The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 29th November 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 2nd Dec

Swimming Lessons for Year 4 Children @ The Elms Malvern

Mon, 2nd Dec

Class 1 Welly Walk - afternoon session

Mon, 2nd Dec

Class 2 PE lessons with Mrs Dawe

Tue, 3rd Dec

Secret Room!

Wed, 4th Dec

Secret Room!

Wed, 4th Dec

Class 3 and Class 4 PE lessons with Mrs Dawe and Mr Bees

Thu, 5th Dec

Class 2 Forest School (Afternoon Session)

Diary Dates

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December –Secret Room

Wednesday 11th December – Class 1 and Class 2 Nativity (9.30am)

Wednesday 11th December - Christingle service (6pm) NO CLUBS

Thursday 12th December – NHS Flu Immunisation

Friday 13th December - Whole School Trip to Aladdin @ Malvern Theatre

Monday 16th – Friday 20th December -No Clubs Final Week of Term

Tuesday 17th December - Christmas Art Day

Wednesday 18th December – Save the Children Xmas Jumper Day/ Christmas Dinner

Thursday 19th December – Christmas Party Day

Friday 20th December – LAST DAY OF TERM

PTA Secret Room Shopping Begins!

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December - PTA Secret Room.

This wonderful event gives all the children the opportunity to buy Christmas presents for their siblings, parents, grandparents and anyone else on their present list. All gifts are £2 so please send your child in with a list of who they are buying for and the money in an envelope, if they wish to visit the Secret Room. There will be parents there to help the children decide and write their labels.

Secret room.jpg

Arts Awards!

On a previous newsletter I wrote about an art trip to Hereford Museum and Gallery that a group of children from Class 3 and 4 had been lucky to experience. They had the opportunity to work with a local artist on a large scale landscape piece. On Wednesday 20th November, Jaqui from the Arts award council who had arranged for the Eastnor children to be involved, came to visit the same group of children at school. She looked at their art sketch books and work on the walls around the school, before watching an assembly the group had prepared for the KS1 children to share their experience and the art work they had created. Jaqui was most impressed and all children in the group gained an Arts Award which recognises their artistic abilities and involvement in a wide range of Art techniques from painting and drawing to film and poetry. Well done to Erica, Jaiden C, Erin, Freya, Libby, Lilly, Ben M, Sebastien, Melly, Lewis, Emily and Tabitha.


Singing at Hellens House!

Last Friday, Miss Patchett and I took the Year 1 and 2 children to Hellens House, Much Marcle, for a morning of incredible music, performance and collaboration.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by multi-prize-winning violinst Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider, and highly acclaimed pianist William Howard. Elisabeth has performed throughout Europe and the USA and, as a soloist, with all the major Danish orchestras and is excited to be working with Eastnor and Much Marcle Primary School on a special singing project.

Both schools had the chance to listen to spectacular music, thinking about the stories that came to their mind as they listened. They then performed for each other, and together, and had lots of fun along the way. Our thanks go to Eastnor and Much Marcle's music teachers – Kate Cheetham and Bridget Snasdell - for the work they have done with all of the children so far.

The children (and adults!) were mesmerised by the whole experience and were even treated to homemade cakes at break time!

The class 2 children will have two more visits to Hellens in the new year and will then perform for parents, alongside Much Marcle, and the incredibly talented musicians on Tuesday 12th May. I will share more information about this performance with you when I get it.

Malvern Spring Garden Show

As you will know, Mrs Tart is leading a very exciting school project this academic year. For the first time, Eastnor Primary School will be entering a school garden into the RHS Malvern Spring Garden Show next May. This is a hugely exciting project and numerous links can be made to the curriculum during the planning, designing, planting, building and presenting stages.

On Tuesday, children from Mrs Tart’s club were invited to Wyevale Nursery in Hereford. Here they met experts in the field of Horticulture who had planned a morning of activities around the Nursery.

The day started with children planting their own rocket plants. They then went on to look at a range of flowers and plants which looked like they could fit with our schools theme (space as a wonder of the world!) and were amazed by the many plants they saw, including one called Angel Wings which was spectacular.

Next the children went to look at a huge array of plants; many with space inspired names, and used their senses to select their favourites.

After a delicious lunch (provided for us all by Wyevale!) the children took part in a planning session where they used ideas and experiences they had had during the morning to design their own parts of the school garden.

As always the children’s behaviour was impeccable and they were interested and engaged throughout the morning. Well done to you all!

Wyevale will be one of our three main sponsors and we are very grateful to them - particularly Heather Williamson - for such an inspiring morning. I would also like to thank Heather, Katie Balson and Renate Brown-Goode for helping with lifts and for supporting Mrs Tart with this project.

This will be a fantatsic team effort that will enable the children to be part of a project that will be very memorable.

National Tree Week celebrations

This week has been ‘National Tree Week’. This is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season in which people are being encouraged to plant trees around the country. As we are so blessed at Eastnor school to be surrounded by so many beautiful varieties of trees, Class 2 and 4 joined together on Tuesday for a morning of tree related activities, learning about and celebrating the valuable jobs that trees do in our environment. We measured trees and guessed their age; we wrote leaf poetry and did some leaf art. As always, the older and younger children worked well together supporting and inspiring each other.

