing on their language and writing skills to make it engaging and eye-catching. What a highly enjoyable and educational afternoon. Well done children for your enthusiasm and thank you Mr Sanderson for bringing London to Eastnor!

Internet Safety Workshops

It was lovely to welcome Mark Sanderson into school on Thursday. He showed the children in class 3 how to stay safe on the internet and how to recognise when people were not being as kind as they can be. We took part in a range of activities using several apps; the children especially enjoyed using Seesaw to correct and create emails. The children produced a very thoughtful 'I cloud' to show how people feel when they are experiencing Cyber bullying.

Class 4

As the Autumn term draws to a close, the children and I have been reflecting on the things that they have learnt and achieved so far. It seems a very long time ago now that we first started reading our class text 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', focussing on Harry's early life and covering the introduction to new characters such as Dumbledore, Hagrid and Ron. We have learnt over the last weeks that Harry's physical journey is just as life-changing as his emotional one. Last week the children enjoyed the chapter in which Hermione is confronted by the troll and it is here that we are told how Hermione (showing her vulnerable side at last) becomes firmly cemented as one of Harry and Ron's close friends. The children have reflected on the journey all of the characters have taken so far in the book and - as we read together the final chapters over the last 3 weeks - we are all enjoying the thrilling events propelling us to the end of this amazing story.

By studying 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' we have been able to cover a wide range of text types, such as letters, poems and explanation texts as well as using a variety of writers' tools such as pathetic fallacy, metaphors and alliteration. We have encorporated our work in history too, by comparing how Harry's world is turned upside down to the experiences of Jewish children during the Holocaust. Comparing fiction with real-life events has enabled us to deepen our understanding and enhance our learning. Our class text next term is 'Goodnight Mister Tom' and I eagerly look forward to exploring some of the themes that we have already touched on such as: the evacuation of children; how people overcome challenges in their lives; how friendships and bonds are forged; and attitudes towards different faiths.

It is also remarkable to me how much we have covered in maths lessons this term and just how much the children have learnt. This is aided by their fantastic enthusiasm and hard-working attitude, which has ensured our lessons are full to bursting and fast paced! The maths curriculum becomes very tricky once you enter upper Key Stage 2, however the children have all applied themselves fully and are cracking some very hard concepts indeed. Our 4 week block on fractions ended last week and on Monday I told the children that we would be moving onto a different maths topic. Amazingly the chidlren were disappointed, telling me that they loved the tricky fractions work and wanted to do more! I am extremely lucky to teach such enthusiastic children and-as we all sat down to tackle how to find the circumference of a circle and measure angles using a protractor - I was assured by the Year 6's that exploring the tricky properties of 2d and 3d shapes was just as good! Phew!

Well done children on a truly fantastic first term. I have loved every minute and hope that you have too! There is so much that I haven't mentioned here which we have also achieved and enjoyed: in Science, Art, Music, ICT, RE and PE and I cannot wait to carry on our learning adventure after Christmas. Rest assured, there will be more tricky (yet fun) maths and plenty more besides in the New Year! Miss Clark

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Harry J for his wonderful attitude towards all aspect of school life. What a delightful boy you are! Well done!

Year 1

Bella for being a superstar helper with Miss Davis on Thursday. Well done Bella!

Year 2

Lilah for her sunny, happy, friendly approach to school life in general.

Year 3

Dom for being so sensible at Rugby club this week and for winning his race .Well done Dom!

Year 4

Jayden for working hard in maths whilst solving tricky problems. Keep it up Jayden!

Year 5

Eleanor for your amazing use of language, focussed effort on spelling and for never giving up in maths. What a super star!

Year 6

Finlay for impressing me this week with his focussed work and skills in English and Maths lessons. Well done Fin - I knew you could do it! You should be very proud of yourself.

Headteacher Award

Luka for giving her full commitment to all areas of her learning and school life. A perfect example of an Eastnor pupil. Well done!