The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 3rd May 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 6th May

Bank Holiday Monday

Tue, 7th May

Mr Griffiths to start teaching placement in class 3

Tue, 7th May

Class 1 and 2 PE with Mrs Dawe (afternoon session)

Wed, 8th May

Class 3 and 4 PE with Mrs Dawe (afternoon session)

Wed, 8th May

Class 1 and 2 Forest School (afternoon Session)

Wed, 8th May

Tag Rugby Match at Ledbury Primary School (parents informed)

Thu, 9th May

JMHS Open Morning

Thu, 9th May

Class 3 and 4 PE with Mrs Dawe (afternoon session)

Fri, 10th May

Rounders Event at the Elms Malvern

Key Dates for Summer Term


Wednesday 8th May - Tag Rugby Match @ LPS

Friday 10th May - Rounders Event at The Elms Malvern

Monday 13th- Thursday 16th May: KS2 SAT’s Week

Friday 17th May - Smarties Treat Day *new date

Monday 20th- Friday 24th May: KS1 SATS Week

Tuesday 21st May - Tag Rugby Match @ LPS

Friday 24th May - Weston’s Tag Rugby Tournament at Ledbury Rugby Club

Friday 24th May - LAST DAY OF TERM

Monday 3rd June – BACK TO SCHOOL

Thursday 6th June – Year 5 Information Evening (TBC)

Wednesday 12th June -Year 1 Phonic Screening

Thursday 13th June - Father’s Day Assembly (2.45pm)

Thursday 20th June - Year 6 Information Evening (TBC)

Monday 24th June - End of Year Production Rehearsal Day at Ledbury Theatre

Tuesday 25th June - End of Year Production (Matinee @ 1pm/ Evening @ 6pm)

Wednesday 26th June - End of Year Production (Matinee @ 1pm/ Evening @ 6pm)

Friday 28th June - Year 5 Secondary School Taster Day JMHS (TBC)

Monday 1st July - Sports Day and Family Picnic

Wednesday 3rd July – Whole School, Class and Team Photos (Russell Lewis)

Thursday 4th July - Year 6 Transition Day JMHS/ Eastnor Move-Up Morning

Friday 5th July – Eastnor Adventure Day

Friday 12th July – Attainment Reports to Class 1, 2 and 3 Children

Monday 15th July – Attainment Reports to Class 4 Children

Friday 12th July – Monday 15th: Residential Trip to Red Ridge

Monday 15th July: Progress Reports/SAT’s Results (Class 4)

Tuesday 16th July: Parent Teacher Drop in

Wednesday 17th July: Leavers Day Out and Disco

Thursday 18th July: Leavers Service (9.30am)

Thursday 18th July: LAST DAY OF TERM

A Window into the Curriculum - Class 1

We have a very exciting term coming up and I know the children and myself are all very enthusiastic to get stuck into our new topic; 'In the Garden'.

The children are all natural explorers and I know this topic will be extremely popular with them all! We dived into our topic with the help of a very hunger caterpillar - wriggling our way into the garden with him to discover the true wonders and beauties all around us; our beautiful school setting and surrounding areas has greatly enhanced this too!

The children will explore different types of plants and animals around the local area before branching out to be in awe of the world around us - our exotic jungle role play area has already aided us with this!

The children will continue developing their great investigative skills in maths, progressing with their basic number skills to support more problem solving based learning in the upcoming weeks.

In other areas of learning children will explore sculpture in Art, pitch, tempo and timbre in their music, alongside the fabulous singing preparation for our Summer play, very exciting! The children will also explore different elements of the world through geography and history themed learning in the afternoons, slowly but surely adding more structure to the children's school day in preparation for their transition to year 1 next year. How quickly has the time gone!

I'm sure there will be plenty of memories, fun and adventures to come in the upcoming weeks here in Class 1 and I am feeling tremendously lucky and excited to see what the next two terms will bring.

A Window into the Curriculum - Class 2

This term Class 2 look forward to Summer as we learn through our topic of ‘Wonderful water’. Why is water so wonderful? Where do we find water? What are the differences in sea water and tap water? What are the features of a seaside habitat? So many questions and so little time!!

Our class text is ‘The Water Horse’ by Dick King-Smith, which we hope the children have enjoyed over the Easter break. There is so much wonderful vocabulary and imagery in this story to explore and we will be using this text to inspire our writing which will include fantasy stories, describing a setting and poetry. We will also be using ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ within our topic work and will use this story to write postcards and recipes.

In Maths, we will continue to regularly focus on arithmetic, practicing basic skills in adding, subtracting, multiplication and division daily. Also we will learn about time, measurement, fractions, and statistics.

In Topic, we will be exploring the seaside. We will be looking at what seaside holidays were like in the past and what they are like now. We will be expanding our comparison skills and comparing different seaside holidays around the world. The children had some great ideas and questions that they wanted to explore and are really enthusiastic to explore the topic this term!

