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"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 16th February 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 26th Feb

Back to School

Mon, 26th Feb

Swimming for Class 1 and Class 3 (Please remember to wear -or bring - socks girls!)

Wed, 28th Feb

Class 2 PE Lesson (Morning Session)

Wed, 28th Feb

Class 1 and Class 4 PE lessons (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 1st Mar

World Book Day

Thu, 1st Mar

Class 1 Welly Walk

Thu, 1st Mar

Class 3 and 4 PE (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 1st Mar

Class 2 Forest School (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 1st Mar

Pyramid Prom at JMHS

Safety Reminder at Drop -Off Time!

I had a conversation with the Eastnor Estate this week because they are worried about the impact the school drop off is having on traffic coming through the village. Please can I remind parents that they must park and walk children to the school gate, dropping off causes hold ups to the flow of traffic and is also unsafe for the children. The Eastnor Estate is very supportive of school and I think it is important we cooperate on this matter so they do not need to take further action. Many thanks for your support.  

PTA Meeting - Monday 26th February @ 3pm!

There will be a PTA meeting at school (from 3.00pm) on Monday 26th February. We thought it might be helpful to start the meeting while the children are at church and just before the usual pick up time. Our aim is to encourage as many people to join us as possible. Remember, the meetings are not just for the elected committee, but for all parents. Any children who have parents attending the meeting will be welcome to join film club if we are not finished by 3.30pm. 

Thursday Netball/Football Club

Unfortunately, the school field is still waterlogged and is unplayable at the moment. Due to limited space on the playground for team games, Mrs Dawe and Miss Booton are going to be running a multi-skills/circuit club on a Thursday so all of the children can participate and be active for the whole club. If your child does not want to take part in this club due to the changes then please let Mrs Bullock know. Many thanks.

Open Classroom Event Fun!

Thank you to all our visitors who came to share our 'Open Classroom'. It was lovely to see parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and friends sharing a variety of games with the children.

Our focus was on Maths and we played games with our visitors to practise and use all kinds of Maths skills and problem solving.

We shared a drink and snack with our visitors before some of them came over to church to share our 'Open the Book' assembly with us.

It is always a pleasure to welcome our family and friends into our school family and we hope our visitors enjoyed it as much as us.

Shrove Tuesday!

All of the children have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and how it is linked to one of the most significant Christian Festivals, Easter. They found out why the date changes each year and how it always falls on the day immediately before Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent.

They discovered that in England - and a number of other countries -  Shrove Tuesday is celebrated by eating pancakes and that this is because, in the past, families wanted to clear out their cupboards and remove the tempting foods before Lent began.

The older children in school found out the day gets its name from the traditions of Christians  trying to be 'shriven' before Lent!  They also found out about how other countries mark Shrove Tuesday such as those which call it Mardi Gras.

After all that learning, it seemed only fair that we got to eat some pancakes too! As you can see, they went down very well!

Thursday 1st March - World Book Day

Reading is such a vital skill for all children, and can open the doors to many imaginations.  Different stories and texts can later become influences in so many peoples' lives, and so myself and the school council have been busy thinking of a way to promote World Book Day on Thursday 1st March.

On the day, we invite children to bring a prop to wear or carry to symbolise one of their favourite characters; this may be the Elder Wand for our Harry Potter fans, or a long beard for Mr Twit!

The school council will also be running a Book Day Quiz with prizes on offer in each of the classes throughout the morning.

Then from 2pm, the school council will be running The Eastnor Book Swap & Fair.  For this, children and parents are invited to bring in any old books they have already read and can either make a straight swap with someone else, or can buy a used book for a donation, which will go towards the Banu Besu Feeding Project charity which we have been supporting this year.

In addition to this, the children will be bringing home a book cover template and encouraged to 'Design a front cover' for their favourite book.  Entries will go on display in a gallery and prizes will be awarded to the most creative!  Don't forget to add the book title and the author's name!  Alongside the entries, we ask for an entry fee of 50p - which will also go towards our supported charity.

Lots of fiction and non-fiction fun to look forward to after half term!

Miss Booton

world book day

Thursday 1st March - Pyramid Prom

On Thursday 1 March in the evening, the Year 4,5 and 6 children will be attending the Pyramid Prom concert at John Masefield to sing as part of the Eastnor choir.

Danda In Year 6 will also be playing a solo on clarinet for the performance.

Tickets for the event are free for parents to attend.

