The Eastnor Express

"To Inspire and Achieve"

Edition: Friday, 5th July 2019

Diary Dates

Mon, 8th Jul

Extra peripatetic music lesson with Josie Bedford Davies

Mon, 8th Jul

Information Evening for Reception Parents (5pm)

Tue, 9th Jul

Class 1 and 2 PE Lessons (afternoon session)

Tue, 9th Jul

Music Assembly for Josie Bedford Davies Pupils (3pm)

Wed, 10th Jul

Class 3 and 4 PE Lessons with Mrs Dawe (afternoon session)

Thu, 11th Jul

Interhouse Sports with Mrs Dawe and Mrs Layton

Fri, 12th Jul - Mon, 15th Jul

Class 4 Residential to Red Ridge

Diary Dates for the End of Term!

Monday 8th July - Information Evening for New Reception Children

Monday 8th July - Extra Music Lessons for Josie Bedford Davies Pupils

Tuesday 9th July - Music Assembly for Josie Bedford Davies Pupils @ Eastnor Church from 3pm

Wednesday 10th July - Class 3 Film Premiere at Odeon Hereford

Friday 12th July – Attainment Reports to Class 1, 2 and 3 Children

Friday 12th July – Monday 15th: Residential Trip to Red Ridge

Monday 15th July – Attainment Reports to Class 4 Children

Monday 15th July - Class 3 Film Showcase at Eastnor Primary School

Tuesday 16th July - Parent Teacher Drop in

Wednesday 17th July- Leavers Day Out

Thursday 18th July - Leavers Service (9.30am)

Thursday 18th July - LAST DAY OF TERM

Teaching Structure for 2019/2020

We are very lucky to have such a talented and committed teaching team and your child will continue to thrive in whichever class they are in from September 2019.

Miss Patchett will be increasing her teaching commitment from September and we will also be welcoming Miss Ellie Fisher to support the key stage 1 teaching team.

Miss Evans’ contract at Eastnor will come to an end in July; we are very pleased to say she has secured a permanent position at Leominster Primary School. We will all miss her and we wish her every success for the future.

As the school continues to flourish and thrive, the Governors and I recognise that some classes have grown in number. However, staffing across school will continue to be adjusted to ensure all pupils get the full 'Eastnor learning experience'. We will be appointing an additional teaching assistant next week who will primarily work with Miss Clark and Mrs Tart to support teaching and learning in key stage 2.

Therefore, the teaching structure for September will be as follows.

Class 1 - Reception Teacher: Miss Rachel Davies

Supported by: Mrs Louise Layton

Class 2 - Year 1 & 2 Teacher: Miss Rachel Patchett

Supported by: Miss Ellie Fisher and Mrs Louise Layton

Class 3 - Year 3 & 4 Teacher: Mrs Sarah Tart

Supported by: Mrs Jill Scull, Mrs Anita Farnell and Newly Appointed Teaching Assistant

Class 4 - Year 5 & 6 Teacher: Miss Anita Clark

Supported by: Mrs Angela Jones and Newly Appointed Teaching Assistant

PPA Teacher: Mrs Nicola Driscoll

Specialist PE Teachers: Mrs Kate Dawe and Mr Elliot Bees

Specialist Music Teacher: Mrs Kate Cheetham

The staffing structure will ensure that the ratio of teachers/support staff to children remains very high and we are sure that every child in school will continue to flourish next year.

KS1 Moderation Success!

On 20th June, Miss Patchett and I welcomed Mrs Rachel Usher- from Marlbrook Teaching School's moderation team - to Eastnor. Mrs Usher spent the morning looking at the year 2 workbooks and spent several hours speaking to Miss Patchett, reviewing evidence of the childrens' learning and progress and verifying our assessment judgements. This is a formal process which takes place, in all schools, on a four year rolling programme.

I am very happy to say that Mrs Usher was very impressed with everything she saw and agreed with all our assessment judgements. We are looking forward to sharing the key stage 1 results with parents and are rightfully proud of all of the children.

We are very pleased to have had such a successful visit and I would like to thank Miss Patchett for the wonderful job she is doing for the children at Eastnor.

School Games Rounders at JMHS

On Wednesday 19th June we took our rounders squad to the cluster tournament at JMHS. Many of the local schools battled it out all morning and there were some very competitive matches against Ledbury and Ashperton.

We played very well and secured some excellent results; finishing joint second on the day. As a result, we will be representing the Ledbury Cluster in the County finals at the summer games.

Congratulations to everyone who played and those who came along to play and support the team.

rounders JMHS.jpg

Girls Cricket Tournament!

On Friday 21st June, all of the girls from class 4 took part in a Kwik Cricket tournament at Ledbury Cricket Club. The girls played matches against Cradley, Riverside, Leominster and Hereford Cathedral School during the day.