In Science, we will be looking at plants and growth. We will be exploring the different parts of a flower and looking at what plants need to grow. We will also be doing some planting and growing ourselves!

In Computing, we will be using ipads and laptops for research purposes. We will be using ipads to enhance learning in lots of other subjects this term.

In P.E, we will be started to look at cricket. The children really enjoy P.E this time of year and will really enjoy deepening their skills and understanding. In particular, they will be exploring throwing, catching and fielding. Towards the end of the term, the children will start to practise for sports day, which is such a fun and exciting time for them.

Within the Summer term, Year 1 children will complete their Phonics Screening Test and Year 2 children will sit their KS1 SATS to measure progress made so far in English and Maths. Although, these are important and we want the children to achieve to the best of their ability, as you can see from above, we have many fun and exciting learning opportunities planned besides these statutory assessments. We want to spend our last term with the class really enjoying our topic and learning broadly across the curriculum through this exciting topic. We also look forward to Sports day, the school production at the theatre and our adventure day.

A Window into the Curriculum - Class 3

What an exciting Summer term we have planned in class 3. We will be writing, directing and making our class film that will be shown at the Hereford Odeon at a red carpet Oscar style event. We will also be taking part in rehearsals for the summer play.

In English we will be reading our new class text, The Day I Met A Whale by Michael Morpurgo. This is a great book and we will look at the story in detail. We will then be writing persuasive letters to the government, to persuade them to change the environment and how we look after it. We the children will also be writing adventure stories based on the Whale from our class text. We will also be looking at a range of traditional poems by Charles Causley and Eleanor Farjeon and writing our own versions.

In Maths we will be learning about Measurement and using money whilst converting pounds and pence. We will also be using rounding to estimate money. We will then move onto using statistics.

In our science lessons we will be learning about living things and their habitat, we will recognise that environments can change, and this can pose danger to living things which we will Link to our class text.

Our topic work will be all about local history and will tie in with the research for our film. We will be looking at how strawberries are used to be picked locally and compare this to hop picking many years ago.

Our computing work will be based on digital media and data handling. We will be using photo story and I-movie to help us produce our fantastic film. We will also be using data handling to classify animals and their habitats.

In Art and DT we will be learning about collage and showing the scene from our window introducing the local history.

In RE our big question will be ‘For Christians, when Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?’ The children will have the opportunity to explore what Christians believe about the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The children will also be taking part in a range of exciting PE lessons with Mrs Dawe, starting our summer games of cricket and rounders.

We are all looking forward to a very exciting term full of awe and wonder of the world around us whilst trying out new experiences.

A Window into the Curriculum - Class 4

We have many adventures and opportunities to look forward to in the coming weeks. The summer term (and final term for many in Class 4) sees some new and interesting topics to be explored by the oldest children in the school.

Our topic in geography and history is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings (invaders and settlers) and we shall be learning all about the nature of the settlement in Britain and the evidence that remains. However, with the Vikings being such a dramatic and exciting topic, we will also be looking beyond the nature of settlement and delving into the world of these blood-thirsty and courageous warriors. Learning about these important Norse seafarers who travelled the ocean trading and raiding to their hearts content, will enhance our knowledge of areas in Europe and our new classroom globes will surely assist with this!

In English lessons, we will be studying myths and legends, news scripts, report and persuasive writing, amongst others. By studying ancient texts such as Beowulf - which may be the oldest, longest surviving Old English epic story - alongside our history and geography topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the children will develop an understanding of what the world was like when the Anglo-Saxons started migrating to England. We will also focus on characters and settings, heroes and heroines in our story writing, drawing comparisons with the tragic character of Hamlet from the end of last term as well.

In science our topics will be Living Things and their Habitats as well as Evolution and Inheritance. Our class text ‘Skellig’ will support the latter topic and is sure to evoke interesting questions such as ‘Were we once born with wings?’ which we shall explore, drawing on knowledge gained last term concerning the human skeleton. Our art topics on collage and painting will use these themes as a stimulus, as well as focusing on more famous artists. In ICT we will continue to select and use appropriate software, creating and publishing work based on our class topics. We will also further our understanding of digital media programming, algorithms and logical reasoning as well as data programming and coding. In PSHE lessons we will focus on emotions, self-esteem and relationships. This is particularly important for the Year 6 children with their forthcoming transition to secondary school. Our PE lessons will develop skills in the sport of cricket, rounders, athletics and fitness and Sports Day should prove to be something to look forward to as well! In French lessons we will explore sport, games, places in the locality and schooling in France, as well as extending our understanding and use of larger numbers.

