The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 10th January 2020

Diary Dates

Mon, 13th Jan

Swimming Begins for Year 3 Children

Mon, 13th Jan

Class 1 Welly Walk - afternoon session

Mon, 13th Jan

Class 2 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe - afternoon session

Tue, 14th Jan

NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe Assembly and Workshops

Tue, 14th Jan

Football Matches @ Bosbury Primary School

Wed, 15th Jan

Class 3 and Class 4 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe and Mr Bees

Thu, 16th Jan

Year 5 Dance/Gym Lessons at JMHS - morning session

Thu, 16th Jan

Forest School (class 2) - afternoon session

Thu, 16th Jan

Class 1 PE Lessons with Mrs Layton

Fri, 17th Jan

Singing with Mrs Cheetham

Diary Dates for Spring Term (1) 2020

Tuesday 21st January - Open Classroom Event for Year 3 (9.30-11.00am)

Tuesday 21st January - Open Classroom Event for Year 4 (1.30-3.00am)

Tuesday 21st January - Netball Matches @ Ashperton Primary School

Friday 24th January - Life Education Tent and Workshops

Tuesday 28th January - KS1 Football @ JMHS

Wednesday 29th January - Dan the Skipping Man

Tuesday 4th February - Open Classroom Event for Reception Class (1.30-3.00pm)

Wednesday 5th February - Tag Rugby @ Bosbury Primary School

Tuesday 11th February - Multi Skills Festival

Friday 14th February – LAST DAY OF HALF TERM

Monday 24th February – CHILDREN BACK TO SCHOOL

Thursday 5th March - World Book Day

Tuesday 17th March - Open Classroom Event for Year 1 (9.30-11.00am)

Tuesday 17th March- Open Classroom Event for Year 2 (1.30-3.00pm)

Friday 20th March - Mother’s Day Assembly (2.45pm)

Thursday 26th March - Herefordshire and Worcestershire Debating Competition

Friday 27th March - Annual Reports Home to Parents

Tuesday 31st March – Parent - Teacher Drop in

Wednesday 1st April – Easter Service (2.30pm) NO CLUBS

Friday 3rd April - School Closing at 1pm for Cluster School training

Friday 3rd April – LAST DAY OF TERM

Reminder of PE/Swimming and Outdoor Activity Timetables

Monday Morning - Swimming Lessons for Year 3 (From Monday 13th Jan)

Monday Afternoon - Welly Walk for Class 1 (From Monday 13th Jan)

Monday Afternoon - PE with Mrs Dawe for Class 2 (From Monday 13th Jan)

Wednesday Afternoon - PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe & Mr Bees for Class 3 and Class 4 (From Wednesday 8th Jan)

Thursday Morning - Dance/Gym with Mrs Dawe @ JMHS for Year 5 (from Thursday 16th Jan)

Thursday Afternoon - PE Lessons for Class 1 with Mrs Layton (From Thursday 9th Jan)

Thursday Afternoon - Forest School for Class 2 (From Thursday 16th Jan)

If children have PE or Forest School, please send them in the appropriate kit to school on the morning of the lessons. This saves learning time and helps minimise lost clothes and belongings.

Reception Place Admissions Deadline - Wednesday 15th January

There has been lots of publicity about how schools are performing over recent weeks and we are exceptionally proud that Eastnor is helping all of its pupils to achieve so highly in their attainment and against progress measures.

Our year 6 cohort last year achieved results that put us in the top 3% nationally and this is a testament to the wonderful journey each child goes on throughout their time at Eastnor.

If you know anyone who is looking for a Reception place in September 2020 then hopefully you will have recommended us. What better place is there to learn, work and play!

The closing date for applications is on Wednesday 15th January.

For further information please see details below.

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 01432 260926 / 261574

Address: School Admissions, Plough Lane Offices, Plough Lane, Hereford, HR4 0LE

Class 2.png

Healthy Snack Policy Reminder!

Last year, you will remember the governors introduced a new and simple healthy eating policy for school which can be found on the website.

