The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 15th February 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 25th Feb

Back to School!

Mon, 25th Feb

Swimming Lessons for Class 1 and Class 3 Continue!

Wed, 27th Feb

Class 2 PE Lessons with Mrs Layton (morning sessions)

Wed, 27th Feb

Class 1 and Class 4 PE Lessons with Mrs Layton (afternoon sessions)

Thu, 28th Feb

KS2 Singing with Mrs Cheetham

Thu, 28th Feb

Class 3 and Class 4 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe (afternoon session)

Thu, 28th Feb

Class 1 and 2 Forest School (afternoon session)

Thu, 28th Feb

Pyramid Prom at JMHS (5.30pm drop off for 6pm start)

Diary Dates for Spring Term 2

Monday 25th February - BACK TO SCHOOL

Thursday 28th February - Pyramid Prom at JMHS (new date)

Wednesday 6th March - Sound of Music at JMHS for Class 4 (new date)

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day

Thursday 14th March - Debating Competition (new date)

Thursday 21st March - Open Classroom Event for Year 2 (9.30-11.30am)

Thursday 21st March - Open Classroom Event for Year 1 (1.30 – 3.30pm)

Friday 22nd March - Sports Relief Day/Spring Walk

Tuesday 25th - Bikeability Training for year 6 (rescheduled)

Wednesday 26th - Bikeability Training for year 6 (rescheduled)

Thursday 28th March - Pyramid Prom at JMHS (new date)

Friday 29th March - Young Shakespeare for Class 4 (new date)

Friday 29th March - Mother’s Day Assembly (2.45pm)

Monday 1st April - Last Swim for Class 1 and Class 3

Tuesday 2nd April - Poetry Outloud Festival (new date)

Friday 5th April - Annual Reports Home to Parents

Tuesday 9th April - Experience Easter at Ledbury Church (new date)

Tuesday 9th April – Parent - Teacher Drop in

Wednesday 10th April - Easter Service (2.30pm) (NO CLUBS)

Wednesday 10th April - PTA Easter Fair (NO CLUBS)

Thursday 11th April - Easter Egg Hunt

Friday 12th April - LAST DAY OF TERM

Preparing for the Pyramid Prom!

On Thursday 28th February, in the evening, the KS2 choir will be attending the Pyramid Prom concert at John Masefield to sing as part of the Eastnor choir and they have been busy rehearsing this week!

All children in class 3 and 4 were given a letter last week, with a slip for parents to complete. Please can these be sent back to school as soon as possible so we can work out the number of children who will be taking part.

The concert will start at 6pm, and parents are very welcome to stay and watch. Children will need to be dropped off at JMHS at 5.30pm so they are ready for the show to start, and the running time will be approximately one hour.

We look forward to you joining us for an evening of music.

Looking forward to World Book Day!

Reading is such a vital skill for all children, and can open the doors to many imaginations. Different stories and texts can later become influences in so many peoples' lives, and so the children and staff have been busy thinking of a way to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.

As part of the celebrations, each class will be asked to dress up as a character from one of the class texts they have been studying during the autumn and spring terms.

These include characters inspired by the following texts: -

Class 1 – Traditional Fairy Tales

Year 1 – George’s Marvellous Medicine or The Diary of a Killer Cat

Year 2 - The BGF or Iron Man

Class 3 – Swallows and Amazons or The Wolf Wilder

Class 4 – Harry Potter or War Horse

Miss Clark will share more details about the World Book Day celebrations at Eastnor soon!

Shh! Secret Agent Training Resumes!

Listen carefully for I will only say this once then this message may self-destruct!!!!!!

Year 2 children may soon be telling you about the Secret Agent Training that Miss Patchett is helping them with; this will continue over the next few months. Training for being a Secret agent takes place in Year 2 and then the Year 2 children will need to take their Secret Agent Tests at the end of May. Four days in the classroom checking their English and Maths Skills, then there will be a day out around Eastnor for our 'In the Field' training, during which we will hopefully earn our Secret Agent badges.

I haven't gone mad!! This is a coded message which I hope you can figure out!!! Any questions, please come and ask! Miss Patchett

PTA Film Night Fun!

On Wednesday, after a long break, the PTA hosted a Film Night at Eastnor School - what an enjoyable evening it was! The children had a choice of two films which included Paddington 2 (my personal favourite!) and Journey 2 the Mysterious Land which they thoroughly enjoyed. They also enjoyed hotdogs – cooked by Bec Swan – and were able to visit the fabulous tuck shop which had lots of delicious treats.

My thanks go to the Eastnor PTA committee and helpers who ensured everyone attending - young and old (er!) – had a fantastic evening.

Class 2's Visit to Space!

