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"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 12th January 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 15th Jan

Swimming Lessons start for Class 1 and Class 3

Wed, 17th Jan

JMHS Spring Open Morning

Wed, 17th Jan

Eastnor School Visit to Life Education Bus at Ledbury Primary School

Wed, 17th Jan

Class 4 - PE Morning Session (Just this week due to Life Education)

Wed, 17th Jan

Class 2 PE - Afternoon Session (Just this week due to Life Education)

Thu, 18th Jan

PE lesson for class 3 and class 4 (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 18th Jan

Forest School for class 2

Christian Value of the Month

The Christian Values of the month for January are Friendship and Trust.

Please see the link to the Home School Values resource for Friendship and Trust and enjoy a range of stories, games and activities at home together.  

We hope you like using this resource as a family. Please come and let us know what you enjoyed.

Eastnor's Voice of Values Council

Happy New Year!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Everyone is pleased to be back and we are all excited about the many things we have coming up in school during the spring term.

Sadly, Miss Davies has been very poorly this week and we have all missed having her in school. She is gradually starting to feel better and we are hopeful she will be back on Monday. Get well soon Miss Davies!

Myself, Miss Evans and Mrs Layton have enjoyed spending time with Reception class this week and are so proud of the way the children have come back to school after the Christmas break, brimming with confidence and tales about their holiday and with lots of smiles too even though I am sure they have been missing their lovely teacher. Well done everyone!  

Life Education Bus

Next Wednesday, all of the children from Eastnor will have chance to take part in some memorable life skill sessions which will be delivered in a special mobile classroom at Ledbury Primary School. They will meet Harold the Giraffe puppet (‘Healthy Harold’), and friends and learn about health, well being and drugs education. These sessions will be delivered in a fun, engaging and age appropriate way by Coram Life Education, leading providers of health education for children. 

Teachers will inform you of the times and organisation for the sessions for your child which will include the following: -

Class 1 - All About Me

Class 2 - My Wonderful Body

Class 3 - Meet the Brain

Class 4 - Friends

We are very lucky to be working with Coram Life Education, as it would be cost prohibitive to host the event on our own. Our thanks go to Ledbury Rotary Club who are funding the sessions for both schools and to Ledbury Primary School who will be hosting the event.

PE & Forest School timetable for next week

Monday Afternoon - Swimming Lessons for Class 1 and Class 3

Wednesday - PE for Class 4 (morning) Class 2 (afternoon) changes due to Life Education Visit.

Thursday Afternoon - Forest School for Class 2/   PE Lessons for Class 3 and 4                                     

Swimming Lessons

The children are very excited about starting their swimming lessons on Monday. Please make sure the children bring their swimming costume and a towel to school with them. The children will have lunch as normal and will then be transported by coach to Ledbury swimming pool. It is a great opportunity for them to increase their skills and confidence in the water.

A Message from John Masefield

John Masefield High School - Spring Term Open Morning

Wednesday 17 January 2018   - 9.15 - 10.45am

(Please arrive at 9am for a 9.15am tour)

Tours of the school will be conducted by Senior Members of the Leadership Team who will be accompanied by some of our prefects.  This will be an opportunity to see our school during a normal working day.  At the end of the tour there will be an informal gathering when our visitors can ask key members of staff questions about life at John Masefield.

We very much look forward to meeting you.

Football Match Report

On Tuesday, a team from Eastnor went to Bosbury to take part in the football mini-league competition.  Some great skills were shown by our team and despite some tough matches, they remained positive and encouraged one another throughout their games against Ledbury and Bosbury.

Well done to Callum, Marcus, Josh, Harry I, Will, Ollie, Thomas and Finlay, you well and truly showed our values of friendship and endurance on and off the field!


Half Term Football Fun!

Last term, the children took part in Football Coaching with Jonathan James an FA Lidl Skills Coach who was inspirational!

During the February half term he will be running a football camp with the FA and would love it if some of the children from Eastnor could attend. Please see the details below.

Date: Monday 19th February
Venue: Herefordshire County FA County Ground, Widemarsh Common, Hereford, HR4 9NA

* Session is open to girls and boys from ages 7-11 years old.
* Two sessions throughout the day: 10:00-12:00 & 12:00-2:00.
* Players can attend one session or two.
* Girls can play for free (If there are enough girls attending we will run a girls only session).
* Boys pay £5 for one session, £7 if they would like to attend both.

