Meet the Staff

Pupils know how to work independently and how to improve their work because teachers have excellent awareness of their individual needs and abilities. Pupils very much appreciate how teachers ‘look out for them’ and the sensitive way they help them to learn.


‘To Inspire and Achieve’

All of the staff at Eastnor are committed to ensuring every child gets the privileged education they deserve. Our aim is to inspire each child to think and feel positively about themselves and other people and to grow with an enthusiastic understanding of life and learning. We believe that children achieve their potential when they are happy, have fun, feel nurtured and grow from a foundation of strong Christian Values.

Name Role
Mrs Nicola Driscoll Headteacher
Mrs Dawn Bullock Office Manager
Miss Rachel Davies Class One Teacher
Mrs Rachel Patchett Class Two Teacher/Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Mrs Sarah Tart Class Three Teacher
Miss Anita Clark Class Four Teacher
Miss Ellie Fisher School Direct Teaching Student
Mrs Kate Dawe PE Specialist Teacher
Mr Elliot Bees PE Specialist Teacher
Mrs Lauren Young Teaching Assistant/French Specialist
Mrs Louise Layton EYFS Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Anita Farnell Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Maria Burgess Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Angela Jones Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Hannah West Peripatetic Music Teacher
Mrs Josie Bedford-Davies Peripatetic Music Teacher
Mr Dominic Kearne Peripatetic Music Teacher