Class two took an imaginary journey into space this week. We used all that we have learnt from reading non-fiction texts about space to imagine we were living on the International Space Station. First, we woke up and got out of our sleeping bags that were clipped to the wall. We chose either dried or sticky food for breakfast, being careful not to let any crumbs float away! Next we had a wash, catching blobs of water to wipe onto our bodies and washing our hair as it stood on end. After this, we had to do some exercises so we clipped ourselves down and used the running machine. Then it was time to go outside! After some effort, we managed to get into our big, cumbersome space suits and went outside the ship to make some minor repairs. We paused to look at the amazing view of the stars, planets and our amazing Earth below us. We then used this experience to inspire our writing and send an email home from the Space Station.

Off to space

Fun in Class 1 this half term!

A highlight in Class 1 this term has to be all the Chinese New Year fun we had during the special week of celebrations.

The children showed excellent inquisitiveness and wonder about different cultures around the world. Miss Cassell kindly brought in a box of Chinese props giving us plenty of chance to explore the culture and ask all those wonderful questions to deepen our knowledge and understanding.

We particularly enjoyed trying all the different Chinese food and even had a go using some chopsticks - great for our fine motor skills. I was very impressed by how willing the children all were to try different types of food as well as having a real open mindfulness about different ways of life.

The children also fully engaged with the dragon dancing and my goodness we certainly had plenty of lively and noisy dragons in the classroom making sure we celebrated the right way for the special occasion.

Reception you have been a delight as always this half term and I cannot wait for next term's adventures.

Fun in Class 2 this half term!

We have had lots of fun memories in Class 2 this half term. One of my favourites has been creating some fantastic artwork for our book displays. The children really tried so hard to make the artwork as bright and colourful as possible. We created some fantastic watercolour killer cats. We looked at the artist Paul Klee and explored how he drew cats. The Year 2's also created some fantastic iron men! They explored backdrops and scenery photos and used collage skills to create and stick on their iron men. This was a great activity to get the children so engaged with their class books.

Fun in Class 3 this half term!

There has been so many favourite moments this half term in class 3, but if I have to narrow it down it would be the children's enthusiasm towards our class text, The Wolf Wilder. It really has sparked the children's imagination and has helped them to research the world around us, especially learning about Russia. The use of virtual reality with Mark Sanderson really made the world come to life and we really felt we had been on a school trip to Moscow. I am looking forward to continuing our journey together in class 3.

Thank you all for working so hard and for making me laugh every day.

Fun in Class 4 this half term!

During the last half term Class 4 have really immersed themselves into the class text, War Horse. The children have created wonderful War Horse poems, designed and written newspaper articles and also read beautifully as a class. Not only have they been busy writing and reading but they have also produced some amazing horse sketches which are now on display outside of the classroom. Lastly, the children have been working super hard in Maths! They have all learnt the “radius and diameter” song which was used to help them remember the key parts of a circle. It has been a fantastic half term so far and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such an inspiring and motivated class. Miss Harris

Thank you Miss Harris and Get Well Soon Miss Clark!

As I am sure you are aware, Miss Clark has been absent for the last two weeks due to a nasty dose of the flu. I am sure you would like to join me in wishing her a speedy recovery. We all look forward to welcoming her back after half term.

In her absence, Miss Harris has had chance to test her 'teaching' wings, and with the support of myself and Mrs Jones she has absolutely flourished. Miss Harris’ university tutor and I have been so impressed with her natural flair for teaching, her ability to build relationships and her exciting and engaging lessons. Miss Harris is on track to secure the highest possible grades for her final placement at Eastnor, and whichever school she secures a job at will be very fortunate. Well done Miss Harris.

Eastnor's New Thank You Card!

After much deliberation, I am pleased to announce that Lilly P from class 4 has had her card design chosen; this will be made in to the first ever Eastnor thank you card. The design celebrates some of the key values we have in school, and also showcases our emblem of the stag in a touching way. Everyone in school was very impressed with the design and we look forward to being able to send our first card. Congratulations Lilly!

Lilly P

Forest School improvements!

It was so lovely to welcome three lovely gentlmen from Gavin Jones Company to Forest School this week . The stream has recently undergone a makeover being dug out to get rid of the sinking mud and some stone laid in the stream so the children can go in safely and play and explore. Their favourite so far has to be Pooh sticks. A huge thank you to all at Gavin Jones who helped to make this possible.

Forest School

Swimming Success!

Finley in class 4 has been very busy in the swimming pool at the recent 2019 Worcester County Championships which were held in Worcester and Wolverhampton.

In the swimming competitions, which happened on the last weekend in January and last weekend, Finlay qualified to compete in 10 events over 4 days. He got 6 Personal Bests, and through to the finals in 3 sprint events. He also won a bronze medal for 400m freestyle. What a fantastic achievement!

