The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 18th January 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 21st Jan

Swimming lessons for class 1 and class 3 continue.

Mon, 21st Jan

Year 5 and 6 Transition Meeting with Mr Wyatt from JMHS (9.30am)

Wed, 23rd Jan

JMHS Open Morning (tours begin at 9.15am)

Wed, 23rd Jan

Class 2 PE Lesson (morning session)

Wed, 23rd Jan

Class 1 and Class 4 PE lessons (afternoon session)

Thu, 24th Jan

KS2 Singing with Mrs Cheetham

Thu, 24th Jan

Class 3 and 4 PE Lesson (afternoon session)

Thu, 24th Jan

Class 1 and 2 Forest School (afternoon session)

Fri, 25th Jan

Young Voices Concert at Genting Arena Birmingham

Diary Dates for Spring Term (1)

Friday 25th January - Young Voices Concert Birmingham

Thursday 31st January - Open Classroom Event for Year 4 (9.30-11.30am)

Thursday 31st January - Open Classroom Event for Year 3 (1.30 – 3.30pm)

*Friday 1st February - Life Education Bus at Ledbury Primary School

Thursday 7th February - Open Classroom Event for Reception class (9.30-11.30am)

Friday 15th February - LAST DAY OF HALF TERM

"Be passionate and bold. Always keep learning."

Whilst striving for the highest standards in everything we do it is crucial that the staff at Eastnor continue to learn.

On one of our training days last week, all of the staff enjoyed an inspirational day at Colwall Primary School with leading Educational Consultant, Jason Bangbala. Teachers from Eastnor, Bosbury and Colwall enjoyed the interactive and practical day and had time to share and discuss the excellent practice that is going on in each successful school.

Sessions such as these give even the most talented and experienced teachers many new ideas and help them plan and deliver even more exciting learning opportunities at Eastnor. You might hear you children talk about some new initiatives such as 'three before me' or 'SNOT' (self, neighbour, other, teacher) which develops children's independence and resilience in the coming weeks!

Open Classroom Events!

At Eastnor we pride ourselves as being one big family where the staff, children, parents and our local community work together.

This term, we will be continuing to host our Open Classroom Events, in which we will invite different members of the school community to experience what it is like to learn at Eastnor Primary School.

On Thursday 30th January, Mrs Tart will be inviting parents into school to share learning with the children in year 3 and year 4.

The teaching and support staff are planning some exciting activities where each year group will have chance to work with their loved ones, and showcase the hard work they have been doing so far this term.

We request that year 4 parents arrive promptly for the start of the morning session at 9.30 so they can be part of the main teaching session and have the opportunity to experience all of the planned activities. At 10.30am, the whole school, including our visitors, will join us for our Open the Book assembly.

Year 3 parents will be welcomed for the afternoon session which will begin at 1.30pm.

We look forward to welcoming you all to school!

Fun at the Pool!

What a fantastic start to the swimming term we had this week! The children from Class 1 and Class 3 eagerly jumped onto the coach before we made our way down to the Ledbury swimming pool.

On arrival, as always, we were greeted by the wonderful Wendy, giving plenty of smiles and reassurance to all the children about their swimming time.

The children thoroughly enjoyed splashing around and getting a feel for the pool. I’m sure there was even a few attempts sneakily splash a few teachers on the pool side!

Well done everyone and a big thank you to Helen Mitchell for helping out this week!

A window into the curriculum - class 1

The term has kicked off with a huge surprise left for us after the Christmas break! The children were greeted by a tremendous paw print which they quickly decided must be a dinosaur print - good detective skills from everyone - well done! An insight to exactly the type of learning we love to see in the early years. The beauty of being a reception teacher is allowing the children to showcase their interests and for you to roll with it and use their ideas to support and develop their learning. Every moment, everywhere in the classroom is a learning opportunity. This is exactly why at Eastnor we value our local surroundings so much - there is so much to be gained from all around us.

It is not uncommon for Class 1 to make a discovery outside, be it a creature, a plane in the sky or even an interesting view in nature. From here children are able to share and get answers to their inquisitive answers and begin making links with their learning .

Throughout the year, the children in Reception are nurtured in a way to develop their independence, inquisitiveness and ability to take on new challenges, persevering even when the going may get tough!

The children are making fantastic progress - they’re working hard on their letter formation, allowing them to write down their wonderfully imaginative ideas as well as developing a deeper understanding of numbers and how we can use them to support all


A window into the curriculum - class 2

Class 2 have got some very exciting learning opportunites coming in this term. In English we will be looking at our class texts. The year 2 children will be looking at 'The Iron Man' and the year 1 children will be looking at 'The Diary of a Killer Cat.' We will be using these texts to explore pieces of creative writing and even create our own pieces! We will also be drawing upon our topic knowledge and use this to explore information texts.

In Maths we will continue to appy our skills and knowledge within problem solving activities. We will also be looking at place value and how to use the four operations. We will then move onto shape, space and measure.

In R.E we will be looking at Muslim celebrations and traditions and in PSHE we will be looking at communities and feelings.

Our Topic focus this term is space. In History we will be learning about significant space encounters and astronauts who have travelled into space. In Geography, we will be continuing to explore space. In particular, we will be looking at the planets in the solar system and different countries within the world.

In Science, we will be learning about animals and humans and what we need to survive. We will be looking at lots of different animals and will be exploring the ways that they have adapted to survive.

Our Computing topic is programming. To do this we will be looking at programming with the Bee Bots and how we can de-bug algortithms when they go wrong.