All in all, a jam-packed term! Fortunately the oldest children in the school have bags of energy, which is sure to be on display during our residential trip to the Redridge centre in Wales at the end of term. We can’t wait – bring on the fun and learning!

Filming Project

We are all looking forward to starting our film project. Earlier this week three children went to the Archive Centre in Hereford, to participate in training in digital production and post-production. They had access to a suite of resources and technical support. They came back to school excited to get started. They learnt how to make a short film and how to use digital artwork. They also learnt how to create a news report using a green-screen and how to transport themselves back in time into old photographs.

We have chosen the Derek Evans photos we are going to base our film around and filming will start very soon, after we have written the script.

Multiplication Tables Check


We have been notified by the Department For Education that from the 2019/20 academic year onwards, schools in England will be required to administer an online multiplication tables check (MTC) to year 4 pupils.

Here at Eastnor we are consistently practising their times tables daily and know that the children enjoy practising at home with parents. The children will need to be able to transfer their knowledge on to a laptop when completing the given tests. We are practising this in school but any extra practise you can do at home will really benefit your child. We strive to make the experience of learning times tables as enjoyable as possible by playing games whilst learning. Please continue to learn the times tables at home.

If you have any questions, please come and see us.

Thank you for your continued support.

Congratulations to Pippa

A big well done to the lovely Pippa in Class 1 who came in proudly showing off her rosette, received at a recent horse show.

Pippa talked confidently about the big jumps she had to do and said she wasn't scared at all!

Great to hear all about it Pippa, thank you for sharing with us!


Rugby Success

Ben and Harry from class 3 went to Lucs Festival at the beginning of the Easter holidays and were undefeated in the league winning all 6 matches!

This weekend Ben, Harry and Jayden went on the under 9's tour to Exeter and won all of their games there too!

A great end to a fantastic season boys!

Well done!

Class 4

It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school this week. They have clearly had a very enjoyable time with their families over Easter and are suitably rested and recharged for the final term of the year!

During the next two weeks, Year 6 children will be fine tuning their skills in spelling, grammar, reading and mathematics in preparation for the SATs tests, which are held nationally during the week beginning 13th May. The whole class will continue to focus on problem solving and reasoning questions during maths lessons, drawing on their knowledge of number, shape and space as well as the four operations. Practising timed tests and formal conditions will support the Year 6 children too, so we will be keeping a keen eye on the time over the next two weeks! Parents of Year 6 children can certainly help too, by ensuring that their child gets plenty of sleep, rest and nutrition in the run up to (and during) the SATs week. Also, whilst these tests are important, it will help if the children have a positive mindset of 'I'm going to show them just what I can do!' rather than a 'It's going to be so hard!'- so parents can help with this too at home.

In English lessons the whole class will focus on honing their reading skills which enable us to extract information from a text quickly and effectively, such as skimming and scanning and using sub-headings and headings. We will be revising what to do when you meet unknown words, such as using similar spelling patterns and the context of the sentence for help. In addition, we will be developing our reading stamina by covering longer passages in given times, as well as exploring a variety of text types and grammatical devices within them. Children need to be reading widely across Key Stage 2 and so we will continue to make reading a high priority… even with the SATs!

In the afternoon sessions we will begin our new topics in science, french, art, geography and history (as detailed earlier in the newsletter). There will also be upcoming matches for many children and our PE lessons - which will focus on games skills, fitness and teamwork in a variety of sports - will prepare children well for these. Added to this, the rehearsals for the school play will begin and I know that the children have been busy practising their lines and songs over Easter. I cannot wait to see the results!

Children in class 4 are incredibly hard-working, with bags of energy and good humour. I am certain that, although we are bound to have a busy few weeks before half-term, they will still be filled with lots of fun and laughter. Well done Class 4. Let the adventure begin! Miss Clark

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Alfie for his fantastic efforts with his phonics this week! Well done Alfie!

Year 1

Thomas L for trying so hard with his phonics work this week. Fantastic effort Thomas, well done.

Year 2

Ethan for his hard work and the amazing progress he has made so far this year. Well done Ethan.

Year 3

Lu-lu for taking part in the filming training and helping all the children in class 3 to access the apps for filming. Well done Lu-lu!

Year 4

Lewis and Zack for taking part in the filming training and helping all the children in class 3 to access the apps for filming. Well done Boys!!

Year 5

Libby for being such a committed and positive role model on the sports field. Mrs Dawe and Mrs Layton have witnessed this both during club and lesson time and are very pleased with you!

Year 6

Harry and Heidi for fantastic work and application in all lessons and for always being wonderful role models around school. You have surpassed yourself particularly in maths tests recently and should be very proud of yourselves. Well done!

Headteacher Award

Ollie in class 1 for always showing care, consideration and kindness to those around him and for impressing Mrs Dawe in her PE lesson this week. I saw some impressive football skills at lunch time break too! Well done Ollie.