The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 8th February 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 11th Feb

Swimming Lessons for Class 1 and Class 3

Wed, 13th Feb

Class 2 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe (morning sessions)

Wed, 13th Feb

Class 1 and Class 4 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe (afternoon sessions)

Wed, 13th Feb

PTA Film Night @ Eastnor Primary School

Thu, 14th Feb

Class 3 and Class 4 PE Lessons (afternoon session)

Fri, 15th Feb


Diary Dates for Spring Term 2

Monday 25th February - BACK TO SCHOOL

Thursday 28th February - Pyramid Prom at JMHS (new date)

Wednesday 6th March - Sound of Music at JMHS for Class 4 (new date)

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day

Thursday 14th March - Debating Competition (new date)

Thursday 21st March - Open Classroom Event for Year 2 (9.30-11.30am)

Thursday 21st March - Open Classroom Event for Year 1 (1.30 – 3.30pm)

Friday 22nd March - Sports Relief Day/Spring Walk

Tuesday 25th - Bikeability Training for year 6 (rescheduled)

Wednesday 26th - Bikeability Training for year 6 (rescheduled)

Thursday 28th March - Pyramid Prom at JMHS (new date)

Friday 29th March - Young Shakespeare for Class 4 (new date)

Friday 29th March - Mother’s Day Assembly (2.45pm)

Monday 1st April - Last Swim for Class 1 and Class 3

Tuesday 2nd April - Poetry Outloud Festival (new date)

Friday 5th April - Annual Reports Home to Parents

Tuesday 9th April - Experience Easter at Ledbury Church (new date)

Tuesday 9th April – Parent - Teacher Drop in

Wednesday 10th April - Easter Service (2.30pm) (NO CLUBS)

Wednesday 10th April - PTA Easter Fair (NO CLUBS)

Thursday 11th April - Easter Egg Hunt

Friday 12th April - LAST DAY OF TERM

Coming soon .... PTA Film Night and other news!

Film night - Wednesday 13th February 4.45pm at school

The PTA will be showing 2 films - one for Reception & KS1 and one for KS2. Further information is on the attached leaflet and permission slip which is attached to the newsletter parent mail. Cost will be £2.50 for hotdog and drink.

Hot Chocolate Friday will continue (weather dependant) on Friday 15th February.

Rags to Riches collection booked for 10th March

Pyramid Prom at JMHS

On Thursday 28th February, in the evening, the KS2 choir will be attending the Pyramid Prom concert at John Masefield to sing as part of the Eastnor choir.

Nancy in year 5 will also be playing a solo on the piano.

Tickets for the event are free for parents to attend.

A parentmail will go out at the start of next half term to let you know definite timings, but for now, we are busy practising for our performance!

Sound of Music at JMHS for Class 4

After months of preparation, John Masefield High School will be ready to perform 'The Sound of Music' at the beginning of March. The school will kick off with some special matinee performances for the local primary schools and we are lucky to be one of them!

The children from class 4 will be visting JMHS on the morning of Wednesday 6th March and Miss Clark will let you know full details soon.

Open Classroom fun in Class 1!

We have been very busy here in Class 1 with all our usual fun filled days as well as the extra excitement of Chinese New Year. However we have also had the pleasure of welcoming our lovely families in to share in all our fun.

It was lovely to see so many of you join us for a wonderful Thursday morning and both children and parents were engrossed by the dinosaur museum morning that filled every corner of the Reception Classroom.

The children showed such confidence and pride as they shared learning experiences with their loved ones. Everyone enjoyed becoming a palaeontologist for the morning digging up fossils, cleaning the evidence and piecing together the dinosaur bones.

The children showed off their fantastic writing and reading skills and many parents were invited to crawl into our beloved dinosaur cave.

Mrs Driscoll sends her apologies for not being able to enjoy more of the fun, because she was teaching in class 4, but was very intrigued to find out what happened at the dinosaur museum!

What a wonderful day for the children to share and we would like to thank you all for attending.

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 1

We certainly got into the Chinese New Year spirit this week in Class 1. Myself and Miss Cassell were very impressed with how much the children wanted to learn about the special tradition whilst bringing such a wide range of knowledge and experiences of their own.

We enjoyed sharing and acting out the story behind the Chinese New Year before using our creative and imaginative sides in all shapes and forms to recreate a wonderful Chinese Dragon dance - what great moves you all have children, well done!

The children also enjoyed sharing a real variety of Chinese foods - some of which the children thoroughly enjoyed whilst others made the children ask a few 'What is that?' questions.

Great to see such open mindfulness and hear such wonderful conversations about different cultures. Well done everyone!

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 2

In Class 2 we have been exploring the story of the Great Race. We looked at why the Chinese Emperor wanted to race the animals. We explored the order of the animals and how the Rat managed to win the race. We loved acting out the key parts to the story and exploring each of the animals. We also looked at symbols and how children in China use symbols to write. The children loved trying to write their name and some children even had a go at writing a secret message!

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 3

It was so lovely to see the children in class 3 exploring the meaning of the Chinese New Year and looking at how it is celebrated. We had some in depth conversations about how we celebrate in such a different way and how it is important to understand all cultures. We have looked at festivals among the Chinese communities across the world, looking at the story of the Zodiac which shows us how each year is chosen as an animal. We learnt about the dragon dance and why dragons are so important to Chinese people as they think of them as helpful, friendly creatures. We also found out that they are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom. Thank you so much to Oscar for bringing in some Chinese artefacts to look at, including some delicious chocolates.