During the morning, children also learnt about the Yew tree in our playground. We became mathematicians and historians outside and inside of the classroom, measuring and estimating the age of the tree and then researching which king or queen was ruling England at the time it was planted. The children learnt how important the berries are to wildlife such as blackbirds and thrushes, as well as reminding ourselves how poisonous they are to humans and larger animals. We also learnt why Yew trees are often planted in churchyards and investigated the different parts of the tree. What a wonderful morning was had by all!


Grace GP - Future David Attenborough in the Making!

On Wednesday morning, Grace in Year 6 brought a very special member of her family to school - her gecko Nugget! Grace (ably assisted by Eva in Year 5) gave a fantastic talk to each class in school during the first lesson about these fascinating creatures, impressing all of the adults in school who were listening and enjoying it as well! Grace had brought along some information to aid her presentation, however she clearly knew an incredible amount about geckos and was able to answer children's questions clearly and confidently. Thank you Grace (and Nugget) for visiting each class and letting us into the wonderful world of lizards close up. You clearly are a future David Attenborough in the making! Miss Clark

Free Books for Schools!

The Sun is offering primary schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland the chance to claim a set of free Collins Big Cat books for schools worth over £600. Eastnor has registered, and now we need your help. Each school must collect 3,500 tokens which are printed in The Sun every day from Saturday, November 23 2019 – Saturday, January 18 2020. If you have any family, friends or neighbours that read the Sun then please ask them to save the vouchers for us!

The closing date for schools to send in their 3,500 tokens is Saturday, February 8, 2020

books for schools.jpg

Thank you Tabitha!

Last week, Tabitha in Year 6 kindly donated some of her books from home to Class 3. She has enjoyed reading them and said that she wanted other children to enjoy them now as well! Thank you Tabitha. What a lovely, kind thought. We are sure that the children will enjoy them very much

School Photos Update!

Russ Lewis has sent his apologies for the slow turn around of indivdual and sibling photographs this year. Unfortunately, this has been due to some challenging personal circumstance and is very unsual.

I am sure you thought the wait was worth it when you saw the photos yesterday.


Tyler in class 2 has lost a pair of blue wellington boots. Please can everyone check that they have not come home with their child by mistake.

Many thanks.

Class 4

Class 4 children have had a very busy, but extremely enjoyable, first few weeks of the second half of the Autumn Term. Our reading and writing skills have continued to thrive using our core text 'The Hobbit', by J. R. R Tolkien. We have explored the three narrative voices that Tolkien uses in his story, one example being the intrusive narrator who offers their own opinions on the actions and events taking place. The children have also learned about Tolkien's use of sibilance and anastrophe in his character Gollum. We all had great fun creating and reading out conversations between two characters involving repeated and elongated 's' sounds (sibilance) and jumbled word order like Yoda (anastrophe). Anyone walking past our classroom that day would have thought it rather strange!

In Mathematics lessons, our learning has taken us on from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. These two areas rely heavily on a secure knowledge of times tables and their related division facts, so we have been practising these during our daily skills lessons after lunch. The children have been working with numbers of increasing size, securing their ability to carry and use remainders in the 'bus stop' short method of division. This week we have begun our block on fractions, which will takes us up to the end of term. The children have been applying the same levels of focus and concentration in lessons, so I am sure that we will be fraction geniuses before very long!

In other areas of learning, we have started our new topic on 'Forces' in Science lessons. We have been learning about Isaac Newton and measuring forces in Newtons, carrying out experiments that involve reading a variety of scales. Our topic has taken us on to learning about air resistance and we have begun to plan and carry out experiments which test this. In history, we have continued our learning on the Romans and, in particular, have researched the catastrophic events which led to the desolation (and resurrection) of Pompeii. The children have been learning about Pliny the historian, and his uncle, and how the preserved remains of cities (such as Pompeii) which are located in the vicinity of Mount Vesuvius, can teach us vast amounts about how the Ancient Romans lived.

In RE lessons, we have been learning about the Islamic faith and how Muslims are led by the Five Pillars, which shape their religious beliefs. We have researched what each pillar represents and how this impacts their day to day lives. The children were particularly taken with Zakat, the third Pillar of Islam, which involves the giving of one's wealth to charity on a regular basis. We have been watching videos which show young Muslims in Britain talking about their faith and rituals, comparing these to Christianity. The children have been really interested and engaged in lessons, offering some very thoughtful questions and insights.

We have been learning much more during the last four weeks - too much to mention! It is a testament to their keen minds and positive attitudes that we have been able to fit so much in during the last four weeks. We are bound to cover even more before the term ends, as we embrace the joyful Christian festival of Christmas next month. Well done Class 4 for your enthusiasm, enjoyment and hard work. Miss Clark

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Ranulph for his excellent addition work this week. Well done Ranulph!

Year 1

Alfie for always being a kind and caring friend. Wiell done Alfie!

Year 2

Anna for super reading and good description of new vocabulary. Well done Anna.

Year 3

Annabelle for her wonderful imaginiative writing. Well done Annabelle!

Year 4

Penny for great enthusiasm in everything that she does. Well done Penny!

Year 5

Kian for working extremely hard in all lessons recently and for being such a fantastic help when children encounter problems with the computers. What a computer whizz you are!

Year 6

Lilly for your fantastic work in English and Mathematics, in particular, and for always cheering me up with your wonderful sense of humour and enthusiasm!

Headteacher Award

Freya in class 4 for rising to every challenge that she is being given in class 4, especially in her English and Maths work. Freya's behaviour is impeccable and she is a very kind and caring friend. Well done Freya.