The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 24th May 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 3rd Jun

Back to School

Mon, 3rd Jun

Rounders Tournament @ Bosbury Primary from 1pm-3pm (parents informed)

Tue, 4th Jun

Kwik Cricket at Eastnor Cricket Club (parents informed)

Tue, 4th Jun

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons with Mrs Layton (afternoon session)

Wed, 5th Jun

Year 6 Leavers Celebration at Hereford Cathedral!

Wed, 5th Jun

Class 1 and 2 Forest School (afternoon Session)

Wed, 5th Jun

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe (afternoon session)

Thu, 6th Jun

Singing with Mrs Cheetham

Thu, 6th Jun

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe (afternoon session)

Thu, 6th Jun

Year 5 Information Evening at JMHS

Key Diary Dates

Monday 3rd June – BACK TO SCHOOL

Monday 3rd June - Rounders Tournament @ Bosbury Primary *new date

Tuesday 4th June - Kwik Cricket @ Eastnor Cricket Club *new date

Wednesday 5th June - Year 6 Leavers Celebration at Hereford Cathedral *new date

Thursday 6th June – Year 5 Information Evening

Saturday 8th June - Hellens Garden Festival

Wednesday 12th June -Year 1 Phonic Screening

Thursday 13th June - Father’s Day Assembly (2.45pm)

Thursday 20th June - Year 6 Information Evening

Monday 24th June - End of Year Production Rehearsal Day at Ledbury Theatre

Tuesday 25th June - End of Year Production (Matinee @ 1pm/ Evening @ 6pm)

Wednesday 26th June - End of Year Production (Matinee @ 1pm/ Evening @ 6pm)

Friday 28th June - Year 5 Secondary School Taster Day JMHS (TBC)

Sunday 30th June - Summer Fun Day

Monday 1st July - Sports Day and Family Picnic

Wednesday 3rd July – Whole School, Class and Team Photos (Russell Lewis)

Thursday 4th July - Year 6 Transition Day JMHS/ Eastnor Move-Up Morning

Thursday 4th July - End of term Disco

Friday 5th July – Eastnor Adventure Day

Friday 12th July – Attainment Reports to Class 1, 2 and 3 Children

Monday 15th July – Attainment Reports to Class 4 Children

Friday 12th July – Monday 15th: Residential Trip to Red Ridge

Monday 15th July: Progress Reports/SAT’s Results (Class 4)

Tuesday 16th July: Parent Teacher Drop in

Wednesday 17th July: Leavers Day Out

Thursday 18th July: Leavers Service (9.30am)

Thursday 18th July: LAST DAY OF TERM

PE Kit for the Summer Term

During the final half term, staff are happy for children to wear PE kit on days they have sport, even if it is during the afternoon session.

Please can we remind you that if children are wearing kit for the whole school day, it is even more important for children to be wearing the correct kit which gives a smart and coordinated look.


Navy shorts or skorts for Girls

Navy T-shirt

Navy sports socks

Black trainers


Plain black long sleeved base layer

Navy tracksuit jacket

Navy tracksuit bottoms


Plain Navy Cap/Hat

Water bottle (we need this everyday anyway!)

Sun tan lotion

If children are not wearing the correct PE kit, school will provide them with spare kit.

Many thanks for your continued support.

The 2018/2019 Academic Year

We are very lucky that our school continues to thrive and the number of children wanting to join Eastnor continues to grow. We are, once again, oversubscribed for September 2019.

We're all very lucky to be part of the Eastnor family and to have the chance to learn, work and play at Eastnor Primary School; other people recognise this and we regularly receive requests for places and have a waiting list for many year groups. We very much hope this won't be the case, but if you will be relocating or plan to move your child for any other reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

The Governors do recognise that some classes have grown in number, however, staffing across school will continue to be adjusted to ensure all pupils get the full 'Eastnor learning experience'.

I am fortunate to have such a very talented and committed teaching team and whichever teacher your child is with in September will ensure they continue to flourish in every way. Full details of class organisation will be sent home next half term.

Seussical the Musical Tickets!

We are busy rehearsing for this year's summer production and there is singing, dancing and acting skills being honed in all corners of the school!

Please follow the link here to book and pay for your tickets.

It is password protected with the word SEUSS

Please note there will be a maximum of 4 tickets per family available for each performance before they go on general release.