There was some lovely bowling from Heidi, Nancy and Eleanor, great batting by Isabel, Lilly, Lily and Libby and super fielding from Becca and Grace too. The games were very close and all of the girls played well and with true Eastnor spirit! They were commended for their attitude and their singing as they entertained all the teams with Seussical the Musical!

We weren’t winners this time but everyone had a fabulous day! My thanks to Mrs Layton for taking the children to this event.

cricket 1


What a wonderful experience all the children in class 3 had at Malvern Priory, where they took part in lots of great activities helping them to understand the life of a Monk. They particularly enjoyed working with Calligraphy pens and taking part in the prayer journey. It was so lovely to see all the schools come together and sing in between learning about the path through life the Monks had taken. The children behaved so well and showed great respect to all, which was commented on by many.

Year 5 Taster Day

The Year 5's started their transition day at JMHS in the Sports Hall and were put into groups. They each had two friends - so they were not lonley and this helped with any nerves too! Many schools were also in attendance such as: Ledbury, Burley Gate and Ashperton. It was clear there would be lots of new friends for everyone to meet!

The children had great fun in their lessons and I know that (our very own!) Mrs Williams-Hewitt enjoyed teaching the girls science. When I spoke to Eleanor I undertsood why!

"I enjoyed science the most. This is because we learnt about chemical reactions and ...EXPLODED A JELLY BABY!" Eleanor

Nancy also enjoyed English because the lesson was based on a murder mystery!

All of the girls had a fantastic day and they look forward to doing it again next year!

Summer Fun Day!

Events such as these take a huge amount of time and effort to plan and there was a real team effort on Sunday with parents helping to set up, man stalls, serve refreshments and then tidy away again.

A real highlight of the afternoon was the dance showcase from Ledbury Dance Company where some of the Eastnor ballerinas took to the 'stage'!

Many thanks to everyone who made the Summer Fun day possible and to those who supported it by joining us for a fun filled afternoon. The event was bustling and busy all day and an amazing amount of money (over £1500!) was raised for school.

Goodbye and Good Luck Mr Griffiths.

On Friday we said goodbye to Mr Griffiths who has been a student in class 3. He has been a great help with all things technical, especially when editing our film. He even has a small part in the film. Good luck and keep in touch.


Drama Accolades

Nancy, Daisy, Isabel, Becca and Eleanor from class 4 received their LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) results this week for group acting grade 1. They were all awarded distinction which is the highest grade anyone can achieve ! Well done girls - we are very proud of you!


Goda Gymnastics Success!

What a great achievement for Goda in class 3. She recently competed in the Welsh Championships in gymnastics against children older than her. She came a fantastic 2nd in her class. Well done Goda!


Class 3

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of the summer term already. The children in class 3 have been working hard in and out of the classroom. I was so proud to see them all taking part in Seussical the Musical with such confidence. In our Maths lessons we have been learning about direction and comparing angles, as well as looking at the properties of 3D shapes and the nets that make them. Our English lessons have taken us back in time to the time when Shakespeare wrote his amazing plays. The children certainly enjoyed turning A Midsummers Nights Dream into a comic strip and adding their own character. We have also been working hard to complete our film ready for its showing at The Odeon in Hereford. It is based on local history and the life of children in Eastnor a very long time ago. Life was very different back then. The children were all fantastic at directing, interviewing, filming and editing our amazing film. Our display board in class 3 is looking so colourful with our wonderful artwork all about the hhale who was lost in the river Thames. The children all learnt the skill of batik, using hot wax to draw fish and whales which they then painted with dyes. We have also visited the Priory in Malvern for our wonderful Lifepath day, we took part in lots of activities, singing and prayers. The children were a true credit to the school and their behaviour and great listening skills were commented on by lots of people.

Thank you so much class 3 for all your hard work, enthusiasm and sense of fun you have shown this year.

Mrs Tart

House Point Totals

Pupil of the Week Awards


Jacob for embracing new and exciting challenges and opportunities this week. Well done Jacob!

Year 1

Ralph for trying really hard with his sketching on Thursday. You created a fantastic picture, well done!

Year 2

Annabelle for creating a wonderful story book this week. You really thought carefully about your story line and illustrations. Well done!

Year 3

Erica for settling in to life at Eastnor so well. Welcome and well done Erica!

Year 4

Piper for fantastic effort in everything that she does and for fantastic writing about our class text. Well done PIper!

Year 5

Lilly P for having such a fantastic attitude to school life. Your big smile and 'chilled out' nature means that you are a great help to other children and always cheer the adults up too! Well done!

Year 6

Isabel for always being such a responsible and helpful member of the class. You are a fantastic role model to other children, young and old, and all adults comment on this. Well done!

Headteacher Award

Grace in class 4 for assisting Miss Patchett so expertly on the Eastnor move-up day. Grace, you are always so keen to help and support the younger children in school and you are a super role model to others. Well done!