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"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 9th February 2018

Diary Dates

Mon, 12th Feb

Swimming Lessons for Class 1 and Class 3

Tue, 13th Feb

Class 2 PE Lesson (Morning Session) Note change of day due to Kate Dawe taking Eastnor netball team to the County finals.

Tue, 13th Feb

Class 1 and Class 4 PE lessons (Afternoon Session) Note change of day due to Kate Dawe taking Eastnor netball team to the County finals.

Wed, 14th Feb

County Netball Finals for Team Eastnor!

Thu, 15th Feb

Class 1 Welly Walk

Thu, 15th Feb

Class 3 and 4 PE (Afternoon Session)

Thu, 15th Feb

Open Classroom Event for Class 2

Thu, 15th Feb

Class 2 Forest School (Afternoon Session)

Fri, 16th Feb


PTA Meeting - Monday 12th February

There will be a PTA meeting at school (from 3.00pm) on Monday 12th February. We thought it might be helpful to start the meeting while the children are at church and just before the usual pick up time. Our aim is to encourage as many people to join us as possible. Remember, the meetings are not just for the elected committee but for all parents. Any children who have parents attending the meeting will be welcome to join film club if we are not finished by 3.30pm. 

Open Classroom Events Reminder!

At Eastnor we pride ourselves as being one big family where the staff, children, parents and our local community work together. After the success of our first Open Classroom Events for Class 1 and Class 3, we will be opening the classroom doors again!

For the next event, we are going to invite a special adult - this could be a parent, grandparent, aunty or friend into school on the morning of Thursday 15th February to share learning with the children in Year 1 and Year 2.

Miss Evans and Miss Patchett are planning an exciting range of mathematical activities where each year group will have chance to work with their loved ones, and showcase the hard work they have been doing all term.

 We request that adults arrive promptly for the start of the session – 9.30 am – so they can be part of the main teaching session and have the opportunity to experience all of the planned activities.

At 10.30am, the whole school, including our visitors, will join us for our special Open the Book Assembly and there will even be some musical treats!

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"! Aristotle

The Christian Value of the month for February is Wisdom.

We think Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. What do you think it means? We would love to hear your favourite quotes or sayings about Wisdom so please give them to Sam, Harry, Milly or Danda.

Please see the link to the Home School Values resource for Wisdom and enjoy a range of stories, games and activities at home together.  

Many thanks

Eastnor's Voice of Values Council

Poetry Project fun!

Once again this year, all of the children in class 3 are taking part in a short poetry and performance project which will culminate in them representing school at the 84th Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival.

For the first part of the project, the children were asked to bring in a poem of their choice based on the themes weather, schooldays and holidays which they shared with each other on Tuesday. The children also looked at a selection of poems chosen by school and enjoyed performing some of them to each other too.

Our thanks goes to Margaret Williamson, Grandma of Rosie and Lily, and Katie Balson who are working with school during this project. They have a wealth of experience in the field of drama and performance and are sure to give some top tips to the children along the way.


Let's Debate!

  • It has come to that time of year where Eastnor pupils in years 4 and 5 start preparing for Herford and Worcestershire's annual debating competition. This year, the event will be hosted at Great Malvern Primary School and we will be attempting to retain the trophy after being named champions in 2017!

    Mrs Jones, who has worked with the children over the last three years (securing one first and two second places) will run debating workshops for all of the children each Thursday morning. Everyone will learn about the following themes;- fairness - how we decide what is fair and how to compromise, getting your message across, making decisions together and this will lead to some formal debating sessions.

  • Later in the term we will announce who will be part of the Eastnor team who will be debating for the motion 'The internet should replace books!'

  • Shh! Secret Agent Training

    Listen carefully for I will only say this once then this message may self destruct!!!!!!

    Year 2 children may have been telling you about the Secret Agent Training that Miss Patchett is helping them with over the next few months. Training for being a Secret agent takes place in Year 2 and then the Year 2 children will need to take their Secret Agent Tests at the end of May. Four days in the classroom checking their English and Maths Skills, then there will be a day out around Eastnor for our 'In the Field' training, during which we will hopefully earn our Secret Agent badges.

    I haven't gone mad!! This is a coded message which I hope you can figure out!!!

    Any questions, please ask me!!

    Miss Patchett.

    Mini League Football Match

    As the snow was falling down on Tuesday evening, our football team were out playing some mini-league matches against some of the cluster schools.  Despite freezing conditions, the children played well and showed true endurance and unity when on the field in their matches against Cradley and Much Marcle.

    Well done to Hannah, Callum, Sam, Ellis, Thomas, Phoebe, Keanu and Harry B for playing in such harsh conditions.


    Class 4 with Miss Nicholls

    Class 4 have been channelling their inner poet, writing a nature poem based on rivers and the result is beautiful. Below is one of the many incredible poems written by Class 4. Beyond poetry we have presented a hurricane weather report and many children have started to attend a timetable club, that runs every morning. It has been great to see their enthusiasm for timetables and how much they have noticed the benefit, in terms of preparing for those upcoming SATs tests.