Morning snack (except for treat day on a Wednesday!) should be fruit or vegetables which are provided for the younger children in school. We also decided to include fresh or dried fruit from home, vegetables from home or chunks of cheese (which is usually popular with the children) for elevenses.

We realise that our choices are not the only healthy snack options but by simplifying what’s allowed for snack-time, staff are able to ensure all children are making healthy choices. It is very difficult to manage if the boundaries are too wide.

If any children have another favourite ‘healthy’ snack, they can always bring it in to have with their lunch.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

class 1 healthy snack

Open Classroom Returns for 2020!

At Eastnor we pride ourselves as being one big family where the staff, children, parents and our local community work together.

This academic year we are, once again, going to be hosting Open Classroom Events, in all year groups, in which we will invite different members of the school community to experience what it is like to learn at Eastnor Primary School.

For this first event of 2020, we are going to invite our parents into school on Tuesday 21st January to share learning with the children in year 3 and year 4.

Mrs Tart and Miss Pope are planning some exciting activities where each year group will have the chance to work with their loved ones, and showcase the work they have been doing so far this term.

We request that year 3 parents arrive promptly for the start of the morning session at 9.30 so they can be part of the main teaching session and have the opportunity to experience all of the planned activities.

Year 4 parents will be welcomed for the afternoon session which will begin at 1.30pm.

We look forward to welcoming you all to school!

open classroom 3

Welcoming Miss Pope to Class 3

My name is Miss Pope and I am a student teacher from the University of Worcester who will be working with class 3 this term. I am extremely excited to be joining your school for my second placement and will be here up until the middle of March. I have been working with year 1’s previously so I am looking forward to working with year 3 and 4’s for this placement. The welcome I have already received from everyone has been wonderful and I now can’t wait to get going this term!


A Window into the Curriculum - Class 4

It has been wonderful to welcome back to school all of the children in Class 4 this week, fully rested and ready for the exciting challenges which lie ahead of them this term.

In English lessons we will be studying 'The Silver Sword' by Ian Serraillier: a children's classic which depicts the horrors and chaos of separation experienced by children in war-torn Warsaw 80 years ago. As we study this text, the children will understand the author's purpose through choice of language and structure. We will look at similarities and differences with other stories, comparing this tale with the plight of refugees beautifully illustrated in graphic novels such as 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan and 'Illegal' by Eoin Colfer. We will use all of these texts to support how we write our own playscripts; short stories; newspaper articles; chronological and non-chronological reports; persuasive texts; diary extracts and much more.

The children will also learn about World War 1 and 2 in Geography and History lessons this term. In addition, we will develop further our topic on 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes' which we began during the latter part of the Autumn term when studying the destruction of Pompeii during our topic on 'The Romans'.

Our focus in Mathematics lessons will be on Roman numerals; volume and area; statistics; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division (including square and cube numbers); number and place value (including prime numbers); decimals and percentages; algebra and fractions; and developing mental arithmetic. The children will also have the opportunity to practise SAT style questions in test conditions, which is an extremely useful way of highlighting areas that need addressing and developing further.

Further topic work will cover 'Properties and Changes of Materials' in Science lessons (which will involve a consumer research project on food and drink at festivals); 'Simulation, Modelling and Spreadsheets' in Computer Science; 'Why Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah' in RE lessons; and 'The life and work of Constantin Brancusi' in Art and Design lessons. With weekly french, music, singing and PE lessons (in which Mrs Dawe begin san additional block of dance and gymnastic lessons with Year 5 children at John Masefield), it is bound to be an extremely full and eventful term!


A Window into the Curriculum - Class 3

What a great start to the spring term the children have had in class 3, settling to work so well and taking on all the challenges and expectations asked of them.

In English we are reading our new class text, The Wizard of Once and looking at the story in detail. We will be looking at Cressida Cowell in detail and finding out what inspired her to write her magical stories. We will be learning about a Prologue and how it helps us to understand the story. The children will be identifying features of magical creatures and use powerful vocabulary to describe them. We will then go on to writing instructions to make our own magic potions, followed by diary writing to show how the potions are used. All through our English work we will be looking at the use of sentence structure and powerful vocabulary, which will influence our writing as we try to emulate the style of fantasy stories. Alongside this we will be learning how to use our spelling, grammar and punctuation correctly to add to our writing.

