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Edition: Friday, 19th January 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 22nd Jan

Swimming Lessons for Class 1 and Class 3

Wed, 24th Jan

Class 2 PE Lesson (Morning Session)

Wed, 24th Jan

Class 1 and Class 4 PE lessons (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 25th Jan

Class 2 Forest School (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 18th Jan

Class 1 Welly Walk

Thu, 25th Jan

Class 3 and Class 4 PE (Afternoon Session)

Fri, 26th Jan

Tag Rugby Club (Invitation Only)

Swimming Fun!

What a fabulous afternoon we had down at Ledbury pool this week! It was such a pleasure to take both Class 1 and Class 3 for their first swimming session with the school. All children behaved impeccably and showed increasing confidence in the pool.

Some children in Class 3 were extremely excited to show off their fantastic water skills and were very supportive of children who were a little less familiar with being in the water. What great friends you all are to each other!

Class 1 did an excellent job, some were very confident splashing about in the water whilst others overcame those first time water nerves. We were all so proud of the children taking on their fears and coming out much more confident little individuals ! Well done everyone, not so sure about all the splashing of Miss Davies on the poolside though!

We look forward to the upcoming weeks which I'm sure will bring plenty more swimming fun!


Welly Walk Wonders

Last term Class 1 thoroughly enjoyed our weekly welly walks around the local area. It gave the children and staff some refreshing country time, enjoying the local and surrounding wonders. The children were curious and excited each week to see what they could discover and were always quick to notice changes in the environment. It gave the children a huge amount of freedom as well as developing some of the quieter members' confidence as they shared their expertise about the world around them. 

As the term came to an end we were sad to say goodbye to these weekly sessions, being replaced by swimming. However, we are very lucky that Rev Joan is eager to get us walking every week still. How exciting! 

Rev Joan will join us each Thursday morning for a short but sweet walk around the local area to continue developing the children's understanding and enjoyment of the school's locality. As we swiftly (fingers crossed) move from Winter weather into Spring weather, there are bound to be huge bundles of delights waiting for us to discover and discuss. 

I am  very much looking forward to having Rev Joan on  board and I know the children are extremely excited too! 

welly walk wonders

Life Education - All About Me

What a fabulous morning we had on Wednesday. Although the weather was frosty, the energy and attitudes of the children and parents of Class 1 certainly were not! 

Everyone arrived very excited about what the experience was going to entail. I can not commend the children enough for their impeccable listening and sitting still skills during our visit. It makes it such a proud and special job for me to see how beautifully behaved and insightful everyone in Class 1 is! Well done everyone! 

As we arrived, we were greeted by a very lovely lady called Anita who had a very shy giraffe who was too scared to come and meet us. We couldn't believe it, how could anyone be scared of Class 1 children? With plenty of smiles and encouragement Harold the Giraffe felt brave enough to come and share with us some of his knowledge about our bodies. We learnt all about where we get our energy from and what body parts we have inside us to help create and use that energy! 

George enjoyed wearing the body suit while his friends filled it up with those all important organs inside! We then took good care of Harold the giraffe, showing him how to cheer himself up if he was feeling sad as well as taking care of himself like brushing his teeth and combing his hair! 

It was lovely to be joined by so many parents as well, we all managed to squeeze comfortably into the cosy bus classroom. Thank you to all those who attended,; you all had some super dance moves! A big thank as well to you all for dropping the children at the school in the morning. 

The children had a fantastic day and left with bundles of energy and a new insight to how their bodies work. Well done everyone! 

Life Education - My Wonderful Body

Class 2 learnt about ‘My Wonderful Body’. They looked at a life size model of a person that showed the insides of our body which the children named and learnt about. They loved how each part of the body they discussed lit up. They thought about what we need to give us energy and learnt about a healthy diet and lifestyle and about maintaining good friendships. The children loved meeting Harold the Giraffe, Dexter the Penguin and his friends.

We then had a walk in the cold, crisp sunshine up to Ledbury Church. We had a really good look around the church and were able to make comparisons with Eastnor Church. A lady was playing the organ as we looked around which made the visit particularly reverent.

Anita who led the Education Bus session was really impressed by Class 2’s behaviour, listening skills and the amazing knowledge they displayed. All of the teachers and helpers were very proud of how well they represented themselves and school.

As we left Penny said to Anita, “ I had a lovely morning, thank you.”, and that pretty much sums up how we all felt. !!

Life Education - Meet the Brain

Class 3 had a lovely morning in Ledbury on Wednesday. First we walked up to the church from the Market House and talked about the cobbled street and how long it would have taken them to lay it. In the church the children really showed their Christian values whilst walking around. It was so lovely to see them discussing the painting of the Last Supper. We then walked in the winter sunshine to Ledbury school where we went on the Life Education Bus. We learnt about ‘My Brain’. and looked out how amazing our bodies are.  We looked at a life size model of a person that showed the insides of our body and learnt how it worked. They thought about what we need to give to keep us healthy and lifestyle choices. The children loved meeting Harold the Giraffe.

