The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 25th January 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 28th Jan

Swimming lessons for class 1 and class 3 continue.

Wed, 30th Jan

Cross Country Trudge Event (JMHS) Parents informed

Wed, 30th Jan

Class 2 PE Lesson (morning session)

Wed, 30th Jan

Class 1 and Class 4 PE lessons (afternoon session)

Thu, 31st Jan


Thu, 31st Jan

PE Lesson for Year 3 with Mrs Layton (morning session) children to wear PE kit to school please.

Thu, 31st Jan

Open Classroom Event for Class 3 (year 4 morning)

Thu, 31st Jan

KS2 Singing with Mrs Cheetham

Thu, 31st Jan

Open Classroom Event for Class 3 (year 3 afternoon)

Thu, 31st Jan

Class 4 and Year 4 PE Lesson (afternoon session)

Fri, 1st Feb

Life Education Bus at Ledbury Primary School @ Ledbury Primary School

Diary Dates for Spring Term (1)

Thursday 31st January - Open Classroom Event for Year 4 (9.30-11.30am)

Thursday 31st January - Open Classroom Event for Year 3 (1.30 – 3.30pm)

*Friday 1st February - Life Education Bus at Ledbury Primary School

Thursday 7th February - Open Classroom Event for Reception class (9.30-11.30am)

Friday 15th February - LAST DAY OF HALF TERM

Ledbury Small School Staff Training!

Please note that school will be closing at 12 o' clock, on Friday, 8th February due to an opportunity for all staff to attend bespoke training with colleagues from four local schools in the Ledbury Cluster.

All children will need to be collected at 12 o'clock so lunch will not be served on this day.

There will be no childcare available at school during the afternoon as all staff will be attending the training but Bubbles are happy to do an early pick up on this occasion.

Open Classroom Events!

At Eastnor we pride ourselves as being one big family where the staff, children, parents and our local community work together.

This term, we will be continuing to host our Open Classroom Events, in which we will invite different members of the school community to experience what it is like to learn at Eastnor Primary School.

On Thursday 30th January, Mrs Tart will be inviting parents into school to share learning with the children in year 3 and year 4.

The teaching and support staff are planning some exciting activities where each year group will have chance to work with their loved ones, and showcase the hard work they have been doing so far this term.

We request that year 4 parents arrive promptly for the start of the morning session at 9.30 so they can be part of the main teaching session and have the opportunity to experience all of the planned activities. At 10.30am, the whole school, including our visitors, will join us for our Open the Book assembly.

Year 3 parents will be welcomed for the afternoon session which will begin at 1.30pm.

We look forward to welcoming you all to school!

Life Education Bus

Next Friday, all of the children from Eastnor will have chance to take part in some memorable life skill sessions which will be delivered at Ledbury Primary School. They will meet Harold the Giraffe puppet (‘Healthy Harold’) and friends and learn about health, well being and drugs education. These sessions will be delivered in a fun, engaging and age appropriate way by Coram Life Education, leading providers of health education for children.

Teachers will inform you of the times and organisation for the sessions for your child which will include the following: -

Class 1 - All About Me

Class 2 - My Wonderful Body

Class 3 - Meet the Brain

Class 4 - Friends

We are very lucky to be working with Coram Life Education, as it would be cost prohibitive to host the event on our own. Our thanks go to Ledbury Rotary Club who are funding the sessions for both schools and to Ledbury Primary School who will be hosting the event.

Tranisiton Talk with Special Friends!

On Monday, Dean Wyatt and some ex-Eastnor pupils came along to talk to Class 4 about the transition from primary school to secondary school.

The children were able to discuss how they felt about that very important move, as well as ask questions to the current John Masefield pupils about what they will learn in different subjects, how the move happens and what they can expect from high school life.

It was especially lovely to welcome back Hannah, Max, Sam, Katie, Rufus and Ben, who sat and had this very talk when they were in class 4. They greeted us with big hugs and smiles!

The children all agreed it was a lovely opportunity to talk about the move with pupils they knew well and trusted. Thank you for taking the time to come back and see us!

Panto Fun!

All of the children in the school have a reputation for working extremely hard. Recently, Becca and Isabel in Year 6 have certainly lived up to this and have been putting in many more hours than normal! Last summer, they auditioned to be part of Ledbury's seasonal pantomime, Alice in Wonderland. They were all successful in getting parts in the chorus and the hard work hasn't stopped since! Hours have been put in at the theatre learning lyrics, actions and stage positions and this has culminated in a long run of shows, with opening night taking place last Thursday.

There were some familiar faces amongst the older children and adults in the show too; they included past pupils Katie, Eloise, Kirsten and Josh and Mrs Broadbent and Mrs Cambridge too!

Well done to you all for entertaining the people of Ledbury!


Yoga Club

Finding our inner zen came easily to our new young yoga club which began last week.

The children were all very excited to learn some new skills even though they enthusiastically wanted to show off their previous knowledge and yoga experience. I must say, I was instantly impressed.

The children enjoyed practising their 'Ommms' whilst enjoying the calm lighting and relaxing scent of burning incense sticks before we helped each other out with some lovely partner and friendship balances.

What a lovely little club it is and a fantastic way to start the week.

A big thank you to Fi who so willingly and happily helps out each week. It wouldn't be the same without you!

Performing Arts Club

During their first club together, the children enjoyed looking through a selection of poetry books and reading them aloud to each other. Lots of laughter ensued as they came across funny lines and the children shared their experiences linked to the content of their poems.