Payment for the session made on the day of the event.

The reason girls play for free is to continue our initiative of increasing girls participation in football.

To book onto the course please sign up at

There are limited spaces so don't miss out!

A window into the curriculum - class 1

Here in class 1 we thrive and aim to provide plenty of new opportunities and experiences for the youngest members of the school as they gain a greater grasp on their own understanding of the world around them. We continue to make this the heart and soul of all our learning as we move into the Spring Term. Our topics covered over the two half terms include Once upon a time and People who Help Us. The classroom has already had a transformation from space station and grotto to woodland cottage and castle - I am very much looking forward to exploring these fabulous stories with the children and their own interpretations of them. In Mathematics we will continue to build on and secure those fundamental skills in numbers, shapes and measure whilst beginning to challenge children with their problem solving. We will continue to discover the area around us, developing our swimming skills in Ledbury as well as exploring the local history - how could we not with that beautiful fairytale castle just across the way? Children will have plenty of opportunities to nurture their creative sides with an art focus on printing and then collage over the next few months. And as always I am sure the learning will take us in all sorts of directions - I come home most days finding the day has taken an unexpected twist but that is the true beauty of this age group. I look forward to the adventures to come with Class 1 both in and outside of the classroom. I am sure it will not be just the flowers that blossom as we move into this beautiful season throughout the term.
class 1

A window into the curriculum - class 2

Ahoy there me hearties!!! Class 2 welcome you aboard as we set sail on our new topic for the spring term – Pirates!

Over the term we have many exciting activities and learning opportunities across the curriculum.

In English we will begin with non-fiction writing, creating fact sheets and non- chronological reports about Pirate life. We will of course be reading lots of Pirate stories and using these to inspire our own fantasy stories and poetry. We will be writing Pirate rules and instructions and will look at the classic story of Peter Pan.

In the Foundation subjects the children will be exploring the history of Pirates and finding out all about Pirate life long ago. Geography will look at Oceans and Islands and of course treasure maps, in which we will explore coordinates and geographical language.

Our RE focus for this term is, ‘Who is Jewish and how do they live?’ We will be bringing the Jewish religion to life by role playing, watching videos, retelling Jewish stories and exploring Jewish festivals. The children will be given the opportunities to reflect upon how this is similar in many ways to what we have been learning about Christians.

On Monday 29th January, Class 2 will come to school dressed as Pirates, for a day of Pirate learning and fun!!

The children are already excited and inspired by this topic and we look forward to the very busy and hard working term ahead.

Miss Patchett and Miss Evans.

Class 2

A window into the curriculum - class 3

The children have all come back to school excited to learn about our new topics for the Spring term which include lots of opportunities to learn about the world around us.

In English our focus will be Myths and Legends, in particular ones set in Australia. We will be investigating the key features and learning how to write our own version. We will also be studying the author Anne Fine and finding out about her style of writing.

In Maths we will be learning how to multiply and divide in a variety of ways using problem solving and our investigative skills. We will then move on to length, perimeter and area.

In our science lessons we will be learning about  Animals including Humans. We will identify the different parts of the digestive system and how it works. We will also be looking at the food chain and identify producers, predators and prey.

Our topic work will be based on learning about Australia and its diverse landscape. We will learn about the weather and climate and how Australias size impacts it. We will also learn about  the similarities and differences in daily life in Australia.

Our computing work will be based on Computer science whilst learning how to design, write and debug programs. We will work with algorithms and detect and correct errors in them.

In Art and DT we will be learning about Aboriginal art and comparing it with the artist, George Seurat's work using the pointillism technique. I look forward to you all seeing our large display in the corridor.

In RE we will be learning about Muslim festivals and worship and showing what matters to a Muslim. We will look ar examples of Ibadah(worship) in Islam and investigate prayer, fasting and celebrating.

We are all looking forward to a term of amazing new experiences for the children to discover.

Mrs S  Tart

class 3

A window into the curriculum - class 4

This Spring term sees some new and  interesting topics to be explored in Class 4.

In English, we will be focusing on non-fiction text types, and also preparing our reading comprehension skills and SPAG knowledge in preparation for the upcoming SATs tests for our Year 6 pupils.  Our writing will be based on our topic for this term:  The Natural World Near and Far.