    So far my time in Eastnor Primary School has been brilliant, getting to know lots of children within the school by helping out at forest school and welly walks with reception.

    I look forward to the next few weeks, building on the great experience so far.

    A River Poem by Isabel Jones

    Hello little river

    I love the way you flow,

    all through the day like you're never going to stop

    You run around and I can hear splish, splosh.

    Hello little river

    I love the way you flow,

    all the way to the waterfall and then down you go,

    You are a delicate like a baby and soft like a lamb.

    Hello little river

    I love the way you flow,

    I want to know, where do you go?

    Hello little river,

    I love the way you flow,

    all the way past the rocks,

    you end up at home.

    Class 2 with Mr Grant

    This week I have really enjoyed working with year 2 on their fractions. They have all worked hard and it shows in their progression. Year 2 were also fantastic in their PE lesson, I am so impressed with how hard they have worked and how their skills have improved. They are a pleasure to teach and I look forward to the next five weeks of teaching them.

    Fun at Lunchtimes - Zumba with Miss Booton!

    Lunchtime isn't just a time for eating, but for dancing it seems!  I have been very lucky to welcome eager and energetic children to take part in Zumba dances with me on the playground, thinking about integrating basic latin dance skills with aerobics.  The children have impressed me with their coordination, rhythm and enthusiasm for dancing.  Soon we will be having some pro samba and cha cha dancers gracing our playground.  Keep dancing!
    zumba club

    Swimming Success

    Annabelle in class 2 has successfully achieved Stage 1 in her swimming lessons. Well done Annabelle, we are very proud of you.

    Class 2

    Class 2 have continued to really enjoy our Pirates topic over the last couple of weeks.

    We used the character descriptions that were inspired by our Pirate dress up day to help us write our own pirate stories. We took a very simple story about Captain Plank and tried to make it our own but making our versions better. Year 1 children looked at adjectives and extending their sentences to add interest. Year 2 children practised the skill of editing to improve a story by choosing more exciting vocabulary and adding to the text. The pirate stories the children have produced are fantastic – well done!!  We have now moved onto a poetry focus for the last few weeks of term using the ocean and its animals to inspire us!

    In Maths last week, Class 2 were looking at multiplication and division. Children have been counting in steps of 2s, 5s, 10s and more and then using this to support their learning of times tables and division. This week we have moved onto Fractions. The year 1 children went on a fraction hunt and had to name and recognise the fractions that they found. They then put the fractions they found together to make halves and a whole shape. The Year 2 children had fun using strawberry laces to recognise, name and create halves, quarters and thirds. We then moved onto using this knowledge to help us find fractions of numbers – tricky stuff!

    In RE this term, our focus has been on Judaism. The children have been so interested to learn about this religion and have really wowed us with what they have learnt and the knowledge they can recall. Last week, we learnt about the ‘Shema’ which is a very important prayer within Judaism. The children worked in small groups to make information posters all about the Shema. The teamwork and presentation of information was very impressive.

    In Science, we have continued to learn about living things and their habitats. So far we have explored what living need to survive, different habitats and microhabitats. We all went outside to explore the different types of microhabitats in the playground. This week we have been looking at food chains and understanding how different animals get their food.

    In Topic we have been exploring pirate clothing and designed our own pirate costume. In order to successfully create a pirate costume we had to investigate what pirates typically wore. The costumes that were created looked fantastic and very realistic. We have also been looking at maps and symbols. We started off by exploring map keys and what each of the symbols meant. This week we explored aerial photos. We played a very fun game where we had to guess the child in the aerial photo. We also explored an aerial photo of the school where we added on specific features. This was really interesting to see what the school and playground looked like from above. 

    In Computing we have been exploring algorithms. This week we had a very fun and exciting computing lesson with the Bee Bots. We had to give them an algorithm and see where they travelled to. However, sometimes the outcome of the algorithm was not what we expected and we had to de-bug the algorithm and try again.

    In Art we have continued to explore the skill of painting. In particular, we have been looking at mixing light and dark colours to the primary colours. We have also explored mixing the primary colours to create new and exciting colours. We used our painting skills to create our very own wanted posters of ourselves as pirates.

     What a busy term it's been!!

    House Point Totals

    Pupil of the Week Awards


    Joseph for working so hard to find one more and one less for numbers to and across 20. Well done Joseph!

    Year 1

    Annabelle for improving your handwriting through lots of practising and hard work. Well done!

    Year 2

    Dominic for writing an amazing pirate story this week, showing determination to write for a long time!! Wow!!

    Year 3

    Oscar for fantastic effort at learning his times tables. Keep going Oscar!

    Year 4

    Lily B for having such a great attitude to learning and for always being trying her best. Well done Lily!

    Year 5

    Isabel for writing such a lovely river poem independently, and showing such flair in her poetry. Great work!

    Year 6

    Max for showing dedication and endurance in his writing - by self-editing and recreating a wonderful narrative. A fine example of creation! Well done.

    Headteacher Award

    Anna in class 1 for her amazing attitude to learning and for impressing me with her phonic knowledge, reading and writing. Well done Anna, keep up the good work!