The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 11th October 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 14th Oct

Lacrosse Event for Year 6 Children at Malvern St James - CANCELLED!

Mon, 14th Oct

Class 1 Welly Walk - afternoon session

Tue, 15th Oct

Poetry Outloud Festival at Hellens Much Marcle (Years 4 - 6)

Wed, 16th Oct

Diocese Pupil Conference at Hereford Cathedral for Year 6 children

Wed, 16th Oct

Class 3 and Class 4 PE lessons with Mrs Dawe and Mr Bees

Thu, 17th Oct

Forest School (Class 2)

Thu, 17th Oct

Class 3 and Class 4 PE lessons with Mrs Dawe and Mr Bees

Fri, 18th Oct

Harvest Service for Parents (2.30pm at Eastnor Church)

Diary Dates for Autumn Term 2019

Monday 14th October - Lacrosse Event at Malvern St James for Year 6 children (NOW CANCELLED!)

Wednesday 16th October - Diocese Pupil Conference at Hereford Cathedral for Year 6 children

Friday 18th October - - Harvest Service (2.30pm)

Tuesday 22nd October - Individual/Sibling Photos with Russell Lewis

Tuesday 22nd October - PTA AGM (6pm) Cancelled!

Wednesday 23rd October - Open Day (9.30-11.30 – 1.30-2.30pm)

Friday 25th October - LAST DAY OF HALF TERM

Monday 4th November – Multi Academy Trust Training Day for Teachers

Tuesday 5th November – CHILDREN BACK TO SCHOOL Thursday 7th November – NEON NIGHT (4.30pm)

Friday 8th November - Remembrance & Music Assembly for Parents (2.30pm)

Monday 11th November – No Clubs due to Cluster Moderation Session

Wednesday 13th November @ 6pm - Parents Meeting (information below)

Monday 11th-Friday 15th November - Anti Bullying Week/ Internet safety

Friday 15th November - Children in Need Day

Friday 15th November- End of Autumn Term Progress Reports Sent Home

Monday 18th-Friday 22nd November- Road Safety Week

Tuesday 19th November - Late Parents Evening (5.00pm-7.30pm) NO CLUBS

Thursday 21st November- Early Parents Evening (4.00pm -6pm) NO CLUBS

Friday 22nd November – Year 2 Singing Project at Hellen’s House Much Marcle

Friday 22nd November – Bikeability Training for Year 6 children

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December –Secret Room

Wednesday 11th December – Class 1 and Class 2 Nativity (9.30am)

Wednesday 11th December - Christingle service (6pm) NO CLUBS

Thursday 12th December – NHS Flu Immunisation

Friday 13th December - Whole School Trip to Aladdin @ Malvern Theatre

Monday 16th – Friday 20th December -No Clubs Final Week of Term

Tuesday 17th December - Christmas Art Day

Wednesday 18th December – Save the Children Xmas Jumper Day/ Christmas Dinner

Thursday 19th December – Christmas Party Day

Friday 20th December – LAST DAY OF TERM

Harvest Service

Our Harvest Service will be held in church on Friday 18th October at 2.30. All the children in school will be taking part and it would be great to see lots of you there. There will be a collection at the end of the service for the School in Africa we are supporting to provide the children with vital equipment to help them learn.

School Photographer - Rearranged Date Tuesday 22nd October!

On the morning of Tuesday 22nd October, we will be pleased to welcome Russell Lewis, our school photographer, to Eastnor. For those of you who are new to the school, Russell is a hugely popular and sought after photographer based in Herefordshire. We are one of the few schools he has agreed to work with and we feel privileged that this is the case.

Russell will be taking individual and sibling photographs from 9am. If your child(ren) has a younger sibling(s), not yet at school, please arrive from 8.30am and these photographs will be taken first.