This week, children began choosing poems they might like to perform at the 85th Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival. We have selected some great poems - based on the themes Families, Senses and Transport, and the children will be learning more about the meaning of their choices as we move through the term.

We can't wait to see the Eastnor children perform, and no doubt impress the adjudicators again this year.


Class 3 Success!

The children in class 3 have been very busy impressing people in and out of school. Lu Lu has recently taken her flute exam and passed with a merit, it is so lovely hearing her play at school and she has obviously put in lots of practice.

For the past year Penny has been working hard learning how to play hockey with the Newent Hockey Club. This past week her hard work has payed off as she was awarded the player of the week trophy. Good job Penny! Keep up the hard work and, most importantly, keep having fun!

Erin has also been working hard and has achieved great results in swimming, moving up into Stage 5. To achieve this she had to show great diving skills and swim several lengths of the pool.

Dream Your Future Counselling Project

Dream your future is a community based project offered in partnership schools, including Eastnor Primary.

The aim of the Counselling Project is to support Mothers to rediscover themselves and explore future options. The project is offering 6 sessions of donations-based counselling to parents who are struggling to know what to do next.

For more details, you can contact Mrs Driscoll or get in touch with the project’s counsellor, Emma Reed. Telephone 07581 22453 or email [email protected]

Class 1

We’ve had a busy but by no doubt an absolutely excellent start to the new term and new year here in Class 1. The Reception children have all come back to school full of energy and readiness for all the fun and learning we always have. The children were greeted on their first day back by no other than a gigantic dinosaur footprint left for us… where on Earth could this possibly have come from? This made the children very determined to find out more and they were soon digging for clues.

In our English we have been thinking about story and information books, discovering ways to help us to tell the differences which was very important when we discovered a bundle of dinosaur bones hidden in our gardening pot. The children were encouraged to think carefully about whether or not the information on the dinosaur bone was true or false - what fantastic detective skills you showed me everyone, well done! Over the last week we have enjoyed exploring the story of 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs' leading us to design our very own dinosaurs as well as thinking of our stories based around the mysterious cardboard box Miss Davies found in the school's loft, just like Harry found in the story.

In Maths we continue to think carefully about the relationships between different numbers with the help of some very speckled and hoppy frogs who taught us all about taking away. The children enjoyed pretending to be speckled frogs munching on some delicious bugs before hopping into the cooling pond whilst we worked out what happens to the amount when we take some away. ''The number get's smaller' I can still hear the children telling me - well done! We have also been working hard on different types of measuring thinking about how long objects are, how tall and short objects are as well as using our own bodies as human scales to discover what objects are heavy and which are light.

In other areas of learning the children have enjoyed linking their English work of dinosaurs throughout other areas of learning - the children have created some wonderful dinosaur paintings as well as making dinosaurs out of junk modelling-what wonderful imagination I have seen from everybody!

On a completely different topic the children have also enjoyed learning a little about different types of coffee and where it comes in the lead up to our upcoming trip to Coffee Number 1. The children put in a very sweet request for their outdoor role play area to be magically transformed into the famous cafe over the Christmas break and the children were not disappointed. With the lovely help from Mrs Farnell and her daughter we have been able to arrange a visit to the cafe whereby no doubt we will enjoy a lovely cup of tea and maybe even a sweet treat. The children will enjoy being told more about coffee and fair trade by the coffee experts and we are all very much looking forward to it.

We have also increased our physical activity throughout the week in Reception Class and the children are showing fantastic stamina as well as developing so many skills through swimming, PE and forest school. I know Wendy, our swimming teacher, is extremely impressed with how willing the children are to get stuck in and are growing in confidence with every minute they spend in the pool. A huge thank you again to Helen Mitchell who has helped us over the last two weeks with ensuring the children are happy and safe in the water - the children and I are very grateful. Mrs Dawe is also very impressed with the bubbly energy Reception class always bring to her PE lessons. I am also now lucky to enjoy Forest School with the class and what a wonderful afternoon it always is down in the woods - the children really come to life and its great to see them thinking and challenging themselves in a different environment entirely to that of our usual colourful classroom.

All bright and brilliant things taking place in Class 1 and I continue to be blown away by the fantastic children of Class 1. They are always so willing to help each other and are playing and working so cooperatively together. So lovely to see such wonderful friendships - well done everyone. We look forward to sharing the next instalment of fun from Class 1 in a few weeks.

Love from Reception Class and Miss Davies

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Pippa for her fantastic efforts with her reading both at home and in school. Keep going Pippa - well done!

Year 1

George for being a fantastic Eastnor pupil. You have been trying your absolute hardest with everything this week, and wrote a fantastic description about the Killer Cat too! Well done George!

Year 2

Charlie for a fantastic effort in all you do and for wowing me with your maths this week. Well done!

Year 3

Erin for a fantastic attitude to everything she does and for wonderful descriptive writing about settings. Well done Erin!

Year 4

Emily for pure enthusiasm for learning and for achieving great results in all her work. Well done Emily!

Year 5

Lilly for an excellent 'I have a dream' speech in English. You used wonderful descriptive language and made sure that you joined your letters beautifully. Keep it up! I am so impressed!

Year 6

Becca for a fantastic attitude in English and Maths lessons and for making great progress. Well done Becca! You are a super role model to others.

Headteacher Award

Lorna in class 2 for her outstanding attitude every day. Lorna, your hard work is really paying off. What excellent progress you are making and what a wonderful Eastnor pupil you are! Well done!