The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 9th November 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 12th Nov - Fri, 16th Nov

Anti-Bullying Week

Mon, 12th Nov

Class 1 PE Lesson (afternoon session)

Tue, 13th Nov

Internet Safety Workshops with Mark Sanderson (ICT Consultant)

Wed, 14th Nov

School Games Netball Tournament at JMHS (9am -11am)

Wed, 14th Nov

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons (Morning Session)

Wed, 14th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lesson (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 15th Nov

Class 3 and 4 PE Lesson (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 15th Nov

Class 1 and Class 2 Forest School

Thu, 15th Nov

PTA Film Night

Fri, 16th Nov

End of term Progress reports to be sent home

A Message from Mr Watson - Chair of Governors!

Its official – we are now an Academy!

Following the resolution with the local authority I am please to announce that, as of the 1st November, we are now part of the Bishop Anthony Educational Trust. It has taken us a while to get here but we can now start a new chapter for Eastnor Parochial Primary. Becoming an academy will allow us access to wider opportunities to support the development of our outstanding school.

The governors are working with the Mrs Driscoll and the staff to plan a suitable celebration to mark the occasion – more details to follow.

Governor Update from Esther Stephens

On Tuesday I had a fab morning in school helping the children with their Bake-Off for BBC Children in Need. Castle certainly has some talented (and competitive) cooks and they showed great team work as everyone took turns to prepare, make and decorate their special cake. I was particularly impressed by our key stage 2 children who were so supportive and caring with our youngest bakers.

Then it was elevenses. It was really encouraging to see such an array of healthy snacks and to hear the children talk about what they’d brought in and enjoy munching on and why ‘eating a rainbow’ is so important. We’ve already made a great start this half-term so thank you.

By simplifying what’s allowed for snack-time, staff are able to ensure all children are making healthy choices. We’re also helping the environment - it was noticeable how little wrapping and rubbish went into the bins, which can only be a good thing.

Please remember fresh or dried fruit, vegetables or chunks of cheese for elevenses – save yogurt and foods like dairylea dunkers and pepperonis etc. for lunch time.

After further discussion with staff this week, governors have clarified the ‘grey’ areas which may have caused inconsistency as the new policy is embedded. Fruit strings, smoothies and yoghurt covered fruit should be saved for lunch time.

Many thanks for your on-going support.

Head Lice Invasion!

A number of cases of head lice have been reported to school. Please can all parents check their child’s hair thoroughly (the weekend is a good time to do this) and if necessary treat with the shampoo or method recommended by your doctor or chemist.

Children do not need to miss school due to head lice but they must be treated before coming in. Hopefully, quick and early action will prevent a complete invasion.

Also, just a reminder that it is in our School Uniform Policy to have long hair tied back wherever possible: This really does help to prevent head lice transferring from one little head to another – and some big ones, too!

Progress Report Information!

At Eastnor we believe it is very important to keep our parents fully informed about the progress their child is making throughout the school year.

On Friday 16th November class teachers will be sending home a termly progress summary to children in years 1 – 6. We then invite you all to meet with your child’s class teacher at parents evening on either Tuesday 20th or Wednesday 21st November. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the report and ask any questions you may have. Please note that bookings can now be made using Parent Mail.

The progress summary will report on the following:

  • Your child’s attendance
  • How your child is performing against age related expectations in the core subjects at this point in the school year
  • How your child is performing against age related expectations in the foundation subjects at this point in the school year
  • Your child’s attitude to their learning and their behaviour
  • Key targets for the coming year

We very much value the close working relationship that school has with all parents. It is this collaborative approach that helps us ensure the very best outcomes for all of our children and we hope that this termly progress summary will prove useful and informative.

Children in Need does the Bake Off!

What a fantastic day we had on Tuesday, supporting the wonderful Children in Need charity.

A special thanks must go to our wonderful parent bakers - Katie Balson, Bec Swan, Esther Stephens and Lauren Young - who ran a masterclass for the children in each of the houses and produced some showstopping choclate tray bakes. They were all delicious but the star baker was Bec Swan and team Deer Park!

We even had a very special visitor called Pudsey who was accompanied by BBC Hereford and Worcester. They interviewed some of the children about their day and why they enjoy raising money for this wonderful charity.

Thanks to your generosity we raised a fantastic £260 on the day and this figure will rise further with more donations due in. What a wonderful achievement team Eastnor!

Neon Night Fun!

Many people contribute to the success of PTA events but a number of parents gave very generously to help ensure Neon Night was great fun for everyone and also raised lots of money for the school and the children.

I am sure you would all like to join me in saying a special thank you to Chris Hill who organised and paid for the firework display; Julia Cushing and Kia Philips who made the delicious soup; and to Andy Playford for lending school the outdoor lighting!

We would also like to thank those parents who gave their time and energy to set up, run and tidy up too and, of course, to the Eastnor families for supporting the event!

I am pleased to say that we sold almost 100 tickets and raised approximately £360 from this event alone. A great team effort; thank you everyone!

Remembrance Celebrations

This morning we held a special assembly which included learning about the importance and significance of Remembrance and the centenary year.

The children saw the poppies that decorate the church and presented 20 of their own poppies on the memorial shelf in Eastnor Church as the names of our local heros were read out. Class 4 children also read letters and Keanu shared some precious photographs of his Great Grandfather and some of the medals he had been awarded.

We talked about the brave soldiers from the First and Second World War and also those who have represented their country in more recent times.

We also welcomed a special visitor called Brenda from the Bristish Legion - she is otherwise known as Lewis and Jacob's Grandma! She brought in a statue of a solider in silhoutte and explained that it represented and celebrated the World War 1 soliders that had made it home safely.

