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Edition: Friday, 12th July 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 15th Jul - Thu, 18th Jul


Mon, 15th Jul

Class 4 return from Red Ridge

Mon, 15th Jul

Class 3 Film Showcase at Eastnor Primary School

Tue, 16th Jul

Class 3 and 4 PE Lesson (afternoon session) Change due to Leavers Day Out

Wed, 17th Jul

Leavers Day Out

Wed, 17th Jul

Class 1 and 2 and Year 5 PE Lessons (afternoon session) Change due to Leavers Day Out

Thu, 18th Jul

Leavers Service @ 9.30am followed by Rounders

Mon, 2nd Sep


Tue, 3rd Sep


Wed, 4th Sep


Sports Day!

Wow! What an amazing day! The sun stayed behind the clouds for just enough time, as the children showed off many skills in our sports day.

They took part in many activities which included throwing, catching, tennis, badminton and racing before a break for water and fruit which was supplied by Spar in Ledbury!

The traditional races tested not only sprinting but also agility and balance and it was very special to see so many of the older children in school encouraging and supporting those who felt a little daunted by the race track.

The day was a fantastic success and we must say a huge thank you to our sports coach Mrs Dawe and the Sports Leaders from John Masefield for making the day so smooth and enjoyable. Also, well done to all of the children for having a go and showcasing Christian values of humility, endurance, compassion, unity and friendship. We all had a great day!

And a special well done to Castle who were this year's cup winners!

Thank you Spar

County Plate Champions!

The weather was perfect for us on Wednesday at the Herefordshire School Games. This year we qualified for the Level 3 tournament after beating local cluster schools in the first round. We played 3 matches against Marlbrook, Orleton and Llangrove and were drawn for the Plate competition.

We played Burley Gate in the first round and what a game that was! We drew 7 – 7 but went through on our fielding abilities. In the semi final we beat Pembridge 7.5 – 3. Unbelievably, we faced Ashperton in the final, where we stepped up once again and beat them 4.5 – 1.

Every single player who represented Eastnor, were an absolute credit to us all. We took such a young team which was highly commented on as we progressed through the competition. They all made huge improvements and progressed as individual and team players. Many schools commended us on our sportsmanship and fairplay throughout. A particular mention must go to Ellis Bees, who as our captain, supported, coached, mentored and played spectacularly. Thank you also to Helen Embry, Coral Burr and Helen Mitchell, who supported Mrs Dawe throughout the day.

Plate winners

Move-Up Day in Class 1

What a fabulous time had last week, welcoming our lovely new additions Tim the Eastnor family for their stay and play dates.

Miss Davies and Mrs Layton were blown away by how confidently the children came bouncing into their new classroom and straight away they were all willing to share their likes and interest with us.

We can't wait to welcome the children back in September as they begin their journey with us. How exciting!

Move up day in Class 2

It was a marvellous move up morning in Class 2. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other better. We began our morning with a circle game that focussed on our likes and dislikes. Throughout the morning I learnt about the children’s favourite colours, games and things to do among many other things! We explored important numbers such as our ages, house numbers and how tall we were. During the afternoon, we began to prepare things for our classroom in September. The children painted some fantastic self portraits and collaged some stars to decorate our classroom door. I was so impressed by how well they got on and worked together rand I can’t wait to begin our learning journey together.

Move up day in Class 3

What a fantastic day we had as the 'Class 3' last Thursday. The children all were so happy and willing to carry out a range of activities. We had a quick look at our new class text, The Railway Children, which all the children were very excited to read. We then thought about the type of train journeys we have been on and where we would like to go if we could choose anywhere in the world. We then played some fun maths ganes to help us all to learn our times table, the children already know quite a few.Our afternoon was filled with cricket on the field with Mrs Dawe and I think we have some budding sportsman amongst you, followed by some great artwork. Well done 'new' Class 3 - I am really looking forward to all our adventures in September! Mrs Tart


Move up day in Class 4

What a brilliant day we had as the new 'Class 4' last Thursday. The children worked wonderfully for me and I can already foresee a super year ahead! Our first activity was to think about our 'talents' (hidden or otherwise) and the children quickly realised that they all had many! They shared ideas that ranged from musical talents and sporting skills to being avid readers, comedy kings and simply being a good friend. During the morning these talents were quickly put to use as I introduced our summer read - and Autumn 2019 class text - 'The Hobbit'. The children and I shared the first few pages and incorporated some grammar work on word classes, with a particular focus on nouns. Afterwards, the whole class created fabulous abstract noun posters, which will be displayed in the classroom ready for September. Our afternoon was filled with fun maths games and cricket on the field with Mrs Dawe and I could not have been more impressed with the skills and teamwork displayed on the pitch. Well done 'new' Class 4 - I am really looking forward to the fun we will have together next year! Miss Clark

End of Term Disco!

