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Bitterley C of E  Primary School

Eastnor Parochial Primary School

Inspire and Achieve. ‘Do Everything in Love’ (1 Corinthians 16:14)

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The aim of History at Eastnor Primary School is to inspire children’s interest in the past and teach them about the lives of people and events, from a range of historical periods, in Britain and the wider world. Our belief is that knowledge of the past, which is grounded in a rich and well-structured curriculum, equips children with the skills they require to make sense of the present. Similarly, by ensuring that the curriculum is diverse, children are offered knowledge and experience of a range of societies beyond their own experience, enabling them to see just how complex and changeable civilisation can be.


At Eastnor, we value and appreciate the local surroundings of our school and we aim for children across the key stages to enjoy the opportunities that arise from studying local history. Through connections with a local care home, children are in contact with some wonderful people whose recollections extend to the limits of living memory. We are also aware of the limitations of our rural location and ensure that children are given the opportunities to make comparisons between local history studies and their learning about many other cultures.


Fostering curiosity and providing all pupils with transferable skills, which they can employ in other areas of their learning, is a key aim of History teaching at Eastnor. If children can show a tolerant and open-minded approach in their learning about a range of people across history, then this will equip them with skills that will be useful to them, both in future education, and in their adult lives.

History in Action at Eastnor