As you can see from the pictures the children really enjoyed making and parading their Dragons to represent the ones used in the festivals.

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Class 4

This week in Class 4 we have looked at the celebration of Chinese New Year. As a class we discussed the duration of Chinese New Year, why it is celebrated and what it involves. The children then created their own timeline of events for the Chinese New Year period. Following this, all children were given the opportunity to practice writing Chinese numbers. Lastly, the children built on their geographical understanding of China by locating it on the class map, stating which continent it belonged to and describing the rivers and mountains in China.

Class 3 Ice skaters!

I love hearing about the successes of the children from class 3 outside school. Lu-lu and Melly have been impressing their Ice-skating coaches and have both moved on a stage this week. Well done girls!

class 3

Hot Dinner Orders!

Please can all orders for hot school meals, for week commencing 25th February, be placed by no later than Monday 11th February. Come and see Mrs Bullock if you have any queries.

Swimming Success

A big well done to Lorna who has passed her Stage 2 in Swimming. Lorna was very excited to show her certificate off to her friends. This is a fantastic achievement, well done Lorna!


Governor Visit

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of sharing the morning with Mrs Tart’s class. I was very impressed as the children concentrated so well for an hour and a half mastering the skills needed for written multiplication sums. In spite of the length of the session they stayed really well focused and enjoyed the mixture of learning experiences as they switched between working all together on problems on the board and tackling work independently. I slipped in to see how Year 5 and 6 were getting on and discovered that a small group of Year 4s had flown over the corridor and were managing to crack some tricky problems based on circles – again the children were all working hard for an extended period of time, aided by Miss Harris. After a chilly run around in the playground I was introduced to the delights of ‘The Wolf Wilder’, Mrs Tart’s class reader – I have now bought it for my Kindle! The children have clearly enjoyed this story so much that it was easy for them to draw, from the opening paragraph, all sorts of good ideas to include in the Newspaper-style reports which they will be writing based on the story. I’m sure they will make excellent reading! Thank you, children and Mrs Tart, for a most enjoyable morning in school.

Absence and Illness Update!

There are a lot of bugs and viruses going around school currently and they are affecting both adults and children at Eastnor!

You know your child and are best placed to decide whether they need to be at home to recuperate.

To help you decide whether your child is well enough to come to school there is some NHS guidance -

If your child is only a little under the weather, we would ask you to support the teachers and the smooth operation of the school by bringing your child into school as normal. On most occasions they will benefit from being in school participating in lessons and enjoying time with their friends but If anything changes over the course of a day Mrs Bullock will call you requesting that they are collected.

The school staff, will endeavour to make the right call, based on the information they have and will, as always, put the welfare of each child at the forefront of any decision.

Chair of governors - Craig Watson

Mrs Bullock would also like to remind you that if your child is poorly, and will not be attending school, it is your responsibility to inform school by no later than 9.20am, when the registers will close. If Mrs Bullock is unsure about why a child is absent, she will call you to establish a reason as it is the school's responisbility to keep attendance records accurate and up-to-date. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Class 3

The children have been working with such enthusiasm on all of their subjects, always looking for their next objective to move their work on. Our maths work has focussed on adding and subtracting time and looking at timetables. The children have also been working hard to learn their times tables and the related division facts. This is helping us to multiply larger numbers whilst using our reasoning skills. Our English topic has been based on our class text, the Wolf Wilder, which has inspired the children to research and write about Continents, Capitals and Cities. They have produced some very informative fact files all about Moscow. The children have amazed me with their research skills and their thirst for knowledge and facts was clear to see, especially when they found out St Petersburg had the same weather that we had. Our art work is now on display in class 3; the children thought carefully and described the characteristics of wolves which led them onto producing fantastic clay models. The artist we are studying is Kandinsky who was born in Russia; the children are enjoying making links to where he lived and where our book was set. Our Science topic this half term is Animals including Humans and we are investigating how our bodies work and how amazing they are. The children particularly enjoyed researching the journey that our food makes once it has entered our bodies. Our R.E has been based on ‘What does it mean to be Hindu in Britain today’ The children have thought carefully about how we all have different aspects to describe ourselves and have related this to Brahman who is the ultimate being. Hindus believe that his spirit is everything. We have explored the kinds of things Hindu families would do during the week such as daily Puja, blessing their food, Arti ceremony, singing hymns and reading holy texts. It has been so lovely hearing the children comparing their lives to Hindu children. The children continue to enjoy their weekly trip to Ledbury to take part in swimming lessons and are showing some good progression.

Keep working hard class 3. I am so proud of you!

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Eva for super reading this week, particularly spotting those cheeky words. Well done Eva!

Year 1

Joseph P for trying so hard in his maths and English work this week! You are working so hard, well done!

Year 2

Willow-Grace for doing some fantastic independent work this week. Well done!

Year 3

Penny for her fantastic attitude to her work especially in maths whilst multiplying. Well done Penny!

Year 4

Oscar for being such a kind and thoughtful boy who loves to learn. Well done Oscar!

Year 5

Grace for working hard with Mrs Driscoll in maths this week. Well done Grace!

Year 6

Finlay for being a super assistant to Mrs Cheatham in our music lesson. Well done Finlay!

Headteacher Award

Joseph in year 2 for helping Mrs Layton to get ready for lunchtime every day, and for impressing Mrs Tart every week at Forest School with the commitment and creativity he shows to the his outdoor challenges. Well done Joseph we are all very proud of you.