A parentmail will go out at the start of next half term to let you know definite timings, but for now, we are busy practising for our performance!


Yoga Club

In our busy daily life, finding the moment to stop and reboot is often forgotten about; particularly with all the fun we have here at Eastnor. This term I have been lucky enough to run a yoga club for some of the older children in the school, in the hope of providing them with some inspiration to find a quiet moment to themselves in their day, as well as challenging them with tricky poses!

The children who have attended have really enjoyed taking some time out after their day at school to unwind whilst pushing their bodies to the limit with some flexible movements.

There have been plenty of giggles along the way as we have attempted to hold peculiar movements for a long time. The children have been eager to discover the different names of these poses, making up their own sometimes, which often are much more creative than the originals!

I think the children's favourite part of the session however, has to be when all the lights get turned off, the incense sticks burn away and the calming music fills the air. It's lovely to see how relaxed the children become, processing their day and 'finding their inner zen' as they like to call it.

Well done everyone, it's a lovely club which has been enjoyable, fun but also very relaxing... what can beat that?


Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 1

We have had plenty of fun with the Chinese New Year in Class 1 this week, getting in touch with all of our senses to truly experience the magical festival.

We have spent some time exploring the story behind Chinese New Year before acting out our very own versions... everyone knows how much we like acting in our class!

During the week we have also put our taste buds to the test, finding out what delicacies we like and dislike from China, as well as smelling spicy sauces which we really weren't too sure about!

The children finished the week, creating their very own dragon dance after making some fabulous masks in our Art session. What a brilliant display that was with plenty of colour and sparkle!

As usual all children in Class 1 were open minded and ready to take on any new learning opportunities and challenges thrown their way.

What a brilliant week!

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 2

Class 2 have had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year.

In Maths we looked at the Chinese symbols and even had a go at cracking a code!

In English we looked at the story behind the Chinese New Year and had lots of fun acting out the story and pretending to be all of the animals. It was really interesting to explore why it is the year of the dog.

In the afternoon, we looked at using chopsticks, this was  tricky but great fun. We also created our very own dragons.

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 3

Class 3 have been exploring the meaning of the Chinese New Year and looking at how it is celebrated. We have looked at festivals among the Chinese communities across the world, looking at the story of the Zodiac which shows us how each year is chosen as an animal.  We learnt about the dragon dance and why dragons are so important to Chinese people as they think of them as helpful, friendly creatures. We also found out that they are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom.

As you can see from the pictures the children really enjoyed making Dragons to represent the ones used in the festivals.

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 4

In Class 4, we have been learning about the traditions behind the Chinese Zodiac, including why each animal is needed in the zodiac, how they are celebrated for having certain characteristics and also information such as each zodiac sign's lucky number and flower!  The children brought the story of how each animal crossed the river to be granted their order in the zodiac by the Emperor of the Jain Empire to life through drama and dance as a class using masks and developing their characters.

The children then made their own illustrated zodiac wheels and were able to use their creative and artistic skills to bring to life what they had learned about the Chinese zodiac throughout the morning.

They also had a go at some maths - using pie chart construction to create their calendars, and then solving maths word problems using the years of the zodiac.

Congratualtions Milly!

Milly in class 4 will be making the transition to The Down's Malvern in September as she begins her secondary education. This week, we were very pleased to hear that Milly has secured scholarships for academic achievement, drama and music after a number of assessments and tests! Milly is always conscientious and has worked exceptionally hard inside and outside school to achieve what she has. Well done Milly, you have made everyone at Eastnor very proud!

Get Well Soon Mrs Tart!

Mrs Tart has been absent for the latter part of the week and as you know it takes an awful lot to keep her away from school. Unfortunately, Mrs Tart has required urgent treatment for a detached retina. I am sure you would like to join me in sending Mrs Tart lots of love and best wishes, and of course a very speedy recovery; Eastnor is just not the same without her! I am sure she will be fighting fit and back with us as soon (I will not allow it to be too soon!) as possible.

