Welcome to Class 1

In Class 1 we welcome the newest and youngest children to our school. Brimming with excitement and full of wonder as they cross the school threshold, for our very young children every day is an adventure and we certainly try to encapsulate that at Eastnor!

Young children learn best when they are active and take charge of their own learning, so here at Eastnor we are fortunate to be able to take full advantage of the castle grounds, the Deer park and the village itself, through our weekly welly walks, clubs and topic work. Our class also has its own outdoor area adjoined to our classroom which is used in all weathers. Playing and learning outside helps children to understand and respect nature and their environment, supports the development of a healthy lifestyle and develops problem solving and creative skills.

Young children also need to fell nurtured and cared for and so our small school, which mirrors important Christian values, enables all of the Reception children to settle very quickly and form friendships across the classes. From early on the Reception children at Eastnor work and play alongside our oldest children, who ensure that they are safe and happy just as much as the adults!

The children in class are supported by myself as class teacher and our fantastic teaching assistant, Mrs Layton. We work very closely together, building on what the children already know as well as their individual and shared interests, and taking them on further in their learning. Achievements, big or small, are celebrated and we foster close links between home and school, as parents know their children best.

On the school website there is a link to our newsletter pages which will hopefully show you even more what it is like to be a Reception child at our school – a small, rural school with a big heart and big ideas bursting out of it!

Miss Rachel Davies

Class Teacher