In Art we will be exploring the skills of collage and how we can apply this skill to create pictures. In D.T we will be creating our own rockets out of recycled materials and in Music we will be exploring pitch and beat and applying our knowledge of this to create our own pieces of music.


A window into the curriculum - class 3

This Spring term sees some new and exciting topics to be explored in Class 3 which include lots of opportunities to learn about the world around us.

In English our focus will be Descriptive texts, Newspaper reports and Traditional Poetry, whilst studying our class text The Wolf Wilder. We will also be learning how to use our spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons to impact our writing.

In Maths we will be learning how to multiply and divide in a variety of ways using problem solving and our investigative skills. We will then move on to length, perimeter and area and finally fractions. We will be looking at lots of different ways to help us to learn our times tables.

In our science lessons we will be learning about Animals including Humans. We will identify the different parts of the digestive system and how it works. We will also be looking at the food chain and identify producers, predators and prey.

Our topic work will be based on learning about Continents, Countries and Capitals and in particular learning about Russia and its diverse landscape. We will learn about the weather and climate, looking at the similarities and differences in daily life in Russia.

Our computing work will be based on Computer science whilst learning how to design, write and debug programs. We will work with algorithms and detect and correct errors in them. The children will also be using virtual reality to visit lots of different places around the world and will learn how to make an e-book.

In Art and DT we will be learning about the Russian artist Kandinsky and produce work in his style. I look forward to you all seeing our large display in the corridor.

In RE we will be learning about what it means to be Hindu in Britain today and researching their way of life.

The children will also be commencing swimming lessons as well as taking part in a range of exciting PE lessons with Mrs Dawe

We are all looking forward to a very exciting term full of amazing new experiences and awe and wonder of the world around us!

class 3

A window into the curriculum - class 4

A window into the curriculum - class 4

The children have many exciting things to look forward to this term and - whilst it is a shorter term than the previous one - we certainly have much to pack in!

In English lessons we will be studying 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo and then 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare. As we study these texts the children will understand the author's purpose through choice of language and structure. We will look at similarities and differences with other authors and poets and use our two key texts to support how we write our own playscripts; short stories; newspaper articles; chronological and non-chronological reports; persuasive texts; diary extracts and much more!

Our focus in Mathematics lessons will be on volume and area; statistics; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; number and place value; decimals and percentages; algebra and fractions; and developing mental arithmetic. The children will also have the opportunity to practise SAT style questions in test conditions, which is an extremely useful way of highlighting areas that need addressing and developing further.

Our topic work will cover World War 1; animals and humans (life journeys); the UK and the Americas; civil rights; and sculpture. We also have an exciting project in the pipelines in conjunction with Eastnor church which will truly bring our War Horse text to life. With weekly french and PE lessons (in which Mrs Dawe will focus on fitness and key games skills), singing with Mrs Cheatham and RE with Mrs Driscoll, it is bound to be a full and eventful term!


Class 4

The children in Class 4 have returned to school positive, keen and ready for new challenges - just like the adults! For the next 6 weeks, Miss Harris joins us for her third year teaching placement, at the University of Worcester, having spent 3 days with us last term getting to know the school and the children. Whilst she is with us, Mrs Jones will be supporting children in Class 3 during Mathematics lessons and then working with individual children across Key Stage 2 in English lessons.

Our learning began this term by studying a notable individual from the last one hundred and fifty years. The children researched either Emmeline Pankurst, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela as an introduction to our topic 'The UK and the Americas'. It also linked with our reading in class of the first chapter of 'War Horse', as we learned how Joey was described by his new owner as a 'firebrand' - a person who is very passionate about a particular cause; who causes political or social trouble (an agitator or a revolutionary); and who may also encourage others to do the same. The children have written some fantastic poems based on the introductory paragraphs of Chapter 1 and have really captured the essence of the main character, which can be tricky to do when it is a horse!

In mathematics we have used Roman numerals in our problem solving and reasoning work, developing our ability to say why an answer is correct or incorrect and how we know. By improving how they verbalise their understanding in mathematics, the children will enhance their knowledge and skills at the same time. We have also begun to look at line graphs and how to interpret data- this will incorporate our topic work on 'the UK and the Americas' as we compare what the weather is like across the Atlantic.

As the weather turns colder here, the children in Class 4 have been warming up during PE in their new fitness lessons with Mrs Dawe and Mrs Layton on a Thursday afternoon. All of the children have applied themselves brilliantly and shown true Eastnor grit and determination, as they aim to improve their personal times each week. They have been enjoying their Wednesday PE sessions as well, as the start of term saw the introduction of orienteering lessons. The children have appreciated the opportunity to apply their mathematical understanding through physical activity - another example of how adaptable and 'ready for any challenge' the oldest children in our school are proving to be!

Well done Class 4 - a fantastic start to the new term!

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Matthew for having a real 'can do' attitude this week and having a go at lots of new things, including swimming. Well done Matthew!

Year 1

Evie for trying really hard to do the right thing this week. You are being such a good role model for your friends. Well done!

Year 2

Annabelle for working hard and fantastic art work. Great!

Year 3

Melly for working so hard in all her subjects and for her wonderful art work. Well done Melly!

Year 4

Kian for settling into life at Eastnor so quickly. Welcome!

Year 5

Nancy for applying herself so brilliantly in English andMmaths lessons. You challenge yourself, the other children and even adults Nancy - well done!

Year 6

Keanu for always offering to help an adult and then carrying out tasks with such maturity - fantastic Keanu. What would us teachers do without you?!

Headteacher Award

Harry in Reception class for impressing me, and so many teachers , with his kind and caring nature in school. Harry considers the feelings and needs of others every day and is consistently showing his Christian Values in school Harry. Well done!