The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 24th January 2020

Diary Dates

Mon, 27th Jan

Swimming for Year 3 Children

Mon, 27th Jan

Class 1 Welly Walk - afternoon session

Mon, 27th Jan

Class 2 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe - afternoon session

Mon, 27th Jan

Internet Safety Workshops with Mark Sanderson (ICT Consultant)

Tue, 28th Jan

KS1 Boys Football at JMHS (4pm-5pm) parents informed

Wed, 29th Jan

Dan the Skipping Man in School (all children to wear PE kit please)

Thu, 30th Jan

Year 5 Dance/Gym Lessons at JMHS - morning session

Thu, 30th Jan

Forest School (class 2) - afternoon session

Fri, 31st Jan

The Trudge at JMHS - parents informed

Fri, 31st Jan

Singing with Mrs Cheetham

Diary Dates for Spring Term (1) 2020

Tuesday 4th February - Open Classroom Event for Reception Class (1.30-3.00pm)

Wednesday 5th February - Tag Rugby @ Bosbury Primary School

Tuesday 11th February - Multi Skills Festival

Wednesday 12th February - Sing Spring In at Hellens Much Marcle *new date

Friday 14th February – LAST DAY OF HALF TERM

Monday 24th February – CHILDREN BACK TO SCHOOL

Thursday 5th March - World Book Day

Tuesday 17th March - Open Classroom Event for Year 1 (9.30-11.00am)

Tuesday 17th March- Open Classroom Event for Year 2 (1.30-3.00pm)

Friday 20th March - Mother’s Day Assembly (2.45pm)

Thursday 26th March - Herefordshire and Worcestershire Debating Competition

Friday 27th March - Annual Reports Home to Parents

Tuesday 31st March – Parent - Teacher Drop in

Wednesday 1st April – Easter Service (2.30pm) NO CLUBS

Friday 3rd April - School Closing at 1pm for Cluster School training

Friday 3rd April – LAST DAY OF TERM

JMHS Open Day Dates for 2020

Wednesday 22nd January - Open morning, arrive by 9am

Thursday 7th May - Open morning, arrive by 9am

Thursday 4th June - Year 5 Information evening (time TBC)

Thursday 18th June - Year 6 Information evening (time TBC)

Friday 26th June - Year 5 Day

Thursday 2nd July - Year 6 Day

Welcoming Dan the Skipping Man to Eastnor!

On Wednesday 29th January we will be welcoming Dan the Skipping Man to Eastnor.

As we all know, the government want all children to be encouraged to lead an active lifestyle and we believe school can play a significant role in getting children enthused about a range of sports and activities.

The 'Dan the Skipping Man' concept helps create an ongoing, sustainable way to get children moving, through the simple but varied activity of skipping.

Each class will have a session with Dan during the day, and our skipping leaders will also learn how to interweave the skipping games, activities and challenges into our play times.

Please can all children wear PE kit to school on this day so they are ready for their new challenge.

dan the skipping man.jpg

Open Classroom Fun for Class 3!

What a wonderful day we had in Class 3 welcoming so many parents and grandparents to share our learning opportunities with us on Tuesday We have been looking in depth at our class text, The Wizard of Once, finding out about the author Cressida Cowell and what inspired her to write the series of books. The Sprites proved to be a fascinating subject; the magical powers have really enticed us in to the story. The children created their own mythical creatures and described them using great similes, metaphors and personification. It was so lovely to see the children sharing their ideas and teaching the adults how to make the creature come to life. It was also very beneficial to share the expectations we have in school in maths and the future times tables test for year 4's. So good to see you all having a go at the test. Thank you so much for coming into school. Watch out for future dates to come and join us.

Life Education - All About Me

What a fabulous morning we had on Friday, the children were all full of energy and positive attitudes ready to enjoy and embrace a new experience.

We were first greeted by a very lovely lady called Anita who had a very shy giraffe who was too scared to come and meet us. We couldn't believe it, how could anyone be scared of Class 1 children? With plenty of smiles and encouragement Harold the giraffe felt brave enough to come and share with us some of his knowledge about our bodies. We learnt all about where we get our energy from and what body parts we have inside us to help create and use that energy!

