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Edition: Friday, 20th July 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 23rd Jul - Tue, 24th Jul


Tue, 24th Jul

Leavers Service 9.30am at Eastnor Church

Tue, 24th Jul

Year 6 Rounders with Parents (after service)

Tue, 24th Jul


Mon, 3rd Sep


Tue, 4th Sep


Eastnor End of Year Outcomes

As you all know, all of the staff at Eastnor are committed to ensuring all children achieve the best possible outcomes in all aspects of their education but academic excellence remains fundamental. 

I am very pleased to be able to share some of the key results children across school have achieved this year which show that our children are consistently performing better than those nationally, across school .

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) 85% of the children secured a good level of development. In Phonics, 88% of children passed the phonic screening assessment in Year 1 and 100% passed the test by the end of Year 2.

At the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) 85% of children secured the expected level or better in Reading and Writing and Mathematics.

At the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) results were also excellent. 94% of our children secured the expected standard in Reading and Writing,  88% in English Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and 82% in Mathematics.

We are very proud to secure excellent academic results each year. We firmly believe that children do their best when they are happy, have fun and feel nurtured, which is what we work hard to succeed in doing everyday.

Dates for your Diary!

As you know, life at Eastnor can get very busy with any number of performances, projects, trips and fixtures going on at any one time.

Please note that there are two documents attached to the parent mail today which include a list of term dates and key diary dates for the coming academic year. There will still be more dates to add as we move through the year, and we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, but we hope prior notice for events such as special church services, the end of year production and Sports Day will prove useful.

Updated Uniform Policy!

Please can all parents look at the uniform policy, which has also been sent as a parent mail attachment today,  before going shopping for new uniform in the summer. Governors believe it is very important that pupils look smart and will be carefully monitoring whether the policy is being adhered to during the new academic year.

Updated Attendance Policy!

Many thanks to all parents who have been committed to ensuring their children's attendance is at 97% or above, and to those who ensure their children are in school by 8.55 so that they are ready to start the school day promptly at 9am.

As we informed you at the beginning of this school year, the school's leadership team regularly review the school's attendance policy. This will happen again this summer and a more rigorous approach to attendance below 95% and to those taking unauthorised holidays will come into place.

This is happening because the local authority, the governing body and the teaching staff have closely monitored attendance and punctuality this year and acknowledge there needs to be a drive to improve attendance figures and to decrease the number of unauthorised holidays families are taking - many of which are happening year on year.

A new policy will be sent to all families in September.

PE and Forest School Timetable

Please see the timetable for PE and Forest School sessions for September.  


Class 2 - PE (Morning Sessions with Mrs Dawe)

Class 3 & 4: PE (Afternoon Sessions with Mrs Dawe)


Class 1: Outdoor Adventure Afternoon (Miss Evans/Mrs Layton)

Class 2: Forest School Afternoon (Mrs Tart/Mrs Willis)

Class 3 & 4: PE (Afternoon Sessions with Mrs Dawe)

Please note that children can wear PE kit to school on days they will be taking part in lessons during the morning session. All children in Class 1 and Class 2 should wear home clothes suitable for outdoor adventures - and bring Forest School Kit waterproofs  - on a Thursday.

Residential to Red Ridge Centre

As in previous years, we will alternate our Year 5 and 6 Residential trips between the cultural/ educational activities on the Isle of Wight with an outdoor activities adventure at the Red Ridge Centre in Welshpool.

As you will have seen on the save the date sticker - this trip will run from Friday 12th to Monday 15th July. Please remember to add this date to your diaries!

Sports Day Success!

Wow!  What an amazing day!  The sun stayed behind the clouds for just enough time, as the children showed off many skills in our sports day. 

They took part in many activities which included throwing, catching, tennis, badminton and racing.  We then enjoyed a picnic lunch with families as the sun came out before raring up for some traditional races.

The day was a fantastic success and we must say a huge thank you to our sports coach Mrs Dawe and the Sports Leaders from John Masefield for making the day so smooth and enjoyable.  Also, well done to all of the children for having a go and showcasing  Christian values of humility, endurance, compassion, unity and friendship.  We all had a great day! 

 And well done to Landrover who were this year's cup winners!

Eastnor's Got Talent Finals!

What a fantastic amount of talent Eastnor school has to offer! All teachers thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of Simon Cowell and judging, in a much friendlier way, some of the brilliant and unique skills of children from all age ranges across the school.

On Tuesday, Eastnor's Got Talent heats took place and much deliberation went into the selection of our finalists.

On Thursday the Eastnor Got Talent final took place and what a show stopper it truly was! The show included many brilliant acts ranging from instrumentalists to singer and dancers. Well done everyone, not only to the performers but also to the incredibly enthusiastic audience too!

Our thanks go to Ben Mowbray who had the unenviable task of selecting a winner. Well done to Eleanor for being named 2018 Eastnor's Got Talent Champion.

Eastnor School Disco

On Thursday we all danced the night away at The Leavers Disco, organised by the PTA.  Year 6 children got in free, although after seeing their awesome moves, we should have been paying them for the spectacle!  Teachers tangoed, children cha-cha'd and much fun was had by all. It was wonderful to see all of the children dancing together, younger and older ones giggling and hugging and showing how much of a big family we truly are at our school.  Well done everyone and keep dancing!

Leavers Day Out

By the time you read this, the Year 6's along with Miss Clark, Mrs Tart, Mrs Driscoll and Emily Watson will have been for their Leavers Day Out.