Last Thursday was the end of term disco and what a fantastic night we all had! The sun was shining and the children were dancing the night away. It was wonderful to see all of the children dancing together, younger and older ones giggling and hugging and showing how much of a big family we truly are at our school. The teachers really enjoyed watching the children showcase their best dance moves and some even joined in themselves. A big thank you to the PTA for organising this fantastic event.

Eastnor Adventure Day!

What a fantastic day the children had on Adventure Day. The children had 4 different activities to complete throughout the day.

One activity was a disco at school. The children played with the parachute and played classic party games.

The children also completed a forest school based activity with Mrs Scull. For this activity they had to make their own 'Stick Man' from Julia Donaldson's book. We had stick men of all sizes, great and small!

We had a lovely activity to complete at the church. The children had to look closely at the features of the church to answer some questions. It was really interesting to look closely at the things that we don't always pay attention to.

The final activity gave the children a need for speed! The lovely people at the Landrover experience very kindly allowed us to drive their mini landrovers. It was such good fun and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Afternoon Tea!

As you may remember, I am currently working with Sir James Harvey Bathhurst CBE - and the local community - to support applications for funding which will help pay for essential repairs to Eastnor Church. As a way of showing our support, school hosted tea and delicious homemade cakes last in the school playground.

During the morning of the adventure day, James visited school -with his wife Lucy - to drop off the cakes they had baked for the sale. They also visited the church to find out if the children were enjoying the Heritage Trail (which indeed they were!) and it was a wonderful chance for us to celebrate the special partnership the school has with the Eastnor Estate and the community.

Many thanks for your continued support and for helping us to raise over £150 to help secure the future of Eastnor Church.

Swimming Success

Wow, what amazing news we had last week from not one but two of the lovely reception children.

Both Jacob and Harry J came bursting with pride into the classroom waving around their recent certificates and badges from their swimming lessons.

The boys confi talked about all the incredible challenges they had to complete in order to achieve the next level in their swimming, well done boys!

Unauthorised Holidays in Term Time!

As you know, school cannot authorise any holidays taken in term time. After a review of our end of year attendance data with Jo Ellis (Education Welfare Advisor) we have many things to celebrate but we still have a higher rate of holidays taken in term time than others schools nationally which is not what we hoped to see.

As stated in our attendance policy, a referral will be made to the Local Authority for any child(ren) who have unauthorised holidays of 5 days or more this year (these days do not need to be consecutive days) and the Local Authority will decide if a fine is given. Please note, school does not benefit financially in any way from any fines that are issued.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

We will continue to work with Dom Kearne, Josie Bedford Davies and Hannah West next year. They are all excellent music teachers so please let us know if your child would like to start lessons and we will give you the relevant information about which instruments they teach, the prices of lessons and what days these lessons will will take place. Many thanks.

Old Uniform Collection!

Fiona (Frankie's Mum) is collecting old school uniform for the second hand uniform shop to raise money for the school. Please can parents keep any uniform that wont be used next year over the summer and donate in September, or give it to Fiona before the end of term. Many thanks.

Class 4

Well, what a year! Class 4, you have been truly fantastic. What an amazing time we have had this year. So many memories and achievements, so much love and laughter. Small in number, but big in personality. I - and all the other adults that have taught you this year- wish you all a fantastic summer and to the Year 6's, so much love and luck in your continued adventures. The photographs below will hopefully make you smile as well as reflect on just how much you have all truly grown. Well done Class 4 of 2018-2019. It's been a pleasure! Love Miss Clark and Mrs Jones xxx

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Taylor-Fletch for embracing new challenges and opportunities in preparation for year 1. Well done Taylor-Fletch!

Year 1

Joseph P for writing a fantastic letter about Grace Darling. You really are trying so hard. Well done!

Year 2

Alfie for a super effort with your reading in class. Well done Alfie, keep it up.

Year 3

Erin for always putting 100% effort into everything you do and for being such a kind friend. Well done Erin!

Year 4

Seb for working so hard this year and for making fantastic progress. Well done Seb!

Year 5

Lily B for your fantastic art work creating a Viking shield and for always being a kind, considerate member of the class. Well done Lily!

Year 6

Heidi for your fantastic art work creating a Viking shield and for always being a kind, considerate member of the class. Well done Heidi!

Headteacher Award

Evie in class 2 for always skipping into school and for sharing her enthusiasm and smile with us all everyday. Evie, you have worked hard and have made excellent progress this year too! Well done!