Finley has also entered the triple 5k charity swimathon at the end of March. He will swim at total of 15 kilometres (or 600 lengths) in less than 42 hours, in 3 different pools raising money for cancer charities.

In a bid to raise some money for this charity swim, he will be offering the chance for children in school to take part in some games in return for a small donation. More details will follow after half term!

Fin swimming

Super Star Swimmer in Class 2

A big congratualtions to Ruby in Class 2. She has passed her stage 4 swimming! In Ruby's words:

"Stage 4 was fun and funner than all the other classes."


Governor Update

Some of you may be aware that the BAET has recently received some negative press on social media regarding the Ofsted result of one of its schools.

The BAET is akin to a small ‘local authority’ and many schools under its umbrella are thriving and performing well and some are faced with challenges.

Parents from the affected school are understandably concerned. However please be assured that this in no way reflects on Eastnor as each school within the trust remains responsible for its own outcomes with regards to Ofsted, with full control over teaching and learning as well as governance. This situation is no different to being part of the Local Authority when other schools have poor Ofsted outcomes.

Although sympathetic to any school in the trust who has not been given the Ofsted grading they hoped for, we wish to reassure our parents that this situation does not affect our 'Outstanding' grade and our ongoing commitment to retaining that status.

Eastnor chose the diocesan trust because it gave us a secure future whilst allowing us to keep our autonomy. This means that Mrs Driscoll, and the local governing body, remain responsible for the ongoing success at Eastnor. The future for Eastnor is stronger and brighter than ever due to its move to academy status.

Mr Craig Watson - Chair of governors

Class 1

What a fabulous start to the year we have had back in Class 1! Even with all the extra physical activities scheduled into the week, the children are still putting their absolute all into Forest School, Swimming and PE with Mrs Dawe. Well done everyone- you certainly all deserve a well rested break!

The children have been enthusiastic about this term's topic 'Dinosaurs'. They have enjoyed looking at many dinosaur themed story books but have really blossomed with non-fiction texts during this topic. The children have discovered the value of non-fiction books and how we can use them to find out new information. We have also learnt that not only can we use books to help develop our learning but also computers, videos and other people all around us - great research skills everyone! The children have also been working carefully on their story writing valuing the importance of great characters and settings in our stories to make them exciting and enjoyable for readers to hear. The children are also doing a brilliant job with their reading, all working hard at letter and sound recognition and many of them blending fantastically, adding more flow to their reading, amazing!

In Mathematics the children have been working very hard at measuring, using equipment like metre sticks and blocks to help us measure objects and people not only in our classroom, but also all around the school. The children have also enjoyed looking and exploring money this week, linking into our topic of Chinese New Year from last week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed playing shops throughout the week and are becoming much more confident with recognising coins of different values and are even beginning to combine coin amounts to pay for those all important toys of course. Well done! We have also been thinking about adding and taking away, developing the children's abilities to work practically to more mental maths work; you're all trying so hard reception children, keep it up!

In Art the children have been exploring the technique of printing through a variety of art designs, creating wallpapers, wrapping paper and this week we created a huge printing activity which maybe involved just a little bit of mess! So much fun though!

We are so lucky here at Eastnor to have plenty of out of the classroom opportunities; this term we not only get to enjoy swimming, but also Forest School. No matter the weather our moods and enthusiasm are never dampened and we are always so eager to pull on our waterproofs and get into the Great Outdoors. It is so lovely to see some of the quieter members of the class really come to life with their stories and games they create down in the woods. Last week we thoroughly enjoyed making wooden wind chimes as well as building paper Chinese boats with Miss Evans in our lovely new stream. At swimming the children are doing a fantastic job, really supporting one another and having bundles of fun in the water, even if that does mean splashing Miss Davies and Wendy the coach!

Well done to each and every one of the children in Reception, you really are an exceptional class and I feel prouder and luckier everyday to be your teacher! Keep up the amazing work you are doing as well as keeping those cheeky smiles through these wintery months.

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Alfie for his fantastic formation skills, taking such pride in his work and handwriting! Keep it up Alfie! Well done!

Year 1

Ruby for always trying so hard with her reading at home. You are a reading superstar!! Well done Ruby.

Year 2

Thomas B for achieving more in the time given. Well done Thomas!

Year 3

Lu-lu for being so brave this week and for showing such true Christian Values. Well done Lu-Lu!

Year 4

Seb for working so hard to learn his times tables, keep going Seb. Well done!

Year 5

Lilly P for trying hard with her homework and sharing some great ideas for World Book Day!

Year 6

Heidi for an excellent biography about Nelson Mandela. You effectively used your knowledge of this notable individual to create a great piece of writing. Well done!

Headteacher Award

Kian in class 3 for settling so quickly into life at Eastnor and for impressing me and Mrs Tart with the quality of his work. What a super addition to the Eastnor family! Well done Kian.