In Maths we will be starting the term with some fractions work, which will then move on to looking at decimals and percentages, which will further link to ratio, proportion and algebra.  We will also be doing some area and perimeter and measures and conversions.

Our topic will see us exploring natural landscapes and disasters, including:  volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and global warming, as well as using some digital mapping skills, and learning countries and cities where these things can be found.  We will also be exploring physical and manmade landmarks in the UK and Europe.

In Science, we are moving on to Chemistry and will be focusing on reversible and irreversible changes, as well as testing materials and their properties (solids, liquids and gases) and looking at reactionary changes.

RE has a focus on Christianity with our topic 'Why do Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah'.  We will be thinking about how the parables taught by Jesus have influenced Christians, and what different sources tell us about his teachings.

In Computing we will be using digital mapping skills and looking at programming.  PE will focus on netball and tag rugby and in French we will be practising ordering food and preparing for French celebrations.  In Music we will be learning about pentatonic scales, as well as local composer Edward Elgar and the classical and romantic movements.

In Art & Design, we will be focusing for the first half of the term on the skill of collage, and will be looking at the work of modern collage artist Megan Coyle, by creating collage postcards of different landscapes.  The second half of the term we will be working on textiles, where the children are going to make stuffed animals of the ones we may discover through our natural world topic!

A very exciting term full of awe and wonder around the world around us!

Miss Booton

Class 2 pirates

Rags to Riches!

PTA will be taking part in the Rags to Riches fundraiser this term - full details will be sent home - so please have a post Christmas sort out and clear the clutter in a bid to raise funds for school. All bags will be collected on 25th January.


Ruby Taylor in class 1 has a missing cardigan which is clearly named. Please can you check it hasn't come home with your child by mistake!

Many thanks.

Class 2

Class 2 had an exciting start back to the term as we began our new topic – Pirates.

We began the week by looking at some items linked with pirates and thinking about what we know already and what we would like to learn. We read some information about Pirate life and had to decide if they were ‘Fact or Myth?’ We were all very surprised to find out that ‘walking the plank’ was a myth and we learnt about alternative punishments for pirates!  In English, we explored new topic vocabulary and thought about how we can use this within our writing. We are using the internet and information books to find out as much as we can about pirates. We are going to use what we have learned to write fact files and letters about pirate life.

In Maths, we have been recapping on last terms learning and applying it to solve problems related to numbers, counting and place value. The children have used their number knowledge in games, songs, puzzles and problems. The children have been practising counting in steps of 1,2,5 and 10. Counting  forwards is fine but counting backwards has been tricky!!! We also looked at the language of ‘Time’ this week, using it to talk about our daily and weekly routines and to compare periods of time, like knowing there are 24 hours in a day.

Our new Science topic is living things and habitats. We have already started to explore what it means to be alive and have been examining the playground to see if we can find any interesting creatures.

During our computing lessons, we will be looking at algorithms, programming and de-bugging. This week we have already began looking at what an algorithm is and we will soon be ready to create our very own algorithm.

In PSHE, we will be exploring living in the wider world and what it means to be part of a community. We will be exploring the communities that the children feel they belong to and exploring what it means to have responsibilities.

In Art we will be focusing on painting. Within this, we will be looking at mixing colours and adding white and black shades to paint. We have also started to create our very own Pirate ship out of junk modelling.

Mrs Tart commented on what a wonderful Forest School session Class 2 had this week. They began with den building but by accident created a jump for the children to climb on and jump off. Mrs Tart was so impressed by the team work this created, with the children particularly displaying this months values of friendship and trust when working together.

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Heidi for taking an active part in all of the group work and discussions this week.

Year 1

Thomas for great maths and super reading this week.

Year 2

Anna for always working really hard and being very helpful.

Year 3

Daisy for fantastic description of a Kookaburra in our work on myths. Well done Daisy!

Year 4

Grace for settling into life at Eastnor so well. Well done Grace!

Year 5

Morgan for some fantastic independent maths work this week, and by showing friendship by handing out pens to the children on his table. Great work, Morgan!

Year 6

Izzy for working really hard to understand fractions and some tricky tenses in English and Mathis this week. Well done, Izzy!

Headteacher Award

Sebastian in class 3 for the most inspirational character description about the 'Feardeath' when thinking about Myths and Legends from Australia! I cant wait to read your completed story Seb! Well done!