Some children enjoyed wearing the body suit while we filled it up with those all important organs inside! We then took good care of Harold the giraffe, showing him how to cheer himself up if he was feeling sad as well as taking care of himself like brushing his teeth and combing his hair!

The children had a fantastic session and left with bundles of energy and a new insight as to how their bodies work. Well done everyone!

Life Education - Feelings

Class 2 learnt about their body and 'Feelings’during their workshop.

The children looked at a life size model of a person that showed the insides of our body which the children named and learnt about. They loved how each part of the body they discussed lit up. They thought about what we need to give us energy and learnt about a healthy diet. Next they talked about different feelings and watched Harold the Giraffe and Dexter the Penguin at a party and discussed how Kiki the kangaroo was feeling when Dexter was unkind and left her out.

Anita who led the Education Bus session was really impressed by Class 2’s behaviour, listening skills and the amazing knowledge they displayed. All of the teachers and helpers were very proud of how well they represented themselves and school.

Life Education - It's Great To Be Me!

Derek, Kiki and Harold greeted Class 3 in the Life Education Tent. We learnt about what it is like to be unique and that we are one of a kind. We learnt about different personalities, feelings and our DNA. We also explored how vital the role of our brains are in every inch of our body. The children talked about their likes and dislikes. We learnt about what is inside our bodies by looking at a life size model including the liver and all its functions and how it helps with our digestive system. We learnt about the effects of alcohol on our liver and how it cleans poisons out of our blood. We learnt how children are getting more cases of type 2 diabetes from eating too much sugar; we also learnt how to prevent ourselves from getting this disease. We looked at our lungs and how they can change if we smoke. We learnt some great facts such as, the lungs cover the area of a tennis court if they are rolled flat. We played some great games to show us how our food travels through our body. What a fun and educational afternoon we had.

Life Education - Friends

On Friday afternoon Class 4 had a very enjoyable and educational time in the Life Education Tent when it visited our school.

The start of the session focused on friendships and positive relationships, looking at the main values within friendship that keep us happy, such as feeling safe and secure, giving and receiving the same attention with friends, having the ability to make choices and also recognising that sometimes it is important for us all, at times, to have our own space to develop independence.

Following this, the children took part in a health-focused PSHE section linked to the curriculum on drug awareness. The children learnt about the effects that some drugs can have on the body, and the harm that they can potentially cause. They also shared ways that they can be assertive and how to say 'no' when faced with different pressures.

It was a really engaging lesson and Anita (who led the session) commented on the philosophical thinking and mature way in which the children responded to the topics and thought of different, interesting questions to ask.

Well done Class 4.

Inspiring ICT with Class 3

What a fantastic morning class 3 had when Mark Sanderson and Rachel Lambert (who is teaching us how to use iMovie to produce our film) visited us and took us on an amazing trip to space, visiting lots of planets on the way. Don't worry our feet never left the ground! This was all made possible using Virtual Reality. We will be using our new found knowledge to impact our garden design at the Malvern Garden Show. Mark will be coming into school very soon to help us make short clips that wil be included in our film and will teach us how to use QR codes to access information dotted around the garden. The children loved our virtual trip.

Cluster Mini League _ Netball Report

On Tuesday afternoon, children from years 5 and 6 made their way eagerly across to Ashperton for a mini league Netball tournament.

The children showed impeccable behaviour, representing the school fantastically, supporting other teams along the way whilst always keeping their brilliant competitiveness! Miss Clark was particularly impressed by how well the children's technical skills in the sport have developed, the children showed great confidence and flair in their game play.

Many goals were scored by the team, winning both games they played against Ledbury Primary and Colwall Primary - great results everybody! Well done you!

We look forward to more sporting success soon I'm sure!

PTA Committee Update!

The new PTA was elected on Friday 10th January and everyone was pleased to see a number of new parents who were happy to join the committee. They have already started to work together to reshape Eastnor's PTA.

They will also begin to make plans for future events soon and will be aiming to develop different working parties to help.