The performances will be as follows: -

Tuesday 25th June - Matinee @ 1pm

Tuesday 25th June - Evening Performance @ 6pm

Wednesday 26th June - Matinee @ 1pm

Wednesday 26th June - - Evening Performance @ 6pm

For the first matinee performances we have a special deal, with all tickets costing £3. For the matinee on Wednesday and the evening performances, Adult tickets will cost £5 and concessions will be charged at £3.

There are full details about the organisation for the rehearsal and performance days - during the week commencing 24th June - attached to the newsletter parent mail. Please come and see a member of staff if you have any questions or queries.

Summer Fun Day!

Please remember that Eastnor's PTA will be hosting their annual Summer Fun Day on Sunday 30th June. There will be lots of exciting things to do, a selection of delicious food and refreshments and the children will be fully involved!

Children from each of the four houses will, once again, be competing in an 'Apprentice' style enterprise event in a bid to raise the most money on their stall/game. There will be prizes for the winners and I am sure that the children (and teachers) will get very competitive and will be keen to be crowned 'hired'!!


Tag Rugby Match Report!

On Tuesday, Eastnor took its Tag Rugby team to Ledbury Primary School. The competitive match play was excellent and the children showcased how the specialist training they have received from Mrs Dawe, Elliot Bees, and most recently Will (our team trainer from Worcester Warriors) has helped them improve.

We are very lucky to have so many passionate and skilled rugby players and coaches training our children and everyone is looking forward to the Weston's Tag Rugby Tournament which will be taking place today, Friday 24th May. Come on Eastnor!


Smarties Treat Day!

Due to the poor weather forecast (and poorly children!) last Friday, Helen Mitchell and the PTA will be rearranging the Smartie Treat Day after the half term holiday. Many thanks to all parents who sent donations.


Staying Safe in the Sun!

Hopefully the summer weather will be coming our way after the May half term holiday! Whilst we recognise that some sun is good for us, sun safety is an important health and safety issue for schools - especially at Eastnor where we take every opportunity possible to learn and play outdoors, on the beautiful Estate. Without adequate protection, a child's delicate skin can easily burn, this can cause accumulative and irreparable damage.

Parental support will play a vital role in our efforts to implement effective control measures particularly with the provision and/or application of sunscreen and sun hats.

It is recommended that parents apply sunscreen thoroughly before school during summer months. However, please note that your child will still need to reapply their sunscreen at school to ensure protection during peak UV hours (between 11am and 3pm).

Children are strongly encouraged to apply their own sunscreen with assistance provided only where necessary to younger pupils, unless otherwise instructed by the parent. Parents can provide valuable support in this respect by providing their child(ren) with additional guidance and practise on how to apply their own sunscreen effectively, with minimum mess!

In-line with our updated Sun Safety policy we ask that parents ensure that their child is equipped with a quality sunscreen that is clearly labelled with their name and kept at school from April through to the end of September when application may become necessary. It is recommended that all sunscreen provided by parents should have a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30+, be 'broad-spectrum' to provide both UVA and UVB protection and if labelled with a UVA star rating, carry a minimum of 4 stars.

We ask that parents also ensure their child has access to a suitable sun hat that is clearly labelled and kept at school from April through to the end of September. Sun hats should ideally be either broad-brimmed (bucket style) or legionnaire to shade the face, neck and ears. Baseball caps are not ideal but they are better than no protection. The governing body will be reviewing the schools policy on sun hats at the next meeting in light of the guidance we have received in our bid to achieve this accreditation.

Guidance and practical advice about UV, Sun Safety, skin cancer prevention and early detection can be found in the 'Sun Safety and Skin Cancer' information booklets which were sent home earlier this week.


Peripatetic Musicians!

After the half term holiday, all of the music lessons with Josie Bedford-Davies will move to a Tuesday.

Hannah, an accredited teacher, from Herefordshire Music Services will take over from Karen Coleman. These lessons will be on a Monday afternoon.

We would all like to say a fond farewell to Mrs Coleman who has worked at Eastnor for many years.


Rugby and Football Superstars in Class 2!

Both Thomas and Joseph have been working hard in Rugby training and were both very excited to share their medals to their friends.

Thomas received a medal for playing for the whole year and a trophy for the most improved player.

Joseph received also received a medal for playing for the year.

Ralph and George were also very excited to share their football medals to their friends.

They both received medals for playing 7 matches in 1 day and for playing for the football team for a year.

What fantastic achievements boys, well done.

