Pupils develop a love of learning because teachers make lessons lively and demanding and they help pupils to achieve as well as possible. They enjoy many exciting activities, both within the classroom and beyond through visits and after-school clubs.


As a Church of England Primary School we adhere to the Diocesan Board of Education’s principles about what makes a Church school distinctive and inclusive. We teach the full National Curriculum and in addition: -

  • A sense of belonging to a family within a school
  • Teaching of forgiveness, peace and reconciliation
  • Spiritual nourishment, encouragement and challenge
  • An attitude of reverence for God and respect for each other
  • A search for truth
  • Help for those in need

Through vibrant and enriching curriculum experiences both inside and outside the classroom, Eastnor C of E Primary School aims to ensure that its children are equipped with the skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding they need to excel academically, socially and emotionally so that they can successfully navigate the ever-changing demands of their world.

All of the children in school benefit from specialist teachers. We offer modern foreign languages, quality sports coaching and a strong musical and art influence which all contribute to a rounded and stimulating education.

At Eastnor we are always thinking of new ways to inspire children:

We were one of the first schools in Herefordshire to work with a resident poet when we welcomed Mandy Ross, a well-known children's poet, to embark on three month project with the whole school.

School has also created some wonderful partnerships with Chloe Garner, director of the Ledbury Poetry Festival, Rachel Lambert, Heritage and Volunteer Co-ordinator at the Masters House Ledbury, David Maddison, Head Gardener at Hellen’s House in Much Marcle, and the Education team at the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford.

Through these partnerships the children get to experience innovative projects that make learning both exciting and memorable.

Please see our curriculum intent statement below.

Eastnor Primary School Curriculum Intent Statement