Eastnor’s PTA Committee for 2020

Chairs - Emily Tattum and Helen Mitchell

Vice Chair – Lauren Young

Secretary – Bec Swan

Treasurer – Sarah Jones

Class 1

What a fantastic start to the term we have had here in Class 1 - it has been an absolute pleasure to welcome the Reception children back into the new year and they have all come back bursting with energy and enthusiasm for the next steps in their learning journeys.

The term has started off very excitable for us and we have very quickly needed to put on our detective hats as a mystery unfolded right in front of us. Miss Davies and Mrs Layton were thrilled to have a new teacher's chair to sit on in the classroom, decorated in lovely golden materials picked by the children. However, all of us were absolutely stunned to find the chair broken on our return from morning play earlier last week. The children quickly went to work, taking photographs of the evidence, designing wanted posters to place around the school and going on our very own Goldilocks welly walk hunt! Of course it had to be Goldilocks -who else could it be? The children have been working tremendously hard on their writing over the last few weeks, thinking really carefully about building words together using their phonics but first growing in confidence to talk about what they want to write, to inspire and order their ideas more effectively - it has been very impressive! Well done everyone!
This week has seen the start of more fairy tale mystery coming from no other than the Big Bad Wolf causing plenty of trouble for the three little pigs. As always the children have been engaged immensely in their learning and continue to grow in confidence in both their independent reading and writing.

In Mathematics the children have enjoyed exploring odd and even numbers using their friends Odd Todd and Even Steven. The children have enjoyed playing around with different number patterns, realising that even numbers always have enough friends to share with, whereas odd numbers always have an odd one out. The fun we have in Class 1 is being able to experiment with our maths in a huge range of contexts both in the classroom and outdoors - always more fun in the big wide world definitely! Over the last few weeks children have learnt about doubling, painting lots of troubling minibeasts, doubling their spots wherever they go! We also had lots of fun with one of our class mascots 'Monet the Monkey' who helped us to learn about all about different positional and directional language.

In other areas of our learning children have been 'Thinking outside of the box' in all different areas of our curriculum. We welcomed back Freddie the frog after his extensive travelling trip, to discover that Freddie had been all over the world including China. We enjoyed looking at his photo album, exploring different landmarks and unique features of the Chinese culture. We have concentrated lots on 'The Great Wall of China' which has fascinated children with how huge the structure is and we couldn't believe the wall was over 2,000 years old! The children were hugely fascinated by this huge number and it was great to hear how old the children made their own 'Great Wall of Eastnor' - lovely design work!

Children continue to enjoy a weekly P.E session with Mrs Layton and this term the focus is dance and movement - the children really do have the funkiest dance moves and fantastic taste in music - summer play is going to be lots of fun with all our little superstars! The children are now also involved in a weekly session of singing with our music specialist, Kate Cheetham - it is wonderful to be a part of this and see the children's pure joy as they have fun with a huge range of styles in music! We are continuing with our welly walks this term and had a lovely visit to the pottery last week to collect our masterpieces from Jon and Sarah!

We have plenty of fun things to look forward to this term and I am so excited to share these wonderful opportunities with all these brilliant children! They have come back from their Christmas break seeming so much more grown up and ready for the new year! Plenty of exciting times ahead; we'll keep you updated on all the fun!

Miss Davies

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Martha for her fantastic perseverance with her reading and phonics this week. We're seeing real progress well done! Keep it up Martha!

Year 1

Taylor-Fletch for an amazing spider fact file! Well done Taylor-Fletch!

Year 2

George for remembering and recalling fantastic facts. Great work George!

Year 3

Millie for trying hard to learn her times tables. Keep going Millie!

Year 4

Jacob for a fantastic P.E lesson and for a good attitude in school. Well done Jacob!

Year 5

Harry for a very commendable hard-working, focused and polite manner shown at all times this term. Well done Harry! What a pleasure to teach!

Year 6

Libby for working hard to improve the size of your writing in addition to some very tricky spellings, so that we can read even more of your fantastic work! Well done Libby!

Headteacher Award

Layla Mae in class 1 for showing such confidence and independence in every aspect of school life. Layla Mae you are a super helper and a lovely friend too. Well done.