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"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 23rd March 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 26th Mar

Last Swim for Class 1 and Class 3

Tue, 27th Mar

Wizard of Oz Auditions

Wed, 28th Mar

Easter Service (2pm)

Wed, 28th Mar

PTA Easter Fair

Thu, 29th Mar

Easter Egg at Eastnor Castle

Thu, 29th Mar


Annual School Reports

Today, all children will bring home their annual school report.

Teachers go through a very thorough and rigorous assessment of each child’s learning and next steps in order to write our annual reports. Practice in other schools has found that a more detailed report before Easter – rather than a short Parent-Teacher meeting - gives parents a detailed and very clear understanding of ways in which they can support their child’s learning over the summer term, to ensure the best possible progress and achievements so we hope you will find this a positive change.

There will be Parent -Teacher meetings in the summer term, but please remember that Eastnor has an open door policy and that an informal chat or a meeting with your child's class teacher can be arranged at any time if you would like to discuss the contents of the report or your child's progress.

100% Attendance Celebrations!

Well done to the following children who have achieved 100% attendance so far this school year: - 

Class 1- Lorna, Thomas and George

Class 2:- Ted, Danai, Maita and Anna

Class 3:- Harry, Lewis, Theo, Freya, Lilly and Jonty

Class 4: - Ollie, Hannah, Sam and Danda

What a wonderful achievement!

Attendance and Punctuality!

Alongside annual reports, parents will receive an update about their child's attendance figures. As a school we always strive for attendance well above the national average of  95% because there is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement. The senior leadership team at Eastnor aim for consistent attendance of 97% or above but we understand that children do get ill and that at times this can be difficult to maintain.

However children who have an attendance percentage of less than 95% are concerning to us. The nature and patterns of absence, alongside the percentage attendance figure can alert us to 'persistent absence' which will also be picked up on by the Local Authority.

Please note that I have an obligation to contact parents if records show low attendance figures are not improving , as this is a requirement of the DFE, the Local Authority and our school's Governing Body. Let's work together to ensure that no child's education is being negatively impacted by poor attendance as we move into the summer term.

The table below gives a good insight into why persistent absence can be so detrimental!

Yearly Attendance/Days & Weeks Absent/Missed Lessons

94%   - 10 days/2 weeks - approximately 50 lessons.

90% - 19 days/ 4weeks - approximately 4 weeks - 100 lessons

85% - 29 days/6 weeks - approximately 150 lessons

County Netball Finals Success!

On Friday 16th March we took our netball team to the Herefordshire Winter Games finals, at Whitecross High School in Hereford. Twelve of the top teams from around the County played some of the finest netball Mrs Dawe has ever seen. The standard of play was particularly high this year, however Eastnor won all of their matches in their pool. So too did Burley Gate, who we beat in the final last year!

Placing was eventually decided on goal difference and then goals scored. After a very nail biting announcement, Eastnor were announced finalists alongside Hampton Dene. There was only one goal in it.

What a final it was! Well done to Hannah, Max, Louie, Becca, Josh, Danda and Phoebe, who all played such fantastic netball. Out of 85 schools, we came Runner’s Up!

Education Leadership Conference!

On Friday of last week, myself and Mrs Driscoll went on a learning experience of our own. We started the morning meeting at the Hereford Cathedral for a wonderfully calming Service to start the day. We were taken away by the beautiful display of poppies that greeted us and would certainly suggest a visit to everyone!

After our service, we took a pleasant walk to the Leftbank to continue with our conference. It was a real eye opener and thought provoking day, particularly for myself, being given the opportunity to meet and talk with many different professionals from the Diocese of Hereford.

The course included many seminars regarding the role Religious Education can play in today's modern society, emphasising that with an ever changing world, Religious Education can offer children serenity and an appreciation of using Christian values throughout different stages of their life.  

What a wonderful experience it was and I look forward to sharing and using some of the ideas gained within school.

Proud of our Poets!

This week, children from class 3 have been performing their poems at the Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival. On Monday the year 3 children showcased their poems at the Courtyard Theatre and on Tuesday year 4 children performed at St Johns Church and the Kindle Centre.

The Christian value of courage springs to mind when I see our brave children step up to recite poems to a packed auditorium. However, stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something new is character building and the elation on everyone's faces when they have performed is wonderful to see. All of the children received very positive comments on their certificates and we even had some medal winning performances.

Roise from class 2 also took part in the poetry readings for 6 years and under and was awarded distinction and the gold medal!

Many thanks to Katie Balson and Margaret Williamson who helped the children prepare for the Festival and to all parents who assisted with lifts and supported the children.

Bible Readings!

Well done to Nate and Thomas in class 4 who represented school in the bible reading class at the Herefordshire Festival. Nate read the story of The Creation and Thomas read Tempting Fruit. Both boys were praised for being clear readers,  using good expression and using effective pauses! Well done boys. You did a great job!
bible readings

Putting on the Greatest Show!

On Tuesday, the Class 4 choir ventured to The Courtyard in Hereford to take part in the Key Stage 2 choir category for the Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival.

We sang an a capella version of a latin song, 'Dona Nobis Pacem', which means Grant Us Peace.  We also then sang our own choice of 'A Million Dreams' from The Greatest Showman.  The song got off to a great start, but due to an unfortunate technical error, the backing music cut off towards the end of the song!  However, the children showed their value of endurance and soldiered on, and we finished the song without the backing music.

I was so proud of the children's maturity during this glitch, and they were praised by the adjudicator too for this, and won themselves third place despite our technological failure!  I would like to say a huge well done to all the children for their efforts.

On the way back to school, we then stopped and admired the poppy installation at the Hereford Cathedral, which gave us time to reflect on the values of humility and service, and marvel at the artistry too!

Spring Walk for Sports Relief

What a wonderful walk we had today to the Obelisk in aid of Sport Relief. It is so lovely to see all the children encouraging each other to the top and enjoying the spectacular view when we got there. As you can see from the pictures we all had a great time.

Class 3

It is so lovely to be back with my wonderful class; thank you all so much for your cards and kind messages. The children have been working so hard learning about our Australian topic. They have written non-chronological reports about the Great Barrier Reef and have looked at the effect of tourism in Australia. We have been working hard to spell the words from the year 3 and 4 list correctly in our work. In maths we have worked hard to use fractions correctly whilst adding and taking them away. We are now looking at money and problem solving. In Science we have been carrying out experiments to show states of matter whilst investigating solids, liquids and gases. I was so proud of each and everyone of my children this week as they all performed their poems so brilliantly at the Hereford Festival; it is so lovely to see them all grow in confidence over the last few weeks. In our RE lessons we have been learning about how do festivals and family life matter to Jews. The children have been so thoughtful when were reading the story of Moses and The Exodus and showed true compassion.

Thank you so much class 3 for working so hard

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Ruby for her excellent understanding of the Easter story, well done!

Year 1

Lilly for some excellent writing this week. Well done!

Year 2

Anya for 100% effort in everything you do. Fantastic!!

Year 3

Theo for working hard in everything that he does and for being a kind friend. Well done Theo!

Year 4

Grace for trying so hard with improving her handwriting. Well done Grace!

Year 5

All of Year 5 for their endurance during our choir performance and showing such maturity on stage. Well done to all of you!

Year 6

All of Year 6 for their endurance during our choir performance and showing such maturity on stage. Well done to all of you!

Headteacher Award

Izzy in class 4 for showing the Christian values of courage, compassion and hope this week! Izzy, you have been an asset to Eastnor school. Well done!