In Maths we will be learning how we can use all aspects of our times tables in our maths lessons and how to transfer these skills to all our number work. We will then be looking at multiplying and dividing, using formal and mental methods. Then we will move on to using measurements to help us to work out area and perimeter of a range of different shapes. This will be followed by fraction and decimal work.

In our science lessons we will be learning about Rocks and Soils, looking at their properties and comparing them using a number of scientific investigations. We will also be learning about fossils and how they are formed. We will be researching the famous Palaeontologists; Mary Anning and Robert Bakker who was one of the technical advisers for the original Jurassic Park.

Our topic work will be based on The Aztecs and Incas. We will investigate when it took place on our class timeline and look at maps and globes to research where it took place. We will be learning about the roles of Emperors, Nobles, Warriors, Priests and Farmers and how the Aztec society influenced their lives. We will look at the geographical features of Mexico, including population, landscape and climate.

In our computing work we will be looking at writing our own programmes to design a simple game that uses instructions to control a sprite. We will be making a database to classify and sort fossils, using fact cards and questionnaires.

In Art and DT we will be learning about weaving and sculpture which will be linked to the Aztecs and how they made household items.

In RE our big question will be ‘How do Festivals and Worship show what matters to a Muslim?’ The children will have the opportunity to identify beliefs about God in Islam and learn about Ibidah and how it is carried out, looking at ways that people can live in harmony.

Our PSHE lessons will concentrate on our feelings and emotions and how we can control and change negative emotions.

French lessons will be concentrating on numbers, greetings and how to write instructions in French.

Our music lessons will be focussed around listening to and appraising music, then producing our own tunes based on Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.

The children will also be continuing a range of exciting PE lessons with Mrs Dawe.

We will also be continuing to plan and produce our garden ready for the Spring Garden show at the Three Counties Showground in May.

We are all looking forward to a very exciting term full of amazing new experiences in awe and wonder of the world around us!


A Window into the Curriculum - Class 2

What a busy and varied Spring term Class 2 have to look forward to!

Aside to our daily focuses on phonics, reading and spelling as well as basic maths skills, we have much more in store!

Our class text, Charlotte’s Web, will inspire us with our writing. We will be creating fact sheets, writing fantasy stories, poetry and exploring elements of the story such as character, setting and plot. We will also use the story to inspire artistic creations and geographical knowledge. It will be used to explore and expand our vocabulary and knowledge across the curriculum.

Daily maths sessions practise and revisit skills and facts within Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division embedding our knowledge, quickening our factual recall and extending our thinking and problem solving within these areas of Maths.

Within RE, we consider the question, ‘Who is Jewish and how do they live?’ We will learn about the Jewish faith, their rituals and celebrations, before focussing on the Christian celebration of Easter.

We will be learning about collage and textiles in Art and D&T, looking at Artists such as Matisse and the sculpture of Andy Goldsworthy alongside practising and exploring our own skills in collage and textiles.

We also learn about and use algorithms in Computing, musical components such as timbre and tempo in Music, Games skills, Orienteering and Playground leader skills in PE. and we continue our outdoor adventures at Forest School on a Thursday afternoon each week.

Phew! Another action packed term awaits full of exciting learning opportunities!


A Window into the Curriculum - Class 1

Another term upon us, another bunch of adventures to enjoy along the way. It is wonderful to be back in the swing of things here in Class 1 and how well the children have returned to school, looking more grown up already! Our topic this term is ‘Thinking outside the box’. The children will have many journeys through many different aspects of their world before diving into the world all around them.