The children all behaved impeccably and showed great knowledge, which was commented on by Anita who led the Education Bus session.

Well done class 3

Life Education - Friends

On Wednesday afternoon, Class 4 visited the Life Education bus in Ledbury for their slot.

The start of the sessions focused on friendships and positive relationships; focusing on the main values within friendship that keep us happy, such as: feeling safe and secure, giving and receiving the same attention with friends, having the ability to make choices, as well as recognising that sometimes it is important to have our own space to develop independence.

Then, after that, there was a health-focused PSHE section linked to the curriculum on drug awareness.  The children learnt all about the effects that drugs can have on the body, and the harm that they can cause.  They also learnt ways to be assertive and say no when under different pressures.

It was a really engaging trip, and Anita, who led the session, commented on the philosophical thinking and mature way in which the children responded to the topics and thought of questions to ask. 

It was a very informative afternoon for all!

Swimming Success!

Huge congratulations to Piper in class 3 for winning so many awards at her recent swimming gala. She won a shield for 25m front crawl, a medal for front crawl, butterfly, breast stoke and back stroke. She also won a huge cup .

Well done Piper!

Also well done to older brother Finlay in Class 4, who took home four gold medals for his sprint gala in Ledbury on the weekend.  He got a gold medal for each stroke he competed in at 50m, with butterfly being his fastest time!

Well done Finlay!

Playground Disco's and more!

We are regularly thinking of new ways to ensure playtimes are fun and engaging for all children with a range of different activities on the playground or even in church!

This term, Miss Davies will run a 'create and make' session in Church on a Monday and Miss Evans will be sharing books and illustrations on a Friday. For those who like to be active, Miss Patchett will coach netball shooting and Miss Booton and Mrs Dawe will be offering Zumba and Aerobic sessions between Tuesday and Thursday. If that wasn't enough, Mrs Scull has introduced a playground disco on a Friday. Last week, this was very popular indeed and the children showed us some of their best moves!

With the children working so hard during their lessons, it only seems fair that they have lots to look forward to during their breaks!

Tag Rugby Training

Many of the key stage 2 children have been invited to take part in some special Tag Rugby training sessions after school, each Friday. In a bid to be fully prepared for the coming Tag Rugby matches and tournaments, Justin Emery and Terry Bees, who many of you will know as Kai and Anna and Louie and Ellis' dads, will be working with the children to hone their skills to ensure they are ready to compete at the highest level. Both men are passionate about Rugby and are fantastic with the children so we are very grateful for their help and support.

The first session with Justin included playing a big match but the children were encouraged to stop and evaluate their play. Children thought about their spacing on the pitch, where they should run and the importance of using all players on the pitch. Each team had to get seven tags to get a turnover!  Great fun was had by everyone!

Class 3

What a great start to the Spring term class 3 are having, they have come back to school refreshed and ready to learn. The children have been very busy at home learning their times tables which is really showing in our '99' club results.

Our English topic of Myths and Legends has taken us to far off lands in Australia where we have discovered through a myth how the sun was born and how three sisters were turned to stone. The children have created their own characters and settings for their myths that they will be writing. Our grammar work has foccused on the use of conjunctions to express time or cause and how by using complex sentences we can improve the quality of our writing. In Maths we are looking at how to multiply three numbers together, factor pairs, using written methods including short division and solving problems systematically. Our science work is based on Animals including Humans, we have identified the parts of the Human Digestive and described their functions. Our topic work on Australia has really inspired the children; hank you all so much for the wonderful things you have sent in to support our topic work. We have started off by carrying out lots of map work, locating where Australia is in relation to other countries. Our art work has been based on Aboriginal art and Pointillism techniques. In our RE lessons we have been reflecting on what we have learnt so far and how this impacts our lives' in school. We have also started to look at festivals and worship and why they matter to a Muslim. In PSHE we have been looking at new beginnings and making New Years Resolutions; the children have been working very hard in school to keep these going. I am so looking forward to another inspirational term, full of Awe and Wonder.

Mrs S Tart

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Frankie for showing real determination with her writing work this week! So impressed Frankie, well done!

Year 1

Joseph for trying so hard and making great progress across the curriculum. Fantastic!

Year 2

Jaiden for his fantastic Pirate writing and super reading! Well done Jaiden!

Year 3

Cecily for showing such perseverance with her handwriting. Great use of froggy fingers Cecily, keep it up!

Year 4

Eleanor for fantastic improvement with her spelling, and for always working so hard. keep it up Eleanor!

Year 5

Ellis for his fantastic participation and enthusiasm in class and always trying his best across all subjects, even when he finds it tricky. Some great endurance, well done!

Year 6

Thomas for some insightful comments in RE lessons and some fantastic writing on Mount Vesuvius this week. You have also shown friendship when helping your peers too, well done!

Headteacher Award

Lu-Lu in class 2 for coming to school with a beaming smile even though she has a cast and an injured ankle! Lu -Lu you have been very brave and are becoming an expert on your crutches! Well done for showing the Christian Values of endurance!