Young Shakespeare

On Wednesday, Class 4 went to Hellens House to watch a fantastic 'Young Shakespeare' performance of Macbeth. The children were in awe at the skilled actors, fantastic costumes and sound effects, and they were able to see some of our learning in class in action too! We have been looking at how Tolkien uses 'pathetic fallacy' in Chapter 2 of The Hobbit and have compared this to Shakespeare's use of the witches and the wild weather on the moor. We have also been learning about 'monologues' during our core text work and, once again, Shakespeare was a master of this! Watching (and listening to) Macbeth or Lady Macbeth's turmoil during the story, proved to be a fantastic example of how authors use monologues to reveal how their key characters feel at different stages in a story.

Our thanks go to Chloe and everyone involved at Hellens House for organising such a brilliant event once again, with lots of audience participation to keep the children engaged and help them to understand the story. A special well done must also go to Harry in Year 5 for volunteering to play a part and pulling it off so convincingly - I was scared Harry!

Training for Lacrosse!

This week the Year 6 girls had a sports lesson with a difference, as they were joined by a teacher from Malvern St James who came to show them how to play Lacrosse. The children, accompanied by Mrs Layton, had a fantastic time on the field learning the rules of the game and how to handle the equipment. They now look forward to putting what they have learnt into good use, when they attend the :Lacrosse event at Malvern St James on Monday. Good luck girls!

Future of the PTA

Our most recent PTA meeting, which was held on Friday 13th September, focussed on the future of Eastnor’s Parent Teacher Association. It has become apparent that the traditional format of the PTA for ever more busy working families is no longer working. This has meant that over the past year we have become reliant on dwindling numbers of parents to organise and run all events. This is something that is not fair or viable moving forwards and there is now an opportunity to reshape the future of the PTA.

PTA achievements

Over the past 12 months efforts by the PTA have raised almost £8000 which has enabled or will finance:

  1. New books for every classroom representing a huge increase in the school library worth £2000

2. Classroom and PE resources £1000

3. Equipment for a renovation of Forest School, including waterproofs for all children in KS1 allowing all children to enjoy the Forest School, a unique Eastnor experience in all weathers. £4000

4. Subsidy of school trips (including Christmas pantomime) for all children in school £2000

5. Playground renovation/funds for field £5000

In addition, the PTA hosts regular events, including Neon Night in November, Secret Room and Father Christmas in December (including purchase of a present for every child) and the Summer Family Fun Day.

All of these things are at risk without future engagement from Parents and families of Eastnor children because not everything can be funded from the main school budget. Neon Night on 7th September will be the final event that the PTA host and from then on we must find new and innovative ways of working as we move forwards.

The annual AGM on Tuesday 22nd October has been cancelled but we will be hosting a parent meeting on the evening of Wednesday November 13th @ 6pm in school. Please come along or email the school if you have any ideas about how we could plan future fundraising events and to let us know what you would like the Eastnor PTA to look like. If we do not work together, then we fear everyone will lose out in the long term, most notably the children!

The staff at Eastnor fully recognise the unwavering and ongoing support that school receives from all our parents and families, whether this is to fund charity projects, bake cakes or attend both school and PTA events. We are extremely grateful for this and are keen to preserve the strong ties between school and families.

Class text fun in Class 3!

This term, class 3 have been thoroughly enjoying our our class text, The Railway Children. It has inspired us in our English lessons to explore a range of genres. We have looked at characters and settings, analysing the features and comparing with other story openings. We have also looked at persuasive writing features and written a balanced argument. When reading the text, we have explored new vocabulary and found out the definitions of the words. The children have included lots of these in their own writing including besieged, courtesies and slantwise. The children are enjoying reading the text and questioning the style of Edith Nesbitt's writing. We are looking forward to continuing to find out what happens in the story.

New Case of Head lice!

We have been informed, once again, that a child in school has contracted head lice. Please can I request that all parents check their children's hair again over the weekend, and treat hair it if necessary.