The children’s interests will be used to inform the direction our topic predominantly takes as always. In our English learning we will be exploring many different traditional tales, firm favourites with many children and adults, before discovering many varieties of the familiar stories which offer the children a completely different perspective of these familiar stories. The children will be supported to continue developing their segmenting (word building) and moving onto some successful sentence writing. Mathematics offers us plenty of fascinating areas of learning, Numberblocks support us along the way as we investigate and play around with bigger and bigger numbers throughout the term as well as exploring different types of measure, including time and money. As children’s confidence grows in each of these areas, more problem solving will begin feeding into our teaching and learning. In other areas of learning, there is plenty of fun to be had; we will continue with our weekly welly walks in the spring term 1 as well as Mrs Layton continuing to teach P.E with the children each week too! We will be adding more formal afternoon sessions supported with continuous provision but enabling us to learn about some very exciting science, history and geography learning! Children will take a trip to China and begin making comparisons between the differences and similarities between China and the U.K. In Art, Music and Drama, very popular areas this year with our fabulous bunch, there will be plenty of opportunities for the children to flourish and show off their fabulous talents as we explore the techniques of art and painting, a wide variety of music and 'plenty of drama darling'!

We can’t wait to see what the term brings and have no doubt it will be filled with love, laughter, learning and joy! Let’s get going!


Christmas Jumper Library!

I've had the idea of creating a 'Christmas Jumper Library'. My thought is that I could could collect any donations of Christmas jumpers, store them until next November and then we'll find a time when people can come and borrow one for a small contribution which would go towards school funds. I'm happy to accept jumpers from pre school and older siblings also.

This would reduce the environmental impact of the production of jumpers which will only be worn a handful of times, raise money for school and save us all spending money on new jumpers at am already expensive time of year.

If you would be happy to contribute any jumpers you have, please send them into school and I'll collect them from there.

Many thanks,

Bridget (Joseph in Class 1's mum)

Xmas jumper day 1

Class 3

It was so lovely to welcome all the children back to school this week and hear all about their Christmas adventures. Thank you so much to the children for all their hard work that has taken place over the Christmas break; so many of you have completed lots of challenges on our Timetables site and read lots of books, including our class text. Our new class text, The Wizard of Once, has already sparked our imagination. Whilst learning more about Cressida Cowell, who also wrote How to Train Your Dragon, amongst others. We have written a Biography presenting all the facts we have researched about the author. The children love the genre of Fantasy Stories and finding out about the magic powers used by the characters. We have created some wonderful art work for our displays based on the story. Our maths work this week is centred on number using multiplication and division. The children have been solving tricky word problems using a systematic approach when reasoning and applying all the times table facts they have learnt. Our topic this term is based on The Aztecs and Incas. We have found out about who the Aztecs were and when they lived, including placing them on a timeline of human history. We have located and explored where they lived and identified the continents of North and South America. Our Science topic of Rocks and Soils has introduced us to famous Palaeontologists: Mary Anning and Robert Bakker who was one of the technical advisers for the original Jurassic Park. We have started to compare and group different kinds of rocks from simple physical properties. Alongside all of this the children are learning key French words and numbers whilst practising their skills on their class mates. We have had a great first week back.

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Isabelle for her great listening and efforts with all her learning. Well done Isabelle!

Year 1

Matthew for a super effort in all aspects of school life. Fantastic start to the new term Matthew!

Year 2

Heidi for super ideas and fantastic descriptive language in English. What a star you are!

Year 3

Willow-Grace for super reading this week, a good start to the new term. Well done Willow-Grace!

Year 4

Sophie for settling in to school life so well at Eastnor; what a lovely smile every morning. Welcome Sophie!

Year 5

Ben for always giving 100% to everything you do and for being an exceptional role model for the school. What a wonderful boy you truly are Ben!

Year 6

Lily B for always giving 100% to everything you do and for being an exceptional role model for the school. What a delightful girl you truly are Lily!

Headteacher Award

To our girls football team - Nancy, Libby, Lily B, Emily, Lul-lu, Anna, Rosie and Lilly L - for impressing everyone with their skills, determination and team spirit at the tournament at JMHS on Wednesday. Well done girls! What a great performance from you all: you were very worthy runners-up!