Window into the Curriculum - MFL

Whilst languages are not a compulsory subject in Reception and Key Stage 1, the teachers ensure that they draw on the experiences and knowledge of all children, whether it be their own home language or a country they have visited on holiday. Young children are also encouraged, like the older children, to explore simple root words (such as 'tricycle') and compare English spellings with other languages. When studying different countries in geography, children are taught various informal greetings and how to introduce themselves, for example. Even answering during registration can involve speaking other languages! We are also very fortunate that parents volunteer to come and share stories with the younger children in their own language too, which the children thoroughly enjoy.

In Key Stage 2, teachers begin to set the solid foundation of language that will help the children when they move on to secondary school. There is no requirement to teach languages in all years in Key Stage 2, however schools must make sure that suitable content has been taught by the time they reach the end of primary school. At Eastnor School, we ensure that learning other languages takes place across different curriculum areas. Whilst learning simple phrases and sentences which enable children to have basic conversations is important, it is also vital that children continue to build on their knowledge of where words originate from and look further at root words. Whilst both classes study French, the older children have also learnt Latin (the Government recommend children learnin ancient as well as modern languages) when reading 'Harry Potter' as a class. This study helps the children not only to learn another language, but to really get to grips with how words are made up, which they can then apply to their own reading and spelling. We have also been fortunate to have parents helping in Key Stage 2 by sharing their own languages with the children. Lauren Young has been working with the children in Class 3 this year and the children look forward to her joining Mrs Tart in their French lessons every week.

If you feel you would like to come and share a story in a different language with the children, you are always very welcome! Please just pop in and speak to a member of the team. Miss Clark

class 3

Governor Update - Esther Stephens

The Governing Body is always keen to support teaching staff in fostering the very best atmosphere for learning and so after a trial period we have decided to adopt the current arrangements for drop-off and the beginning of the school day. It has been really noticeable how calm, focused and quickly organised the children are when they come into the classrooms directly at drop-off and we want to thank parents and carers for their support in making such a positive start to the school day and thanks especially to pupils who are ready to get stuck into learning promptly at 9am.

Just a reminder that teaching staff will be ready at 8.45am to welcome pupils. For safety reasons please don’t leave your children unsupervised in the playground before this time.

We want to take the opportunity to wish all our Eastnor families a lovely Whitsun half-term break.

Class 3

I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by and we are looking forward to taking part in the play and our filming project. The children have all been working so hard in all of their subjects. They are particularly enjoying our new class text 'This Morning I Met a Whale'. They have been learning about the whale that was found in the river Thames and the impact it had on Michael Morpurgo and how this inspired him to write the book. We have learnt how to write a report showing clear facts and how to write to the relevant corporations. The children then wrote their own newspaper article based on the rescue attempt of the whale in 2016.We have now moved on to writing persuasive letters to help to change the way animals are treated whilst improving our understanding of what they need.

Our maths work has been based on understanding money. We have learnt how to order amounts, add and subtract money whilst being able to convert from pounds to pence. We have been using our problem solving and reasoning skills to help us to gain a deeper understanding of methods to work out the answers. We have also been practising our basic skills of rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

Our science topic of Living Things and their Habitats has really inspired the children to think about how we look after natural habitats. The children have been grouping living things and working out ways to sort them. We have also been making flowcharts on the laptops to show how this can be achieved. We have visited some natural habitats around school and talked about biodiversity and its importance.

Our topic work is taking us on a journey around the local area and looking at its history. The children were fascinated when they learnt about Clenchers Mill and how it had been restored to its former beauty. In French we have been learning how to say how we travel to school and about our holidays. Lauren has been teaching us how to pronounce our sentences correctly using her great accent.

Thank you class 3 for being so enthusiastic in all that we do!

Mrs S Tart

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Matthew for his positive attitude and outlook to all aspects of his learning this week, especially his reading! Well done Matthew!

Year 1

Luka for always being so helpful around school. You are such a caring and polite little girl, well done!

Year 2

Milly for working hard this week. Well done Milly!

Year 3

Ben for working hard to improve his rugby skills. Well done Ben!

Year 4

Piper for writing fantastic sentences in our grammar lesson. Well done Piper!

Year 5

Eleanor for her amazing delivery of lines during our Seussical rehearsals. You really have so much to learn but have taken it all in your stride and are simply shining on stage. Well done!

Year 6

Becca for always showing impeccable behaviour and giving 100% in all areas. In our Seussical rehearsals you are so focused and deliver your lines brilliantly. What a super star you are Becca!

Headteacher Award

All of the year 2 children for performing so well in their secret agent tests! You are all fantastic Super Agents - well done or working so hard!