There is guidance on the NHS website ( about how to treat head lice and you can also seek advice from a local pharmacist about the most effective treatments, as wet combing is sometimes not effective enough.

If staff notice any child does have head lice then a letter will be sent home to inform you so that their hair can be treated.

We are working hard to avoid a large invasion which could impact many children but we can only succeed in doing this if treatments for new cases are acted upon quickly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Class 3 Success!

Class 3 have been very busy this week. Penny won a trophy for playing great Hockey. Ethan won a trophy for super football and Annabelle won a certifiicate at the Ledbury Ploughing Match for wonderful writing. I love hearing about all the things you get up to. Well done all of you.

A Message of Thanks!

The Hand in Hand appeal for Oscar were thrilled to annuounce earlier this week that the funds raised have now reached over the £500,000 target!

Oscar's parents said a huge thank you to the people of Worcestershire and beyond for making this possible!

I am sure you would like to join me in sending prayers of love and hope to Oscar and his family.

Voice Malvern Choir!

Bringing together young musicians from across the region to worship, grow in faith, develop musical gifts and be a voice in this world for God.

Junior Choir - Years 3-6

For all children who love to sing!

Youth Choir & Orchestra - Years 7-13

For anyone who sings or plays a rock band or orchestral instrument (minimum grade 4).

Malvern Evangelical Church 2-5pm on Saturday 19 Oct, 23 Nov, 18 Jan, 29 Feb.

Flyers attached to the parent mail if you need more details!

Class 2

The past few weeks have continued to be a busy time for Class 2. The children are really settled into the routines now and are enjoying learning a range of new skills and knowledge.

Our maths focus has been on addition and subtraction. We have explored different ways of solving problems either by using materials to help us, number lines, counting on in our head or by using what we know already and applying it to a new calculation.

In English we have used Paddington to help us read, write, discuss and explore a range of new vocabulary. This week we have been learning about how to recount an experience. We had a go at ‘hot seating’, pretending to be Paddington when he got stuck in the bath. The children were very good at answering questions as though they were Paddington. We then used this experience to help us write sentences or a diary entry as if we were Paddington.

The class have shown excellent mapping skills in Geography and are able to navigate a map using compass directions to describe their journeys from one point to another on a map of London. We were very impressed at how they mastered this tricky skill.

Forest school continues to be a favourite amongst many of the children and last week it was fantastic to have so many children working as a team to cut and trample a way through the nettles to different parts of the Forest school. They decided to create the paths themselves and agreed on where they should go. Meanwhile, others are loving cooking up delicious imaginative treats in the new mud kitchen and the stream also continues to be a very popular spot for exploring.

Within Science, the class are exploring materials through investigation and experiments. They are finding out about many properties of materials such as waterproofing and what happens to materials when you heat them.

We are really looking forward to the next few weeks leading up to half term, as although we have already learnt so much, there are still many fun activities and learning opportunities ahead as we continue to learn about London, Ancient Egypt and practise for our harvest festival.

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Mable for her fantastic perseverance and enthusiasm towards her learning since starting school. Well done!

Year 1

Eva for some super independent addition work this week. Well done.

Year 2

Ralph for trying hard in all we do and for sharing fantastic knowledge and ideas with the class. Great!

Year 3

Alex for super maths work and for his great attitude to learning. Well done Alex!

Year 4

Anya for always working so hard in all that she does and for showing true Christian values. Well done Anya!

Year 5

Piper for working so hard in class, achieving great results and paying careful attention to detail. You always get on straight away with your work and are a super role model to others. Well done!

Year 6

Lily for being more positive about her skills in art and maths since she returned in Year 6. Your work is fantastic Lily and this self-belief is really helping. Keep it up - you are a star!

Headteacher Award

Erin in class 3 for being a wonderful example of how being committed to your class text can help you to excel in English lessons! Erin, you know The Railway Children like the back of your hand and are using what you have learnt to improve your writing so much. Well done!