Diary Dates Reminder/Updates

Spring Term (2)

Thursday 1st March: World Book Day

Thursday 1st March: Pyramid Prom at JMHS

Friday 9th March: Mother’s Day Assembly (9.30am)

Friday 23rd March: Sports Relief Day/Spring Walk

* Friday 23rd March - Annual Reports to Parents (New Date Confirmed)

Monday 26th March: Last Swim for Class 1 & 3

Wednesday 28th March: Easter Service (2pm)

Wednesday 28th March: PTA Easter Fair

Thursday 29th March: Easter Egg Hunt

Friday 29th March: LAST DAY OF TERM

Summer Term

Monday 16th April: Teacher Training Day

Tuesday 17th April: Term/Clubs Begin

Tuesday 3rd May: JMHS Summer Open Morning


Monday 14th- Thursday 17th May: KS2 SATs Week 

Monday 21st- Friday 25th May: KS1 SATs Week

Friday 25th May: KS2 Tag Rugby Festival

Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June: HALF TERM WEEK

Thursday 7th June: Year Five Information Evening JMHS (TBC)

Wednesday 13th June: Year 1 Phonic Screening

Thursday 14th June: Father’s Day Assembly (9.30am)

Thursday 21st June: Year 6 Information Evening JHMS (TBC)

Monday 25th – Wednesday 27th June: End of Year Production

Friday 29th June: Year 5 Secondary School Taster Day JMHS

Thursday 5th July: Year 6 Transition Day JMHS/ Eastnor Move-Up Morning

Sunday 8th July: PTA Summer Festival (Eastnor Cricket Club)

Monday 9th – Friday 13th July: Residential Week to Isle of Wight

*Friday 13th July:  End of Year Progress Reports (Classes 1 - 3)

*Monday 16th July: Sports Day and Family Picnic (New Date Confirmed)

*Tuesday 17th July: End of Year Progress Reports/SATs Results (Class 4)

*Tuesday 17th July: Eastnor's Got Talent Heats  (New Date Confirmed)

*Wednesday 18th July: Parent Teacher Drop In Meetings if Required

Thursday 19th July: Eastnor’s Got Talent Final for Parents 2pm

Thursday 19th July: Leavers Disco

Friday 20th July: Leavers Day Out

Tuesday 24th July: Leavers Service (9.30am) 

Tuesday 24th July: LAST DAY OF TERM 

Please see a link to the term dates for 2018/2019  

Class 3

Class 3 have been working extremely hard in all their subjects but have especially enjoyed our topic work around Australia. We have learnt about the diverse landscape and the weather and climate. Our English work has been based on looking at different sorts of recounts and learning about the devices needed to write one of our own. We have learnt how to use powerful verbs and adventurous adjectives to add more detail along side looking at newspaper articles about a range of subjects. The children have written some great newspaper reports about a robbery in the woods in a house of three bears! I wonder if you can think who the robber might be?

Our maths work has included lots of problem solving and reasoning using the four operations. We have then learnt about length and perimeter, using a range of methods including working out the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. We have converted measurements and shown them as fractions and decimals whilst solving problems. The children have all been working so hard to learn their times tables and have all progressed in our '99'club.

We have been identifying the parts of the Human digestive system in science; we have described the functions of each part. We have also studied human teeth and have learnt how to look after them properly. We are currently using flow charts on the computer to construct food chains, identifying Producers, Predators and Prey.

We have really enjoyed emailing a friend of Grace's who lives in Australia in our computer lessons . We have also received a fantastic letter via Eva from a friend in Australia. It's so good to receive pictures and information about the country from people who live there.

Our RE lessons have taught us how important festivals and worship are to Muslims. We have looked at the five pillars and identified the meaning of each. The children wrote interview questions and carried out insightful interviews into the daily life of a Muslim.

We have a great new display on our board in the corridor which shows some wonderful Aboriginal art work using the technique of Pointillism; we have also learnt about the artist George Seurat who developed this technique in 1886. Please pop in and have a look.

It is so good to see a little bit of sunshine inbetween the snow showers! I hope you all have a good rest over half term and come back to school ready to learn lots more.

Mrs Tart

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Luka for her excellent determination with her reading and writing. Never giving up, well done Luka!

Year 1

Alexander for being such a fantastic mathematician. Well done Alexander.

Year 2

Rosie for trying really hard to perfect her handwriting. Well done Rosie.

Year 3

Emily for fantastic maths work whilst using decimals. Well done Emily!

Year 4

Lilly P for writing a wonderful Kenning. Well done Lilly!

Year 5

Finlay for working hard to use his enthusiasm in his work, and for playing such a keen and active part in our choir. Well done, Finlay!

Year 6

Sam for making such fantastic progress in his arithmetic skills in maths this week, and showing endurance when completing his work. Great work, Sam!

Headteacher Award

Annabelle in class 2 for her calm, kind and caring attitude to everyone and for working hard in all lessons. Well done Annabelle.