Very excitedly, we all boarded the train at Ledbury and headed to Worcester Foregate Street where we then went to Vue Cinema for a private screening of Incredibles 2.  After eating lots of sweets and popcorn we then went to Pizza Express and enjoyed a 3-course lunch before strolling back to the station and getting the (heavily delayed) train back to Ledbury. A fellow passenger commented on the excellent behaviour and patience shown by all of the children during the trip which was well over an hour! Many thanks to all parents who were still smiling when we eventually arrived home!  

A brilliant day was had by all! Our thanks go to the PTA and paretns who subsided the costs of this special day.

Goodbye and Good Luck Year 6!

I  have been so proud of the Year 6's this year.  Despite the curriculum objectives and the expected standard for Year 6 children becoming much higher than in previous years, the Year 6's this year have met every challenge with a smile, a spring in their step and a positive attitude.

They have tried their very best, and have really relished all enrichment opportunities, such as their residential trips and arts projects, and have had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn.

I wish each and every one of them the very best as they make the next steps in their journey, and hope that all of them keep their creativity, enthusiasm and zest for life.

I will miss you all and hope you come back to see us one day!

Welcome Back Miss Watson!

Last week we welcomed back Grace Smith to Eastnor and this week was the turn of Emily Watson: both have remained close friends since their primary school days here.

Emily returned to school as part of her Year 10 work experience  - and what a treat it has been to spend time with her again.  Emily encouraged the children on sports day and worked across school during the week. She also spent time learning from Mrs Dawe during her PE lessons, and learnt what it was like to work in a busy Primary School, at the end of term!

Emily  has really enjoyed her week and we have enjoyed having her. She has done a fabulous job; ably assisting the adults she has worked with.

Emily Work Exp

Gymnastic Medals!

On Saturday,  Heidi from class 4 dragged her very tired body to her first ever gymnastics competition. She's only been going to classes since February and managed to win 2 medals - one for her group routine and the other for 3rd place in her age group individual. What a wonderful achievement in such a short space of time!

On Sunday, Goda also competed in a gymnastics competition. Goda has been working very hard on her floor routine and on Sunday she performed her routines. She competed in a trio competition in a team of 3 and won a first place medal for their floor routine. Fantastic work Goda.

Guitar Success!

Cameron in class 3 has recently passed his grade 1 guitar exam with Merit. Many congratulations to Cameron and a big thank you to Dom Kearne, our fabulous guitar teacher. The children all love his lessons and are making brilliant progress!
Cam Guitar merit

Tesco Fundraising Bid for Eastnor Primary School!

Finally, you might have noticed that we have a fundraising bid at Tesco in Ledbury this summer. Please remember to ask cashiers for a token, however small your purchase, and pop it into the Eastnor box. Tell friends and family too! Freya from class 3 has been leading the way as you can see in the photo below.
Freya tesco

Class 4

A Special Visit from Crucial Crew!

On Thursday, Crucial Crew came to Class 4 in the form of Charlotte from The Dog's Trust and Jo and Anna from West Mercia Police.  They spent the morning sharing valuable advice with the children regarding how to keep safe. 

Charlotte reminded children that there are no dangerous dogs, rather that there are unsafe and uneducated owners.  She covered how to greet someone's dog so that the dog and they are safe; always ask the owner if you can stroke the dog, let the dog sniff you and then ask the owner how they like to be stroked.She taught the children the 'x factor' pose to adopt when a strange dog runs up to you: to stand very still, form an x across your chest with your arms and then look away to the side.  By doing this, the dog realises that you are not interesting and leaves you alone.  Valuable advice for children of any age!

Jo and Anna covered internet safety with the upper key stage 2 children.  After sharing their experiences of using the internet, Anna reminded the children that they have to be 13 years old to use Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and 16 years old to use Whatsapp (which is a recent change to legislation).  They discussed the importance of not putting any personal information online, including photographs wearing uniforms, and to regularly allow/expect your parents to monitor what you are doing to keep you safe.  The importance of what you write was discussed too.  They encouraged the children to think about what they write online and to consider whether they would be happy for the same to be written about them.  A short video also underlined the importance of 'followers' and 'friends' being people you should actually know such as family, classmates or neighbours.

Our morning finished in a fun and informative way, as the children were allowed to sit in the two police vehicles, test the sirens and pose questions to the four police officers who had visited us about what their job entails.  The children had a fantastic time and over half of the children at the end of the session said they would consider the police force as a future career!  Miss Clark

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


To all of the class 1 children for their commitment and hard work this year. Well done and happy holidays to you all!

Year 1

To all of the year 1 children for their commitment and hard work this year. Well done and happy holidays to you all!

Year 2

To all of the year 2 children for their commitment and hard work this year. Well done and happy holidays to you all!

Year 3

To all of the year 3 children for their commitment and hard work this year. Well done and happy holidays to you all!

Year 4

To all of the year 4 children for their commitment and hard work this year. Well done and happy holidays to you all!

Year 5

To all of the year 5 children for their commitment and hard work this year. Well done and happy holidays to you all!

Year 6

To all of the year 6 children for their commitment and hard work this year. Well done and happy holidays to you all!

Headteacher Award

To Evie, Frankie and Heidi for being the youngest finalists at Eastnor's Got Talent and for performing with confidence and joy! What great movers you are! Well done girls.