At 11am we all joined together in class 3 for 2 minutes silence which was very special and moving.

The children were interested and very respectful and I couldnt have been more proud of them.

The Gospel according to St John

First produced in 1914 by Scripture Gift Mission, 43 million copies of the Gospels were shared amongst soldiers, prisoners and refugees in WW1.

This replica marked the 100th anniversary of the First World War continues to resource the forces.

Suitable for use in schools, churches and remembrance events, a copy has been given out to each of the KS2 children as a memento for the centenary year.



Why do I wear a poppy? I’ll tell you if I may,

Because I believe remembrance is not only for one day.

For all those marching proudly in Remembrance Day parades.

My poppy’s worn in gratitude for the sacrifice they made.

Bikeability Training

We are pleased to be able to welcome back the Bikeability team from Herefordshire Council to work with the Year 6 children. The children will have the opportunity to learn about simple bike maintenance, cycling proficiency and road rules but above all how to keep safe on their bike on the road. The training is due to take place on November 22nd and 23rd November as part of our road safety week. Further information and a parent consent form are being sent home today.The children will need a road worthy bike and must return the consent form to be able to take part. In past years the Year 6 children have thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt it was a valuable experience.


Key Dates for Autumn Term (2)

Friday 16th November- End of Autumn Term Progress Reports Sent Home

Monday 19th-Friday 23rd November - Road Safety Week

Tuesday 20th November - Late Parents Evening (5.00pm-7.30pm) (NO CLUBS)

Wednesday 21st November- Early Parents Evening (4.00pm -6pm) (NO CLUBS)

Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd November - Bikeability Training for Year 6 Children

Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th December - PTA Secret Room

Wednesday 12th December - KS1 Nativity (9.30am) Christingle service (6pm) (NO CLUBS)

Friday 14th December - Whole School Trip to Snow White @ Malvern Theatre

NO CLUBS Monday 17th – Thursday 20th December

Tuesday 18th December - Christmas Art Day

Wednesday 19th December - Christmas Lunch

Thursday 20th December - Christmas Party Day

Friday 21st December - Save the Children Xmas Jumper Day

Friday 21st December - LAST DAY OF TERM

Class 4

Special Edition - Harry Potter Trip!

On the last day of term, Class 4 children enjoyed a fantastic trip to Harry Potter World. This was to support work carried out in class on our text 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' and it was a truly awe-inspiring day.

We were very fortunate to take part in a special workshop led by Anne and Rebecca, specialist script writers. Using props from the real film, they took the children on a learning journey of how a story becomes transformed into a script and then a film or play. The children learnt about how a story can be broken down into different sections, such as the 'hook', 'mid-point' and 'resolution'. The hook creates questions in a story and means that we need to read on or watch more to answer those questions. The mid-point in the first Harry Potter book is when Harry finds out about the philosophers stone and how it makes the drinker immortal. Plot point two is the battle or conflict and occurs when Harry meets Voldemort, the children learnt. Then the resolution is the last part when usually everything ends happily! The children were shown props by Anne as she recited Dumbledore's important line - "A change of decoration is in order!"

The children were so excited when they were handed real props from the film to use in their groups as inspiration for their own stories. Choosing their genre first (and donning the all important white gloves which were necessary for handling such important, rare items), the children planned and delivered their own fantastic stories to Anne, Rebecca and the rest of the class. Our excitement heightened when we were then shown many of the real costumes worn on set. The children learnt that Voldemort's costume was made from silk imported from France and that it was sewn in pieces to represent his fragmented soul. Anne explained that the colour of the material had been altered carefully during the series of films, with the fabric changing to represent his increasing power during the books.

The children loved learning facts during the lesson, such as Luna Lovegod's dress, which took a whole month to make and - as it was in the shape of a Christmas tree - actually contained real tinsel! We learnt that Dumbledore's silk costume was adorned with silver buttons, as silver (in ancient Greece) was actually more important and valuable that gold. It's colour purple also represented royalty to display Dumbledore's importance and status. Finally, Dumbledore has Irish ancestry (so J.K Rowling revealed to costume designers) so they embroidered tiny Celtic patterns into the costume too, which couldn't be see always on camera but we were able to witness close up on the day!

After our amazing lesson, we then began the tour of Harry Potter World and I could not have been more proud of how the children conducted themselves during the day. There was so much to see and do and I think it is fair to say that we packed an awful lot in! Wandering the cobbled steps of Diagon Alley; staring at the wallpaper of number 4 Privet Drive; sitting on a green screen broomstick; and being spooked by the enormous spiders in the Forbidden Forest were just a few of the moments which left us all feeling like we had truly become submerged in J.K Rowling's wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Thank you so much ,on behalf of the children and myself, to all of the parents and to Mrs Driscoll for ensuring that this was one english lesson which we shall never, ever forget! Miss Clark

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Alfie for his fantastic talking and imagination during this week's welly walk! Well done Alfie!

Year 1

Evie for super ideas when describing a setting in her story. Well done Evie!

Year 2

Joseph for super effort and concentration in class this week. Well done Joseph.

Year 3

Jaiden for trying really hard with his maths work this week. Well done.

Year 4

Luca for writing a fantastic newspaper article. Well done!

Year 5

Nancy for rising to all of the challenges set for you in maths lessons - what a superb mathematician you are. Your accuracy and reasoning are extremely impressive. Well done!

Year 6

Finlay for being such a fantastic helper on our Children in Need Bake-Off day. All of the adults in our group, Castle, were extremely impressed with your fantastic attitude and manner. Well done!

Headteacher Award

Maita for showing her creative flair when designing her cake during our bake off and for continuing to make excellent progress in lessons since starting year 2.